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Marking Anniversaries With Celebrations Of Life

When someone special passes on, you go through the motions, plan their Garland, TX cremation, and have a final service for them. If you chose to go with a traditional memorial service, it was likely something you appreciated and needed to get closure and to say goodbye. When the anniversary of their death comes around the next year, you are in no way ‘over it.’ There’s no timeline on grief and some move on faster than others. When someone really close to you passes on, you want to keep their memory alive. The anniversary of their cremation is a good time to organize something special. Perhaps you’d like to celebrate their life in a special way. Here are a few ways to have celebrations of their life on the anniversary of their death.  

Visit Their Resting Place With Others 

If you buried the cremains or spread the ashes in a certain location, gather some loved ones and head to that location. You can talk about your loved one in a place that is near and dear to you all. Share memories of the good times and smile over their uniqueness. The resting place is a good location for you to celebrate a life well-lived.  

Listen To Old Favorites 

Everyone has a favorite song, band, or album. Gather some family and friends and listen to those favorites that remind you of your loved one. You can dance around to the fast songs and remember how they did the same at weddings. You can talk about them, bring up memories, and remind everyone about the best parts of their life so everyone is able to get through the tough anniversary with a smile on their face.  

Memorialize Them Online 

The online world is prevalent in most people’s lives and you want everyone around you to remember your loved one with earnest. Post a few things about them that made them special on the anniversary of their death. You could include pictures, memories, quotes, or whatever else you’d like. It’s a good way to celebrate their life in a public manner that can also help family members remember the day in a positive way.  

Collect Memories 

Whether you gather loved ones, or have a collection via email or snail mail, collecting memories of your loved one can be a great way to celebrate their life when family is spread out. Have everyone share a memory with you and then compile them and distribute them to those who participated. Everyone now has a happy way to celebrate their memory and a great way to think about them when they want to enjoy their personality all over again.  

If you are approaching the anniversary of a cremation in Garland, TX, and you want to have a celebration of life for your loved one, contact the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center for ideas and help. Give us a call at (214) 350-9951 or visit with our funeral director in person at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220. 

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Gifts To Bring To The Funeral Home Other Than Flowers

It’s a custom to give something to grieving families when they have a service at funeral homes in Plano, TX. While many people bring flowers, and that’s very thoughtful, one family can only take so many flower gifts, right? If you’d like to show a grieving family that you are thinking of them, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with more flowers, there are plenty of other options. If they are having a celebration of life, there are even more options to consider. Here are just a few to think about:  

Create A Memory Quilt 

If you are talented with sewing, or know someone who is, you could collect shirts or other things from the person who passed on and take the family a memory quilt. The quilt is a priceless piece that will remind them of their loved one every time they see it. It can be like a warm hug from that person at certain times and it can spark fun memories at other times.  

A Rosemary Bush 

While flowers only last so long, plants are items that can go on for years, reminding families of their loved ones. Rosemary is an herb—the herb of remembrance, in fact—and it’s a wonderful alternative to the more standard flowers. The plant will grow as an aromatic reminder of a loved one that keeps on giving for many years.  

A Memory Jar 

Memory jars are great gifts for celebration of life events and can even sometimes become a part of the event, whether by display or by sharing the things inside the jar around the room. You can place any number of things inside the jar including handwritten memories, buttons, photos, fabric scraps, or other items. The memory jar is something family members might pass around throughout the service and they can even add to it themselves.  

A Special Picture In A Frame 

If you have any special pictures of the person who passed on, you can print them out and find a nice frame for it. You could also create a collage of pictures or allow the family to find a picture of their own. This makes a nice gift at a celebration of life and will often be put on display. It can also make a nice anniversary gift a year later to remind the family that you have not forgotten their loved one any more than they have.  

If you need help finding just the right gift for a family who is having a celebration of life at a funeral home in Plano, TXcontact the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center and ask for ideas. We’re here to help families set up final services, whatever those might be, but we’re also here to help the support system around the family. Give us a call at (214) 350-9951 with your questions or visit with us in person at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220. We want to help in any way we can. So get in touch with your questions and concerns. 

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Picking A Theme With The Funeral Home

When someone passes on in your family, you want to pay tribute to them in a special way. They were a unique individual and they deserve nothing but something unique and special for their final service. While any service you choose with a Coppell, TX funeral home can be customized to your specifications, there’s something extra special about a celebration of life.  

Key Takeaways

The best way to choose a funeral home theme is to know what your loved one’s interests are. If they enjoyed certain hobbies, such as gardening, the funeral home could have a garden-themed funeral. If they had a special love for music, consider incorporating musical elements into the funeral theme. Flowers are also commonly used in funeral decorations and can be incorporated into the funeral theme to create an atmosphere of mourning and remembrance.

With a celebration of life, you get to do whatever you want to honor your loved one’s memory. They had quite a life and you want to recognize that life well-lived during your service. You could organize a memorial service that focuses on their personality, and one way to do that is to choose a theme that suits them.

What are the Options for a Funeral Theme?

When it comes to funeral themes, there are many options to choose from. While some people opt for traditional funeral themes, others may want something more unique. There are many funeral theme suggestions to choose from when planning a funeral. Some popular themes include patriotic, religious, and nature-themed funerals. Talk to your funeral planner about what theme would be best for your loved one’s funeral. Below are some funeral theme ideas to consider:

A nature-themed funeral can be a beautiful way to celebrate the life of a loved one. This type of funeral theme often features flowers, trees, and other natural elements.

A vintage-themed funeral can be a great option for those who want to pay tribute to a loved one’s life in a nostalgic way. This type of funeral theme often features old-fashioned decorations and clothing.

A spiritual-themed funeral can be a moving way to commemorate a loved one’s life. This type of funeral

Funeral Theme FAQs

What is a funeral theme?

A funeral theme is a specific style or subject that is used to guide the overall tone and feel of a funeral service. Common funeral themes include religion, nature, patriotism, and family. The funeral theme can be reflected in the funeral program, the music selection, the eulogy, and other aspects of the service.

How do I choose a funeral song?

When deciding on funeral songs, it is important to consider the overall tone of the funeral service. Funeral songs can be divided into categories such as religious, spiritual, patriotic, or popular. There are many resources available to help you choose the perfect funeral song for your loved one.

How long do funeral songs last?

Funeral songs can last anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour. It all depends on the type of song, the length of the funeral service, and the preference of the family. Funeral songs are typically played during funeral services as a way to honor the life of the deceased and to provide comfort for those who are grieving.

Think about your loved one and what meant the most to them in their life. Are they diehard sports fans with one particular team on their minds at all times? You could arrange a service around that team. Have a service during a game and everyone can watch together, sharing memories of your loved one before, during and after the game. You could base the service around music, if they loved to sing, and incorporate some of their favorite songs.  

Not everyone has one special thing about them. In fact, most people have a lot of special interests. It’s possible that there isn’t any one thing that stands out about your loved one. When you talk to the funeral home, tell the representatives about your loved one and what they enjoyed. If they liked to hike, help animals, and plant flowers, it might become evident that they were particularly fond of nature. The funeral home might suggest honoring them in a park with a tree planting, or just having the service out in the open where they were most comfortable.  

You could also get ideas from family members who might have input as to what kind of theme you want to place on your celebration of life. Keep in mind that themes aren’t absolutely necessary. If no one thing stands out as a good idea for a theme, keep it more open-ended and just make your loved one’s life well-lived the general theme and go from there.  

When it comes to organizing a celebration of life, there are no hard and fast, right or wrong answers. You have to do what you feel is best to honor your loved one, whether that means a grilling party complete with fireworks or a memory sharing time in a funeral home in Coppell, TX. You know your loved one best and whatever you do can honor them in a respectful manner. When you need help with the process, contact Hughes Family Tribute Center by calling (214) 350-9951. We’re here to help in any way we can. Once you have the decisions made, we can take care of the details so you can concentrate on spending time with your family. Talk to our funeral director in person at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220. 

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Memorializing A Loved One After Cremation

After a cremation in Lewisville, TX, you can have any type of memorial service you want for a loved one. You can also have a celebration of life to remember their life well-lived. If you want to remember them in a tangible way, there are many different things you can do. Many people incorporate some sort of memorial ceremony along with a celebration of life. Here are a few you might want to consider when you are planning final services for a loved one:  

Plant A Tree 

Planting a tree is a great way to remember someone you love. You could bury their ashes beneath the tree or spread them around the soil as you plant, or you can just plant the tree in their honor. The tree is a physical location for family members to visit once it is in place and it will be around for many years. Some like to add a tree to a favorite park while others prefer to plant the tree in their own yard so it’s always nearby.  

Include Memory Cards 

There’s no way to get every memory of your loved one out during a celebration of life, but it can be a real blessing to collect as many as you can. Have guests write a memory down on a note card and then catalog those memories in a treasure box for future generations to read and enjoy. The memorial is something you can read through whenever you want to give yourself a smile as you remember someone special.  

Release Butterflies Or Doves 

Releasing doves or butterflies as part of a celebration of life can give you a sense of peace and healing as you pay tribute to your loved one. You are saying goodbye to them in a beautiful way as you watch the creatures fly away to a new life.  

Fix Their Meal 

Some celebrations of life can be as simple as a family meal. Whether your loved one enjoyed the grill, pizza deliveries, or Italian fare, if you fix their meal for your family, you can do so in their honor as a memorial. Many people will probably have stories and memories that revolve around that favorite meal that they can share as you eat together in your loved one’s memory.  

There are many other ways you can memorialize your loved one during a celebration of life after their cremation in Lewisville, TXIf you’re searching for just the right idea, contact the experts at Hughes Family Tribute Center to talk over the options. We’ve seen a lot of different celebrations of life over the years, which means we’re able to give you some suggestions and recommendations if you need them. After we get to know you and to learn about your loved one, we can offer the proper guidance to help you plan the perfect event. Give us a call at (214) 350-9951 to ask questions or to set up a time to visit with our funeral director in person at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220.