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Concentrate On The Good Things Surrounding Cremation Services

Did it rain on your wedding day? While that’s always a bummer, you were probably concentrating on the getting married part and that overtook anything negative that happened on the special day. There’s a way to look at the positive aspects of life, even to get through hard times. If a loved one has passed away and you have cremation services in Dallas, TX for them, you can have any type of service you want after the cremation takes place. Many people go for a memorial service or ash scattering ceremony, but you could also choose to have a celebration of life. While you’re not happy your loved one is gone, instead of concentrating on their death, you celebrate their life. They lived a good life and there’s a lot to remember fondly.

During a celebration of life service, you can do pretty much anything you’d like. Many people like to have a slide show of photos or a memory table with pictures and special items. Those things can bring the fond memories to light and spark stories. Stories are another intricate part to the day. No matter what you do during the service, those memories and stories come to light. You may hear things you’ve never heard about your loved one before to give you an idea of how full their life really was. It’s not uncommon to hear laughter and see smiles at a celebration of life. Are family members sad someone has passed away? Of course. But they want to remember them for the life they had and not the death that ended it.

There’s no easy way around losing a loved one. You’re going to grieve and have sad times that remind you the person is no longer in your life. But you may be able to make the grief easier by remembering all the good memories you have with that person. They’ll never be fully gone as long as you remember them for the great person they were. You will have sad moments when you want to cry and you will have happier moments when you want to smile at the memories.

Everyone grieves in their own way, but if you feel your loved one would appreciate a celebration of life more than a memorial service or another service style, their cremation services in Dallas, TX could be followed by such a celebration. Contact the experts at Hughes Family Tribute Center by calling (214) 350-9951. We can help you root through the ideas and brainstorm new ones until you hit just the right combination to honor your loved one with style. You can also set up a time to speak with us in person so we can get to know you, and your loved one through you, so we can offer customized recommendations that might work well for your family. We’re located at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, TX 75220 and we’d love to talk to you face to face and even give you a tour of our facilities.

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Ask Around About Funeral Home Celebrations

How can you know what your loved one wants for their final services unless you ask them? They don’t have to be elderly or ill to make plans. When you make that clear, it is easier for them to get past the idea of making pre-plans with Dallas, TX funeral homes. Once you bring the subject up, it may become apparent that you and the person you are speaking with don’t really know that much about the options. How can you find out? Well, meeting with funeral home representatives is always a good start. If your loved one indicates they don’t want a sad service, they may be leaning toward a celebration of life. That specific kind of service has endless options and you can find out details about them in a number of places.

It always works well to start with the funeral home. You can ask them about the types of celebrations of life they have arranged in the past to see if anything stands out to you. Of course, you can customize and change anything you want, but getting ideas about what others have done can help you lead yourself in the right direction or give you ideas of what you might want.

If you know someone that has had that kind of service in the past, you might want to talk to them. You can ask them why they chose that kind of service and how they came upon the ideas they used. They might be able to inspire you or point you in the right direction to look up information that could help you.

You could also look online. There’s an abundance of ideas for celebrations of life online and you may be able to find things that suit your lifestyle and personality well. If nothing else, you could take several of the ideas you find and meld them together into one service.

The good part of planning in advance is you have time on your side. You can look around at celebration ideas, talk to the funeral home, sleep on certain ideas, and put things into place little by little. There’s no huge rush as long as you’re working toward the goal of getting services into place.

If you’d like to get help on forming plans for your own celebration of life with Dallas, TX funeral homes, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help. We offer many different final services, but we specialize in celebrations of life. We’d love to help you honor a life well-lived in whatever way you see fit. If you arrange it, your family will appreciate it even more. Give us a call at (214) 350-9951 and we’ll get you set up with details or a free consultation appointment. You can also stop by our facilities for a tour, if you wish. We’re located at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, TX 75220 and we’d be happy to show you around and help you brainstorm ideas. Get more information on our website as well at

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Coupling Cremation Services With Different Options

You might choose Plano, TX cremation services for a loved one simply because of the different service options that come along with this final disposition method. It’s nice to allow yourself choices and while some families zero in on one choice, others choose to do several things to honor their loved one. While one service is lovely, sometimes different service styles compliment one another and give a loved one a more full send-off. Here are some services that couple nicely together.

Memorial Services

Memorial services can be whatever you want them to be, but they sometimes feel more like a funeral. There might be a picture table for memories or a video that plays with songs and slides. There could be one or many speakers, songs, readings, and more. These services are a lovely way for people to honor someone, get closure, and say a final goodbye while they get support from others around them.

Ash Scattering Ceremonies

While memorial services can sometimes feel like funerals, they are often coupled with ash scattering ceremonies. These ceremonies can take place right away after the memorial service or later down the road. Usually just close family members and friends attend and they can scatter the ashes in silence, after sharing stories, while singing, or in any other way they’d like. It’s a nice way to give someone a final resting place they would appreciate while saying a final goodbye.

Celebrations Of Life

After the memorial service and ash scattering, some people want to honor their loved one in yet another way that’s unique and special. Life celebrations include a more light-hearted casual feel that remember someone for a life well-lived and not for the time of their death. You can do whatever you want for this celebration including gathering with family and sharing stories and laughs over the person’s life. You can have a picnic, attend a ball game, organize a dance party, or anything else that would honor your loved one in a special way. Some families have celebrations of life instead of any other service, but they also go along well with other service options if you want to have a little of everything to satisfy every family member and every facet.

There’s no right or wrong way to honor someone after they pass on. If you choose Plano, TX cremation services, the options are nearly limitless. Many people couple memorial services with ash scatterings and more are doing celebrations of life as well. It’s a great service combination that can give everyone involved just what they need to find a new sense of normal. If you want information on any of those services, or cremation in general, contact the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center by calling (214) 350-9951. We’re here to talk you through any possible service you want to consider. You can also visit with our funeral director in person at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, TX 75220 and go over the details and package options.

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Combative Questions Funeral Homes Get About Celebrations

What kind of services do funeral homes in Plano, TX provide? Well, all of them provide final services of some sort or another. They usually allow you to choose between traditional funeral services, complete with a visitation and burial, or cremation. If you go with cremation, there are lots of options for service styles. While some families feel the most comfortable with a memorial service that feels more like a funeral, there are others that prefer celebrations of life. Not everyone understands what celebrations of life really are and some have questions. Here are some of the things that funeral homes have heard in the past:

Why Would You Celebrate Someone’s Death?

It’s somewhat understandable that when you hear someone is having a ‘celebration’ after someone passes on that you would guess they are celebrating the person’s passing, but that’s not what’s going on at all. The family members are actually celebrating that person’s life. They are going over happy memories and joys the person led in their life and remembering them for the life well-lived they had. Are they happy they passed on? Of course not. But instead of dwelling on the sadness of the death, they remember the person in their prime and keep their happy life in the center of the celebration.

How Can People Mourn?

Everyone mourns and grieves in their own way and at their own pace. Some people need the somber traditions of a funeral to get closure and say a final goodbye. Others have said goodbye in their own ways and they are instead ready for something more festive to remember their loved one. Just because celebrations of life are meant to be more light-hearted doesn’t mean there won’t be tears as certain memories arise and the loss settles in. Those who attend a celebration of life might laugh and smile at the celebration and cry over the loss later. There’s no right or wrong way to mourn a loss.

Why Do People Choose A Celebration Of Life?

Celebrations of life are a great way to remember someone for all of the great memories they have left behind. Loved ones can share stories, quotes, pictures, and memories freely and smile and laugh together at the lovely person they all got the chance to know. People choose this avenue if they know their loved one didn’t want people gathering and crying over them or if they feel it’s the right way to go for their family members and their situation.

In the end, there’s no right or wrong way to remember a loved one. When you contact funeral homes in Plano, TX, you have plenty of choices of service styles. Celebrations of life are lovely ways to honor someone who passed on. If you’d like to consider that option, or you are ready to start planning, contact Hughes Family Tribute Center at (214) 350-9951 for details. You can also set up a time to meet with our funeral director at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, TX 75220.