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Don’t Make These Obituary Mistakes Around Cremation Services

Whether you have cremation service in Dallas, TX or a full funeral for your loved one, you will want to write an obituary for them so everyone in the community will be notified of their death. It’s a nice way to punctuate their life and ensure that the community knows that they have passed on. While you may be emotional when you write the details, it’s important not to make certain mistakes. Here are a few to avoid:

Not Putting In Enough Service Details

While it’s not essential to list details about the services, if you decide you want the public to be able to attend and you listen the time and date, but you don’t list the fact that the service is going to be a celebration of life, that’s a mistake. Some people may show up thinking they are attending a formal event and they will be embarrassed at the casual attire others are wearing when they don’t fit in. Make sure any details attendees might need to know are in the obituary if you are inviting anyone to attend.

Misspelling Names

It’s okay if you have trouble spelling. A lot of people do! But missing one letter in a name can make it sound like a different person entirely. You will want to make sure you read and re-read what you wrote because that’s what will be printed. Have someone else go over and check important names and dates as well so you know that nothing is out of order. This obituary is going on the funeral home website and in newspapers. You or others might want to cut the obituary out and keep it as a memorial. You don’t want it to be a reminder of a mistake you made in spelling.

Writing Too Much

There’s no way to sum your loved one’s life up in a couple of paragraphs. But obituaries don’t have to sum everything up. They can’t. You will want to notify the public of their death and write in a few details about their life. That’s really all you’re meant to do. Leave the bigger details for the celebration of life when you can use their personality and unique details to their fullest in whatever way you please. By writing too much in an obituary, you can overwhelm the reader. Plus, the more you include, the more it will cost to place in the papers.

cremation service in Dallas, TX

There are plenty of mistakes to make around any cremation service in Dallas, TX and around any celebration of life you might plan. But when you work with the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center, you are much less likely to make those mistakes because we are here to guide you in the right directions. We want to help you through every detail of your plans, from the obituary to the celebration of life and beyond. We also have grief resources for you or your family members in case you need further help later.