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Planning A Virtual Celebration Cremation Service

Planning final services for a loved one in normal times can be hard enough, but if your loved one passed away recently and you had a cremation service in Dallas, TX done for them, you might want to honor them with a celebratory event. While it can be hard, dangerous, and even impossible to gather everyone you want right now, you can have a virtual service to honor the person and have a good time with family and friends. Here are some tips to help you out.

Schedule A Time And Date

Planning a celebration of life event online isn’t much different than an in-person event in that you are going to need a time and date. Decide how long you want the event to be and what day and time works best. You can set something, or you can talk to family and friends and see what works best for them. You can even have more of an open house, if you’d like, so people can come and go within a certain time period as they please.

Have An Agenda

You usually have some kind of goal or thing to do when you run a celebration of life in person and the same can be true for an online event. You could have it be a sharing event, where everyone in attendance shares a story about your loved one. You could share your screen and show pictures of your loved one. Others can share theirs as well. You can also play music, watch old videos together, talk sports, or do whatever else you think everyone would enjoy and would honor your loved one. You don’t want everyone to come to the event and just stare at one another, not knowing what to do.

Encourage Snacks

While business meetings in the virtual arena might discourage snacks and other distractions, this is a celebration and what would that be without food, right? Tell family members and friends to grab their favorite take out or bae a dessert. IT’s something else everyone can talk about in the celebration—what they are eating. If you were having an in-person event, you’d better believe there would be food, so it only makes sense to let everyone snack at will.

cremation service in Dallas, TX

There are plenty of other things you can do online when you have a celebration of life
cremation service in Dallas, TX for a loved one who passed away. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center have plenty of ideas and suggestions that could help you move in the right direction. We understand that you want to gather all of your family together for this event, but if you don’t feel safe doing so, or if your family is too spread out to make it work, an online event might be a good way to go. We can help you with ideas, suggestions, and options that might suit your event and make it into something that will honor your loved one just as you want it to.

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Things To Consider Saying At A Dallas Cremation Service

If you feel like you’re not the type of person who always knows what to say, no matter what the circumstances might be, then you really might feel put on the spot and stuck when you are going to attend a Dallas cremation service. Even if the service is more light-hearted, and a celebration of life, you still want to say the right things to the family members who are grieving and honor a life well-lived. Here are a few things you might try out.

My Life Won’t Be The Same Without Them

While the close family members know their life is forever changed because of this loss, it’s nice for them to hear that your friend had an impact on your life as well. You might tell them how the person impacted your life as well to give them even more details.

Your Loved One Brought Me So Much Joy

It’s always nice to know how much someone meant to others, even if the family doesn’t really know you very well. You can tell them the kinds of things their loved one did for you and why they meant so much in your life. Perhaps they were the one who made you laugh at work, even on the worst days. Or maybe they helped you through a hard time in your life and helped you to smile again after it passed.

My Heart Is With You

While it might sound a little cliché, as long as you are serious about it and mean what you say, it can come off just fine. It’s not always easy to know what to say or what the person needs to hear. In that case, just let them know you are there for them, supporting the family and offering your comfort.

I’m Here If You Need Me

This type of offer might be good for the day of the event, or even beyond that. IF the event runs out of ice, you could make a run to the gas station nearby for more. Or, you could offer your helping hand to the family after the event is complete, you might want to contact them again and offer something specific to help them out.

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There are plenty of things you might want to share with the family when you go to a Dallas cremation service and these ideas could give you a start in the right direction. If the event is a celebration of life, you want to keep things as positive and light-hearted as possible. Don’t bring up the cause of death or any of the sad things around the person’s death, but rather try to highlight happy memories and the good things that occurred during their life. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here for you if you ever need to plan final services, but we are also here to support you when you are attending services and need help with what to bring, what to say, or even what to wear.

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Giving A Speech At Funeral Home Celebrations Of Life

Traditionally, when you are asked to give a eulogy at funeral homes in Dallas, TX, it’s a somber, sad event. But if you are asked to speak at a celebration of life event, that’s a whole different story. These events are light-hearted and revolve around happy memories and good parts of the person’s life. You will want to get into the right headspace before you think about what you want to say. Go to a peaceful location, get a cup of coffee or your favorite drink, and start thinking about the things that make you smile. Here are a few details you can include in your speech.

Origin Stories

Not everyone who attends the event may know who you are, and they most likely won’t know everything about the person who died, either. It’s nice to make sure everyone knows those details. Share who you are and how you met so everyone has a frame of references as to where you can from. You might share stories from childhood if you grew up together, or pranks you played on each other in the office if you’re a co-worker.

Detail Beloved Qualities

The person who passed on was very special and many people listening to you will know certain things about them. You might want to go over some of their most beloved qualities, like how they never missed a day at the soup kitchen when they volunteered or how they gave you their last $10 of cash when you forgot your lunch at work. There might even be some funny or silly qualities to talk about and this occasion is a perfect fit for those things, too.

Share Stories

You knew the person who passed on well and you have stories and memories about them that perhaps no one else has. You can share a story about a time they really came through for you or even something funny that happened that not everyone will know. You can talk about something they achieved or a memory you will hold near and dear to your heart more than any others.

Describe Their Legacy

Everyone is going to leave something behind, and this is your chance to remind everyone of the person’s legacy. You might talk about how proud they were of their children, what kind of footprint they left on a charity, how successful they were, and other such things.

funeral homes in Dallas, TX

There are lots of other things you can talk about when you are asked to speak at a celebration of life event. Just remember that this even is supposed to be uplifting and light-hearted. Keep things on that level and you will do a great job. If you need more advice, call funeral homes in Dallas, TX where the event will be held. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center can tell you more about what the family planned so you can get some ideas as to how you want to arrange your speech for their benefit.

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What To Say At Dallas Funeral Home Celebrations Of Life

A celebration of life is one of the options for services that Dallas funeral homes provide. These services are a great way to honor someone after they pass on. Instead of mourning the loss and the sadness around the death, people celebrate a life well-lived. If you attend one of these services, you might wonder what you should say. The event will be more joyful than a traditional service and while there can still be grieving going on, the focus is on happy memories instead of sadness.

If you have never been to a celebration of life before, what kinds of things can you say to the family? It’s always nice to create the family and say something to them, but you don’t have to worry about anything too long or involved. Here are a few nice things you might consider saying.

Your Loved One Would Have Adored This Celebration

Planning a celebration of life can be hard and the family might not even be sure about what they did. Even if they are, it’s always nice for them to hear from other people that the person they are celebrating would have loved the event. Just telling them reaffirms their confidence that they did something really nice to honor that person.

I’m So Grateful To Be Here With You Today

You knew and loved the person who passed on and letting the family know that you are grateful that they invited you to the special celebration can also mean a lot to them. You are telling them that you wanted to pay your respects and honor that person alongside them and that you are glad to be included in the process.

Your Loved One Told Me So Much About You

It’s always nice to hear that someone you loved thought highly of you. If you knew the person who died, but you don’t know their family all that well, telling them that their loved one talked about them a lot is a nice way to convey how much that person loved them and how much family meant to them. It can make them smile fondly.

My Favorite Thing About The Person Was…

While the people who are throwing the celebration likely knew the person who died well, you may know them in a different way. Sharing joyful memories of them or a special personality trait or quirk that you appreciated will show just how much you cared about them. The celebration of life is a great place to express these things.

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When you go to Dallas funeral homes to celebrate a life well-lived, it’s nice to say something supportive to the family members who are hosting the event. The professionals at

Hughes Family Tribute Center can offer you more ideas and suggestions as to things that are nice to say, or even gifts that you might want to offer if you want something unique and special. Give us a call whenever you need us.