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Logistics Of Celebratory Cremation Services

When a loved one passes on and you decide to have a cremation service in Dallas, TX for them, know that you have plenty of options on the table. You can have something somber that feels more like a funeral service or you can go the other direction and have more of a celebration of life. Life celebrations can feel just right if you don’t want to dwell on the sadness of death, but rather want to focus on a life well-lived. Here are some details and logistics to think through.

Funeral Home Help

When you work with the right funeral home, they may have done celebration of life services on a regular basis in the past. They can help you not only figure out what you want to do but also how to set it all up. You can have the celebration of life right there at the funeral home and they can set up and clean up everything you want as well as be the behind-the-scenes help you need to pull it off without question.

What Your Loved One Would Appreciate

Before you settle on any plans, you will want to think about what your loved one would appreciate so you do something that is their style and personality. If they didn’t like to dress up, having a fancy, sit-down dinner wouldn’t feel right. If they loved ice cream, having an ice cream bar set up at the event would definitely feel right. Do things that remind people of them as they were and things that would make them smile.

Decide On A Location

The funeral home has great rooms for any kind of memorial service, including celebrations of life. But you might want to do something outside in a park, something in a family home, or something at a restaurant private room, among other locations. The venue you decide upon will help you decide what you can or can’t do. When the venue is available will also help you set a date for the event.

Check With Family

cremation service in Dallas TX

IT’s nice to check with the family to see when they are available so you are able to get as many people you want to the celebration as possible. You might also ask for ideas as to what they think your loved one would have liked so you can gather some options to consider as you plan.

When you want to have a celebration of life for a loved one after their cremation service in Dallas, TX, keep in mind that there are no time limits. You can have something soon after their cremation, or you can wait for as long as you want down the road for the right time. It can also give you a chance to plan something special. Whatever you decide for a timeline and even for the details, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to support you and help in any way we can to honor your loved one in the way you see fit.

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Planning A Celebration Of Life Trip

When a loved one passes on and you decide on Dallas cremation for them, you might be at a loss as to what you want to do for the next. The good part about cremation is that there are plenty of options—and you don’t have to choose just one. Perhaps, as you are mourning, you want to have a memorial service that feels more like a funeral. Then, as your grief moves forward, you want to go back and celebrate their life in a special way. Here are some tips to planning a celebration of life trip with your family members.

Choose A Special Location

If you want to have a trip with your family in honor of a loved one, the first thing you have to do is figure out where you are going to go. Was there somewhere on your loved one’s bucket list that they didn’t make it to visit? Was there a place they visited annually because they loved it so much? Did they go somewhere on their honeymoon and then never stop talking about it as life went on? Those types of places might be good locations for trips in their honor.

Decide The Mode Of Transportation

Consider your family and what would be easiest for them travel-wise. If they are spread out around the country, everyone could fly into the location and stay together at the same hotel. If you are having only a small group, you could even rent a house or cabin to stay closer together and have more time as a unit. If your family all has campers, arrange for everyone to camp together at the location and enjoy evenings around the campfire sharing stories. You could also all drive to a special place and get lodging from there.

Figure Out Who To Invite

You probably won’t want to open the trip to anyone and everyone. You will invite your closest family members and how far you go from there with the invitations is up to you. The more people you invite, the more complicated the plans can get, but you will want to do what you think your loved one would appreciate the most.

Think About Taking ThemDallas cremation

Since your loved one was cremated, it’s possible to take them along on the trip. Perhaps you want to scatter some or all of their ashes in that location or, just have them there so you can say they got to go on that trip with your family. As you share stories about them, it might be nice to have them around in their urn, watching over all of you.

If you are thinking about a family trip to celebrate and honor a loved one after Dallas cremation, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center can help you think through the ideas and options. We know the regulations of traveling with a loved one’s remains, as well, and can help you with those details if you need us.

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Distinct Celebratory Ideas From Funeral Homes

When a loved one in your family passes on, you might not know everything about what they would have wanted for final services, but you do feel relatively sure that they wouldn’t want a somber, sad service. Instead, you can ask funeral homes in Dallas, TX to help you come up with ideas and options that might suit your loved one. Here are a few distinct ideas that can help you find something that will work well for your family members.

Attend A Rodeo

If your loved one was a cowboy or cowgirl themselves and was always heavily involved in the rodeo, or if they had a ranch they adored and loved the various sports involved with it, you might gather your family for a local rodeo in their honor. Have a meal before or after and appreciate the rodeo as something your loved one adored and something they would have attended right along with you if they were still there.

Go Bowling

It might sound like a strange thing to do, but if your loved one never missed a Friday night bowling session or was on a team, you know it was something they had a lot of fun doing. Have your family reserve their favorite lane and have a fun bowling session in their honor. Tease each other about the gutter balls and talk about how much better your loved one was at the game than all of you. IT could be a time of bonding and sharing stories, too.

Have A Fancy Reception

Perhaps your loved one adored going to weddings because they could enjoy the reception after. Have a reception for your loved ones as a celebration to them. Include a nice meal, either buffet style or served. Have a dance and let loose with your family, doing something you knew your loved one enjoyed. You can even serve the cake. Instead of speeches, like there might be at a wedding, share an open mic time during which anyone can share a story or memory of your loved one.

funeral homes in Dallas, TX

Walk In A Relay

There are often relay races around the area that are raising money for certain causes. If your loved one had a certain illness that a relay is going to focus on, or if they often participated in such races, walking in the race as a family can be a nice way to honor them, do a good deed, and spend some time outside.

There are endless things you can do for life celebrations with funeral homes in Dallas, TX and while some families know just what they want to do, others are at a loss to grab onto the right concept. Either way, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help. Give us a call and let us know some details about your loved one and your family. We can offer you ideas and suggestions based on what we learn and together, we can hit just the right options for your loved one’s celebration.

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Questions To Ask About Pre-Planning Celebrations

If you’d like to get your own final services in order, there are plenty of things you can do with the Dallas funeral home you have chosen to hold onto the plans. Whether you want a funeral or cremation service, you might already know that you’d like for people to celebrate your life instead of mourn your death. As you think through planning that process, here are some questions you might ask the funeral home, and yourself.

How Would I Like People To Celebrate Me?

This is more of a question for yourself. You will want to think about some of the things that are special about you and what makes you stand out. What do you enjoy and what would you appreciate your family doing in your honor? If you adore music, maybe just a meal with dance would be enough. If bowling is your one true talent, ask your family to grab some lanes and play a game for you. Since you are planning ahead of time, you can take your time thinking about how you want to be celebrated.

What Options Are There?

This is a huge question to ask a funeral home because the options really are endless. But by asking, you can figure out some of the things that people have done in the past and whether or not any of those things are right for you. The funeral home will have rooms available in case you feel it would be easiest for your family to have the celebration there. The rooms are great and are a wonderful place to hold a celebratory funeral during which your family members would share stories and memories about you. Once the funeral home gets to know you, they can also offer suggestions that might work for your personality and your family.

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What Budgets Are Good?

Life celebrations can take on any budget you want them to and the funeral home will tell you as much. If you have ideas in mind, they can give you ideas as to what those things will cost. If you want to do something that costs less, they can give you ideas and options that might suit that budget. You might be looking for budget ideas because you aren’t sure how much you want to spend and they can certainly give you ideas for reasonable amounts. But the budget can vary greatly depending on what you want to do.

There are plenty of other things you could ask a Dallas funeral home about planning your celebration of life and final services ahead of time. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help you with that and will walk you through the decisions you will want to make in order to get everything into place. You can also pay for the services in advance if you wish, to remove another burden from your family in the future. We’re here to help you get everything lined up and ready to go.