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What To Say At Dallas Funeral Home Celebrations Of Life

A celebration of life is one of the options for services that Dallas funeral homes provide. These services are a great way to honor someone after they pass on. Instead of mourning the loss and the sadness around the death, people celebrate a life well-lived. If you attend one of these services, you might wonder what you should say. The event will be more joyful than a traditional service and while there can still be grieving going on, the focus is on happy memories instead of sadness.

If you have never been to a celebration of life before, what kinds of things can you say to the family? It’s always nice to create the family and say something to them, but you don’t have to worry about anything too long or involved. Here are a few nice things you might consider saying.

Your Loved One Would Have Adored This Celebration

Planning a celebration of life can be hard and the family might not even be sure about what they did. Even if they are, it’s always nice for them to hear from other people that the person they are celebrating would have loved the event. Just telling them reaffirms their confidence that they did something really nice to honor that person.

I’m So Grateful To Be Here With You Today

You knew and loved the person who passed on and letting the family know that you are grateful that they invited you to the special celebration can also mean a lot to them. You are telling them that you wanted to pay your respects and honor that person alongside them and that you are glad to be included in the process.

Your Loved One Told Me So Much About You

It’s always nice to hear that someone you loved thought highly of you. If you knew the person who died, but you don’t know their family all that well, telling them that their loved one talked about them a lot is a nice way to convey how much that person loved them and how much family meant to them. It can make them smile fondly.

My Favorite Thing About The Person Was…

While the people who are throwing the celebration likely knew the person who died well, you may know them in a different way. Sharing joyful memories of them or a special personality trait or quirk that you appreciated will show just how much you cared about them. The celebration of life is a great place to express these things.

Dallas funeral homes

When you go to Dallas funeral homes to celebrate a life well-lived, it’s nice to say something supportive to the family members who are hosting the event. The professionals at

Hughes Family Tribute Center can offer you more ideas and suggestions as to things that are nice to say, or even gifts that you might want to offer if you want something unique and special. Give us a call whenever you need us.