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What To Expect From A Celebratory Cremation Service

When you want to support a friend who has lost a loved one, one thing you can do is attend the cremation services in Dallas, TX they have arranged for their loved one. It’s a nice way to show you care and that you are there for them. You might expect the service to feel like a traditional funeral or memorial service, but perhaps in this case, you’ve heard they are having a celebration of life instead. What can you expect from that service? While the answer can vary quite a bit, here are some of the basics.

A Celebratory Atmosphere

If you’ve never attended a celebration of life event before, it might sound strange to you. What are they celebrating? The fact that someone has died? No, not at all. They are actually celebrating a life well-lived. They are gathering to talk about and go over fond memories and good times to honor their loved one instead of dwelling on their death. There will still be grieving, but this type of event can feel good and be a nice way to honor someone as well.

Different Clothing

When you attend normal cremation services, you might wear business attire in a muted or darker color. But celebration events are different. The family might specify what to wear, but if they don’t, you can ensure that something more light-hearted is in order. Let the type of event inform you as to what you should wear. If the event is outside, dress for the weather. You can wear brighter colors and not worry about somberness.


While many memorial services will have a reception after that allows people to gather for longer and enjoy refreshments, celebrations after cremation services often have food incorporated in the initial event. Part of the event might be a buffet, a picnic, a dessert bar, or some other kind of food. You don’t usually have to wait until after. Food is a part of most celebrations.

Happy Memories

At memorial services, people may be crying and grieving and that’s a good thing. At celebration events, you might see some of that, but more likely, you hear people sharing happy memories, laughing over good times, and smiling at what they remember about their loved one. The atmosphere feels different as everyone celebrates what a good life the person had.

cremation services Dallas, TX

If you have questions about attending cremation services in Dallas, TX that are to be more celebrations than somber, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help. We are experts at setting up celebrations of life, but we are also here to help friends that want to support family members that are planning the events. We will share our knowledge on these events with you so you are able to fit in and get into the celebratory spirit of the event they have set up to honor their loved one. You can ensure that it will be a unique experience for everyone.

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Reasons To Choose A Celebration Of Life After Cremation

When a loved one passes on, there are lots of ways you can honor their life after Dallas cremation is complete. You can have a memorial service that feels like a funeral and is more on the somber side. You can have a simple, intimate ash scattering. Or, you can have a celebration of life. Celebrations are more common today as people appreciate being about to lift up a life well-lived and not focus so much on the sadness of death. Here are a few reasons you might choose a celebration of life over other options.

Grief Has Already Progressed

Some people need the final services to grieve, get closure, and say a final goodbye. But let’s say your loved one dealt with a long illness and everyone in the family was able to say what they wanted to say, come to terms with the inevitability of their death, and even grieve a little over the fact that they were going to pass on. When they do die, grief might already be progressed a bit. People in your family might feel the need for a different outlet, like a celebration of life. Instead of mourning the death, they want to celebrate a life well-lived and remember the good times. It can feel good to go over happy memories instead of dwelling on an illness and sad time.

It’s What Your Loved One Wanted

Even if your loved one hadn’t yet mapped out exactly what they wanted for a final service, perhaps they told you that they’d prefer a celebration of life. Maybe they didn’t say as much out loud, but you know they appreciated a celebration for a friend that passed on. When you are in charge of the services, you have to do your best to guess as to what your loved one wanted. If you really feel a celebration is what they would have asked for, that’s a great reason to move in that direction.

It’s What Your Family Wants

Even if you are in charge of the decisions, you don’t necessarily have to make them all alone. Talk to your family and see what they feel is best in your situation. Perhaps there’s an agreement among family members that it’s best to celebrate your loved one’s life. In that case, move toward that event and get more ideas from family as you go along.

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When you choose Dallas cremation for a loved one’s final disposition method, you open the door to so many other options. You can have a celebration of life, for example, and honor their memories in a unique and personal way. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center will help you with any kind of service you choose, but we are experts in the field regarding life celebrations. If you aren’t sure what direction you want to take on such an event, we can help you with ideas, options, suggestions, and even customized choices once we get to know your family.

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Budgeting For A Celebration Of Life

When a loved one passes away, your primary concern is getting them the services they need from funeral homes in Dallas, TX. You want them to get the best possible care. But it can be a problem for some families when the costs rise and there isn’t enough to cover what’s racked up. If you want to have a celebration of life for your loved one, here are a few hints to help you budget for the event.

Cover Needs First

Before you plan the budget for the celebration of life, it is important to make sure all of your loved one’s needs are met. You want to get the cremation covered and the items that are absolutely necessary after death. Once those items are covered, you can see what’s in the budget for the celebration and that can help inform you as to what you should do.

See Who Can Help

Just because you were closest to your loved one and are now in charge of planning the final services doesn’t mean you are the only one who has to be responsible for the costs. There might be other family members who want to help with expenses. See what they can chip in and then use those numbers to help you figure out a budget.

Decide On Cost Factors

Think about what you want to do for the celebration of life and that will help you figure out what is going to cost money and what might be free. For example, if you are having a party in a family home, you don’t have any venue costs so you might be able to spend more on food or decorations. If someone has offered to provide the food, you can spend money on pictures that you have printed out of your loved one to distribute. Once you know what you have to cover, you can figure out how to distribute the funds you have.

Celebrations Don’t Have To Cost

If you realize that, after you cover the cremation package that your loved one has to have, that you really don’t have anything left over for the celebration at all, don’t worry. You can have a celebration of life completely free, if you’d like. It’s as simply as gathering family in a park or a family home and talking about your loved one. Sharing memories and good times can be a wonderful way to celebrate a life well-lived.

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When you work with funeral homes in Dallas, TX on final service and celebration of life needs, the professionals understand budgets can be limited. At Hughes Family Tribute Center, we appreciate knowing what you are working with so we can help you find ways to fit in everything your loved one needs, and everything you want for them. We’re here to help you organize a celebration of life that will be unique and tailor-made for your loved one in every way. They were unique and their service should be, too.

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Celebrating A Life The Right Way

When a family member passes on, of course you are immediately occupied with your grief. But you also want to work with Dallas funeral homes to take care of your loved one’s needs. Once they are in good hands, you then want to find a way to honor their memory. Keep in mind that any of the service styles that people use today are perfectly respectful. You can’t go wrong with any choice. You simply have to decide what’s best for your family and your loved one. If you decide that the celebration of life is the right choice, you might ask yourself how you celebrate your loved one’s life in the right manner. Here are a few tips to help you get started in the planning process.

Celebrate The Way You Feel Best

Since your loved one isn’t here to instruct you as to what they want, and if they didn’t leave any instructions behind, you are on your own to figure it out. In that case, you simply have to celebrate your loved one in the manner you feel best about. That might mean a picnic in the park, a family baseball game, a bowling event, or something entirely different. Whatever you feel good about doing is what you should do. Again, there are no right or wrong ways to go about it. You just have to do what feels best to you.

Celebrate The Way You Think They Would Appreciate

While you want to do what is best for your family, the service, whatever it ends up being, revolves around your loved one. You want it to be something they would appreciate. Would they feel honored at the way you are celebrating? Would they appreciate the event a great deal if they were in attendance? You will want to try and form a celebration that your loved one would appreciate. If they adored certain foods, make sure they are a part of the event. If they liked to laugh, share their favorite jokes or watch a comedy film they adored. Incorporate things that made them who they were and were reasons everyone loved them.

Ask For Advice And Help

Even if you are the one in charge of the services, that doesn’t mean you have to be alone in making the decisions. Talk to loved ones who will attend the celebration as well and see what they think. They might have a different take on certain things than you do and that can really help you take what you feel is the right path for this event.

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The professionals within Dallas funeral homes are here to help you get the information you need on cremation, service styles, and celebrations of life. We can guide you through the process and give you recommendations and ideas until you find what you feel is the best way to honor your loved one. At Hughes Family Tribute Center, we are experts in life celebrations and here to help you in any way we can.