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Cremation Services Mistruths

Cremation services in Dallas, TX are used in about half of the cases today. Experts say they will only rise in popularity in the future. In fact, they could be used in as many as 80% of the cases in the future decades. But even with the internet’s wealth of information on your side, you can’t believe everything you read. It’s good to know that some details you hear are actually mistruths. Here are some of those items along with the reality of the situation so you can make a decision based on truth.

1-Cremation Burns The Deceased

The idea of your loved one’s body meeting with flames and fire can be disconcerting, at the very least. You might be comforted to hear that cremation doesn’t actually use fire or flames at all. That never comes into contact with your loved one and there is no such thing as burning the body. Instead, your loved one’s remains are heated up to a high degree within the crematory. Their body disintegrates and becomes ash-like substance. There’s no burning involved whatsoever.

2-Religions Are Anti-Cremation

There are a few religions that don’t appreciate cremation, but most major religions are perfectly okay with the process—and some even promote it. If you have any questions about your own faith, talk to your church leaders to make sure it’s an okay direction to take.

3-Funerals And Cremation Exclude One Another

Cremation services allow you tons of options and they don’t exclude any choice, really. You can have a funeral alongside a cremation, if you so choose. You could have a funeral service first and then move forward with cremation. Or, you can have your loved one cremated first and them have a memorial service that feels just like a funeral later. Either way, you can have whatever you want to honor your loved one.

4-Remains Might Get Mixed Up

Whose remains are you getting back? Your loved ones. And your loved one’s only. Cremation providers have a lot of procedures in place to help them to identify your loved one and keep everything straight. Only one person is cremated at a time and the crematory is fully cleaned and sanitized between uses. You only get your loved one back when you receive the ashes afterCremation services in Dallas, TX the process is complete. That’s all there is to it.

When you are thinking about having a cremation service in Dallas, TX for a loved one, there are plenty of mistruths you will want to consider. If you have questions about things you think are true, but aren’t sure about, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help. We can help you understand cremation so you are comfortable with it. We can also allow you to set your own timeframe on memorial services you might want to have for them in the future. Celebrations of life can help you to remember a life well lived in a special way, but there are other options to consider as well. We’ll help you honor your loved one however you see fit.

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Cremation Service Memorial Details

One of the reasons you might have decided to go with a Dallas cremation for a loved one is so that you have more options for your loved one’s memorial services. It’s nice to know you can customize anything you want and create something truly unique and special. Here are some of the things to consider as you get into the details of planning something memorable.

Consider A Celebration Of Life

While memorial services can be somber and feel more like a funeral service, they can also be more like a celebration of life. If you feel like your loved one would appreciate a light-hearted service that goes over the good times they had in their life instead of something sad that talked about their death, a life celebration can be a good service style to consider. There are endless things you can do with this kind of service and the professionals can help you to figure out what direction you want to take.

Giving Memorial Gifts

Many people will bring a gift to a memorial service to let the family know they are there to support them and are thinking about them. But it’s not as common for the family of the deceased to give gifts to guests who come to the memorial service. IT can be a nice touch, though, and something that can make the service stand out. You can give everyone a baseball card-like picture of your loved one with details about them on the back as a keepsake. You could hand out books they collected and loved for everyone to have something of theirs. There are plenty of other options to consider.

Final Resting Place Choices

As the memorial service, there is no timeline for figuring out what you want to do for a final resting place. However, you will want to start thinking about that option as you plan the memorial service. Sometimes, the service might revolve around the resting place. Or, at the very least, you might want to let people know what you are planning when they attend the service. Some services might include an ash scattering so you will want to plan that alongside the life celebration you have in mind.

Donation Options

Many families want people to donate to a certain charity instead of sending flowers or other things to the funeral home in their honor. You will want to think about something that yourDallas cremation loved one would appreciate and get the word out so everyone knows what your family wants. If your loved one adored animals, donating to a local animal rescue league can be nice. IF they volunteered at a soup kitchen, have people take food items there to make up for your loved one’s absence at their normal shift. The donations can mean a lot to your family and those who participate in honoring your loved ones in that manner.

Dallas cremation professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center can give you more options and suggestions on any part of the cremation service you need help with, including a life celebration if you go that direction.

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Cremation Provider Reputation

If you have a loved one pass on and you are in charge of their final services, you may already know that you want a cremation service for them. The next step is to find one of the funeral homes in Dallas, TX to handle their services. You want nothing but the best for your loved one and for the rest of your family. That means finding the right provider for the job. While there are a lot of things you can judge the provider on, their reputation is one of the most important elements to consider. Here are a few ways to look into reputation so you can feel confident moving forward.

Ask People For Advice

IT’s quite possible that you have never planned a cremation service before. But cremation is more popular today than ever before and is used in about half of the cases today. That means that you likely have someone in your life who has made those plans and you can ask around and see who people you trust have used and what their experiences are like. They can tell you about a provider who was with them the whole way through and that can help you to trust their reputation before you even give them a call.

Look At Reviews

You can always look at funeral home websites, but that can only take you so far. You can find out about the services they provide, where they are located, their prices, and other such things. But no funeral home is going to post anything bad about their business on their own website. Instead, you might want to look at outside websites so you can figure out what people are saying about them. Reviewers are brutally honest and if you see several reviews about a specific thing that makes you weary, you might want to find a different funeral home with a better reputation.

Check Their Background

History can tell you a lot about a company’s background. Any company that has been around for decades is likely good at what they do. Otherwise, people wouldn’t keep using them. Their reputation has to be decent or word would have gotten around. Looking at a funeral home’s background and history can help you feel more comfortable using them.

Talk To Themfuneral homes in Dallas, TX

You can tell a lot about people by simply talking to them. There are some people you are going to feel comfortable with and you might get an uneasy vibe from others. You need to go with your gut when it comes to working with the right cremation provider. When you visit various funeral homes in Dallas, TX by phone or in person, you might have a feeling one way or the other about using them. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help you with your loved one’s services and anything you want to do afterward. We specialize in celebrations of life, but we are here to help you honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit.

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Life Celebrations After Cremation

When a loved one in your family passes on, you can go a variety of different directions with their final services. You will contact Dallas Funeral homes to work out the details and they will show you the options, which include a full funeral or a cremation service. When you want to do something unique and special for your loved one’s memorial service, cremation might be the best route. That way, you can take your time and plan whatever you want to have happened on whatever timeline you want it on. Consider a life celebration, which helps you to go over the good times in their life in a celebratory manner. Here are things to think through as you make your plans.

Decide Where To Hold The Celebration

Many people have funeral services at their family church or in the funeral home. While those are options for a celebration of life as well, there are plenty of other choices to consider. Look into a family home, a local park, or even a bowling alley, depending on what you want to do for the actual celebration. The venue you use can help you to determine the number of guests you will invite, the activities, and other such things.

Figure Out Activities

A celebration can include activities and you can do a variety of different things, depending on what you want and where you decide to hold the service. IF you are outside in a park, you could set up some frisbee golf rounds. At a family home, put out some board games and organize a tournament of cards at the kitchen table. You want to do things your loved one would appreciate and that will honor their memory at the same time.

Pick A Timeline For The Celebration

One of the benefits of cremation services is that your loved one’s needs are met through whatever cremation package you choose for them. After that, you can place their life celebration on whatever timeline you choose for it. You might want to do something right away to put a nice stamp on their life. Or, you might want to put things off for a week, a month, or more in order to give yourself time to plan and your family time to travel and plan ahead. Make whatever decisions you need to get things just right for your loved one.

Invite The GuestsDallas Funeral homes

After you have preliminary details, or once you have the celebration finalized, you will want to let family and friends know what you are doing, when, and where. For a funeral, you just let people know when and where, but for a life celebration, they need to know what kind of service they are walking into, what you plan to do, and if they need to wear anything specific. The professionals at Dallas funeral homes can help you with those details and offer ideas and suggestions to make the service something special for everyone included. Hughes Family Tribute Center can help with any part of the process you need from start to finish.