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Difference Between Celebration of Life and Traditional Funeral

Losing someone is the worst scene people can ever have in their lives. So, when your loved one pass away, you look for a perfect way to honor departed’s life. You also wanted others to bid their goodbyes. And, to honor the lost loved ones, people frequently arrange a funeral service, which is typically based on cultural and religious traditions. However, as time goes by, we have opted for a less formal, more personalized method of remembering our loved ones’ life. That is why we have another type of a funeral service that is called ‘celebration of life’ that can also be an option for you and your deceased loved one, which also replaced the traditional funerals. But there’s the good news is in Dallas, TX cremations, we offer these two services, so whatever choice you’ll make, we’re ready to guide. Yet, for now, let us differentiate these two ceremonies.

What Is a Traditional Funeral Service?

The most common way to remember a loved one who has passed away is through traditional funeral services. Either a funeral home or a church is frequently used for funeral services. Then, the service will proceed in the manner designated by faith or tradition. The visitation, funeral, and committal service made up the three parts of these ceremonies. When a funeral is held traditionally, concerned friends, coworkers, and neighbors will travel to the funeral location to support the mourning family by offering their condolences and sympathies. Visitors may go to the casket and offer their final prayers to the deceased loved one, subject to the family’s preferences.

What Is a Celebration of Life Service?

A unique and uplifting approach to get together and remember the deceased is through a celebration of life. This life celebration focuses less on grieving death and more on honoring life and the influence the deceased loved one left on their bereaved family and friends. Celebrations of life can take place anywhere, including a park, a banquet hall, or even a person’s house. There is no specific format, and they are often less formal than funerals. The deceased’s body is often not present, and there are typically no specific religious procedures or requirements. Further, there are no guidelines are provided regarding the event’s timing, location, or required components. Instead, actions are taken that are specifically adapted to the wishes of the departed or of the surviving family and friends.

What Are the Differences Between a Celebration of Life and a Funeral Service?

Although both celebration of life and funeral service have similarities, yet, there are still significant differences that make them differ from one another. A funeral is usually consideredDallas, TX cremations of as a more formal approach to express grief and remember a life. It is an opportunity to bid farewell in a solemn atmosphere. The formality and organization of a funeral may provide the family some comfort. While celebration of life service is frequently referred to as a hybrid event since it combines informal aspects with traditional procedures. It provides loved ones the chance to reminisce and honor the person for everything they were.

Dallas, TX cremations and cremation services provide this type of celebrations, if you want to inquire or still have a lot of questions, get in touch with us so we can fully assist you.

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Why People Choose Celebration of Life?

These days, families have started looking for alternatives to traditional funeral and burial. Some do not prefer the traditional funeral practices. Others, especially those loved ones have been cremated, want to hold an alternative ceremony which celebrates life and memory. With that, a lot of them are into the celebration of life. It is also an event that honors the life of the deceased. A life celebration is more personalized memorial ceremony. And, in Dallas, TX cremation services, they also offer this type of celebration. But, if you are stuck and curious to find out the reasons why people prefer celebration of life rather than the traditional funeral, here are some significant reasons:

Celebration of life can be personalized. First off, celebration of life services can be totally customized. This gives the loved ones organizing the services greater leeway. They can be as simple to plan as a mixer and don’t need to adhere to any rules. You are the organizer and planner for the life celebration of your loved one. You can make the schedules, decide for food and drinks, select a dress code, and many more.

Celebration of life can be held everywhere. Secondly, if you’re the one who’s planning for this type of event, one thing you’ll consider is the place where this be held. The good thing about this is that you are not limited to a specific setting or venue. The choices for venues are limitless and can be as extravagant as a trip abroad or as straightforward as an event conducted at someone’s house. You can also choose the favorite place of the deceased to hold the celebration.

Celebration of life can take place after the body has been cremated or buried. If you have relatives and friends of the departed that are far away from where is chosen venue, life celebration gives them more time to schedule their travel. Not just that, after your loved one has passed away, celebration of life can also give you and your family a time to grieve and a chance to decompress. In fact, some life celebrations held a month after a loved one has passed away, special anniversary, or can be on the departed’s birthday. It all depends on the organizer’s preferences.

Celebration of life focuses on the life of the departed loved one. A celebration of life is more interested in sharing the life’s story of the deceased than a funeral, which is more focused onDallas, TX cremation services the formal and frequently religiously defined ceremony. This is where family and friends, come and join together having foods and beverages while honoring the one who’s recently departed. The life that has lived by the deceased, the achievements, and all the memories will come into light during the event, unlike with the traditional funeral service. It is less formal than the traditional one.

The aforementioned things are just some of the benefits and reasons why a lot are choosing celebrations of life. Good thing, Dallas, TX cremation services are offering a celebration of life service, including other options. Come and visit us or contact us so we can help you in all your queries.

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7 Types of Funeral Services You Need to Know

There are many different types of funeral services and ceremonies. It can be really challenging to differentiate and keep all of them including their terms in minds. Yet, we wanted to help you by defining them one by one here in this blog. In Dallas, TX, funeral services, they offer almost all types of them. So, carefully read them in order for you to easily distinguish them services.

1. Traditional Funeral Service

When most of us think of funerals, we immediately think of funeral services. Individuals gather for this kind of service to honor the deceased. A funeral home, a venue of worship, or even a person’s house may host this.

2. Memorial Service

One of the most popular styles of funeral ceremonies is the memorial service. It is quite similar to the traditional funeral service the only difference is that the body in a casket is absent. Also, there may or may not be cremated remains in an urn.

3. Graveside Service

Family and friends can pay their final respects at the cemetery during a graveside service before the body is placed into the ground for burial. A graveside service frequently follows a traditional funeral; however, it is occasionally the only one a family selects.

4. Wake

Although you can hold a wake without any other services, wakes often occur prior to funeral ceremonies. The viewing, during which attendees can bid the deceased their final farewells, and the visitation, during which attendees can spend time with the deceased’s close friends and relatives, are the two main components of the wake. Before burial or cremation, the wake is held.

5. Direct Burial

There is no viewing, funeral, or even graveside service with direct burial. The casket is simply buried by the funeral home. Direct burial is thought to be more straightforward, though the immediate family is often present and may speak a few words.

6. Direct Cremation

No formal funeral is held in conjunction with a direct cremation. It is typically unattended however, in the case of funerals organized by the family, may have a crowd of mourners.

7. Celebration of Life

Celebration of life is one of the types of funeral services that has becoming more popular. This type of service is less formal and less traditional. The life celebration typically takes place a few days, weeks, or even years after the funeral. This merely indicates that the remains are often absent. However, depending on the family’s preferences, this may vary.Dallas TX funeral services

You see that there are different types of funeral services. You have a lot of options, to be exact. When you lose a loved one there are specific decisions that you have to make, one of these is what type of service. So, choose according to you and your family wants for the departed loved one.

If you’re still thinking and haven’t been decided to what ceremony to be held, you can contact or email us and ask for assistance. We will always be ready to guide you and answer all your queries.

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How to Plan for Celebration of Life

Celebration of life is an event that focuses on the life lived by the departed. A lot of families are choosing this type of ceremony to remember more their loved one’s achievements, good deeds, memories imparted, and many more together with relatives and friends. And instead of traditional memorial service, people tend to choose life celebration. This type of service is typically less religious and less formal in nature. In addition, you have more freedom in celebration of life most especially in the planning process. In Dallas, TX funeral homes, we also offer this kind of ceremony, and allowing you to make it even more special

Now, here is the step-by-step process to assist you in planning a life celebration of life for your loved one:

Step 1. Focus on the deceased and mourners (guests)

These gatherings are intended to honor the life of your loved one, as the name indicates. But a celebration of life also aids in helping family and friends say goodbye, much like more formal funerals. Everyone will be able to start in their healing process with the help of life celebration.

Step 2. Asks for suggestions from the family and friends

In planning for the celebration of life, you can ask for assistance and suggestions from your family, friends, or guests. In that way, they can also find comfort and perhaps closure just by helping with the process. You can explain the event’s specifics and be open to their recommendations. They are grieving too, just like you.

Step 3. Find and choose a venue

A celebration of life can take place anywhere. It may take place in a community center, a religious institution, a private home, or a service hall. Also, be sure to take into account any audio-visual requirements, food preparation, accessibility, and parking for the guests.

Step 4. Determine who will be invited and the date for the event

Celebrations of life may need to be restricted due to location limitations, such as if they are conducted at a private residence, even though the majority of funeral services are open to the public. For instance, if out-of-town guests are going, think about setting a convenient weekend and consider asking relatives for the available days before making reservations.

Step 5. Decide food to be served

Although a multi-course dinner is not required, beverages and some foods are expected for a celebration of life. Plan and decide for the food you want to be served during the celebration.

Step 6. Select music and readings

Music, readings, religious prose (when applicable), and memories from friends are all welcome and even expected at a celebration of life because they will be meaningful for everyone in attendance. It is comforting and motivating to choose music that was meaningful to the deceased. If there’s someone who wants to sing or a musician, they can also have a short performance for the event.

Step 7. Collect photos and videosDallas, TX funeral homes

Choosing a photos and videos of your loved one then displaying them will make the event even more meaningful. You can decide for these pictures and clips, you can also ask the guests to share what they have together with the deceased.

Whatever decision you have made, Dallas, TX funeral homes can give you the best experience in planning at the same time personalizing this event for your loved one.