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Unique Locations For Celebration Of Life Services

If you’d like to have a celebration of life for a loved one after their Dallas cremation, it’s nice to know there’s no timeline on that type of event. You can do something right away after the cremation or you can do something in a week, a month, or even a year. You have plenty of time on your hands to plan whatever you feel is best for this event. If you want a unique location, it might take time to find a date that works. Here are some of the places you might consider having a life celebration event.

A Favorite Restaurant

If your loved one had a favorite restaurant, see if they have private rooms that you can book. Or, if you are having a really large event, you may be able to rent out the whole place for a special celebration. It can be fun to celebrate life somewhere you know your loved one appreciated.

On A Boat

Some people love the water and if that sounds like your loved one, take a sunset cruise on a boat your family owns, or charter one. You will have to limit the passengers, but something small and intimate can be very special and meaningful.

The Local Zoo

Did your loved one adore animals? Did they take their grandkids to the zoo every year? It might be a good place to have a special event. There are lots of different locations around the zoo that can accommodate picnics and people can also see some of the exhibits as they remember your loved one’s favorites at the same time.

An Area Park

It’s often nice to be outside during the decent times of the year and you could have a lovely event in an area park. Have a potluck, set up some outdoor games, and share memories of your family member as you start new traditions as a unit together.

The Movie Theater

You can rent out movie theaters today and have special events. Have a private screening of one of your loved one’s favorite movies, or watch something new you know they would have liked. Provide the popcorn and snacks, all of their favorites, and it will be a nice time for your family to celebrate a life well lived.

A Family HomeDallas cremation

If you want something that makes everyone in the family comfortable, a family home can be a good idea. You can lay out snacks and let people chat and play some board games while seeing some of the places that perhaps your loved one enjoyed the most when they were with you.

There are lots of other places you can have life celebration events after your loved one’s Dallas cremation and the professionals helping you with the cremation can also offer ideas and suggestions as to where you might hole a life celebration for that special person. They work on events of this nature all of the time and have lots of ideas to offer.

Dallas cremation

How To Plan A Cremation Ceremony

A Dallas cremation ceremony is an important choice, and you’ll have to talk to your loved ones to ensure that you have the proper arrangements. In the case of a ceremony, you’ll find that pre-planning can help you immensely. This will ensure that your family knows your wishes, and you can have your desired ceremony and your ashes disposed of the way you wish. For instance, by pre-planning, you can have your ashes spread in the ocean or space or turn yourself into a firework. Other benefits of planning include the arrangements and creating a loving memory.

Planning The Ceremony

Planning the ceremony is not as hard as you think. You will pick a location first and then decide what you want to have done. Doing this will send out cremation notices to your family and friends before assigning responsibilities. This will ensure that the event goes more easily and lets everyone be involved.

Gaining Permission Should Never Be Ignored

You should never forget that you need permission to spread the ashes. There are different rules wherever you go, and if you don’t get approval, you could face jail time or, at the very least, a fine. Don’t let this happen to your family; ensure that you plan and look into the rules and ordinances to avoid trouble. For example, say you designed a ceremony in the park, and a police officer stops you and tells you can’t spread the ashes there. It has just gotten highly awkward for the twenty or thirty people trying to have a sweet ceremony. It is worse for you because you only want to do something nice for your loved one.

Ideas For Your Ceremony

There are a wide variety of plans that you can make for your ceremony or the ceremony for your loved ones. For instance, you can take a cruise and have your ashes spread into the ocean, or you can scatter the ashes at the root ball of a tree and become one with the earth. You can choose to have your ashes placed into jewelry or multiple urns if you decide to spread your ashes among various members of your family.

What Do People Wear?

With a cremation, people tend to be more relaxed. However, they typically still wear traditional funeral colors and attire to honor and respect the dead and tradition. It is generally thought of as good taste when you wear something nice because it shows that you care about the family and want to be respectful.

Planning A Ceremony Is A Good Way To Include Your FamilyDallas cremation

Planning a Dallas cremation ceremony is an excellent way to include the family and ensure that they have a way to feel included with you. This is a difficult time for your family to go through, and ensuring that everyone feels included will stop any infighting. In addition, you’ll find that there are a variety of ideas you can use to ensure that the person’s wishes are honored correctly.

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Common Questions About Life Celebrations With Funeral Homes

When you hear that someone you know has passed away, you might expect a traditional service with funeral homes in Dallas, TX, and that is often what happens. However, there are many different types of services today and life celebrations are becoming more popular. While death is always sad and will cause grieving, some families might want to celebrate a life well-lived instead of dwelling on the sadness of death. If you have never been to a service of this nature before, here are a few things you might want to know about it.

What Should I Wear?

That’s going to depend on the type of life celebration the family is having. Most of these services are on the casual side and the type of activities they are having are going to inform what you should wear. If the family is having a picnic in the park, you know it’s a casual event. If they are having a potluck at a family home, it’s also something casual. You can always ask the family what types of clothing you might wear so you can fit in.

Where Will The Services Be?

That also depends on what the family has arranged. There can be life celebration services held at the funeral home, at a family church, in a family home, in a park, a community center, or anywhere else the family has organized. The venue can help the family inform what they can do and how many guests are invited.

When Should I Arrive?

While you don’t want to be late to funerals, is the same true for a life celebration? Actually, it is. Unless the family is having an open house where you can come and go as you please, you should arrive in time for, or a bit early for, the event they are having for their loved one. You are going to want to be as respectful for this type of event as you would for something on the formal side.

Can Kids Come?funeral homes in Dallas, TX

Most likely yes, but it will depend on how you feel your child would handle the event and what the activities will be. Life celebrations are usually a lot more upbeat and you don’t have to sit, be quiet, and listen, so kids fit in a lot better. But you want to be sure your kids understand this is something special and they still need to be respectful of what is happening.

What Gifts Work Well?

There are a variety of different gift options for a life celebration, as is true with any service. You might want to bring brighter flowers for background decorations. You could bring a sympathy card with money in it, gift cards for restaurants, and you can always get further ideas from the funeral home professionals.

If you are going to attend celebration of life services, funeral homes in Dallas, TX can give you more advice as to how to act, what to bring, what to wear, and other such details.

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Having An Online Celebration

When you decide to have traditional services with Dallas funeral homes for a loved one, you are completely free to do other things for that special person as well. You might like the idea of traditional services to get the closure you need and say that final goodbye. However, your loved one led a great life and you also want to move forward in celebrating it. You can do that in any way you see fit, but today, there are advantages to having an online celebration of some kind. Here are details relating to that option.

No Need To Reschedule

Lots of things can get in the way of in-person events. You might have to reschedule because flights are backed up, because weather gets in the way, or for a variety of other things. When you have an online celebration, you shouldn’t have those types of things getting in the way. When you set the time and the date, you can proceed with that schedule.

Keep Prices Down

Celebrations can be costly, if you allow the budget to go overboard, but when you have something online, they are very inexpensive, or even free. You can just do a video conference call with your loved ones to share memories, play music, and show pictures. That doesn’t have to cost anything at all. You can get the prices you need to celebrate your loved one in an honoring manner.

Time Limits Can Vary

When you meet in person, the event is going to last a certain amount of time, most likely. You will only have a venue for a certain length of time and so on. If you do something online, you can allow people to pop in and out or you can stay and share memories for as long as you want. Or, you can have a website where people can share pictures for an online tribute that has no direct timing or limits at all.

Memorials Can Be PermanentDallas funeral homes

When you have a celebration of life in person, it can be very memorable, but the event comes and goes. Doing something online, like building a website where people can leave comments, memories, and pictures, is something that can be around for as long as you want it to be. It can be something you visit when you want to think of that loved one and when you want to share further things that come up as you move through the grieving process.

There are many ways to remember your loved one and any service that the professionals offer are completely honorable. You can look through the options and keep in mind that you aren’t limited to one thing. If you want to have something traditional with Dallas funeral homes, you can do so. You can also have a celebration of life later on to remember the good times you had with your loved one. That event can take place soon after the funeral, or even a year later. It can be in person, or even online.