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Unique Locations For Celebration Of Life Services

If you’d like to have a celebration of life for a loved one after their Dallas cremation, it’s nice to know there’s no timeline on that type of event. You can do something right away after the cremation or you can do something in a week, a month, or even a year. You have plenty of time on your hands to plan whatever you feel is best for this event. If you want a unique location, it might take time to find a date that works. Here are some of the places you might consider having a life celebration event.

A Favorite Restaurant

If your loved one had a favorite restaurant, see if they have private rooms that you can book. Or, if you are having a really large event, you may be able to rent out the whole place for a special celebration. It can be fun to celebrate life somewhere you know your loved one appreciated.

On A Boat

Some people love the water and if that sounds like your loved one, take a sunset cruise on a boat your family owns, or charter one. You will have to limit the passengers, but something small and intimate can be very special and meaningful.

The Local Zoo

Did your loved one adore animals? Did they take their grandkids to the zoo every year? It might be a good place to have a special event. There are lots of different locations around the zoo that can accommodate picnics and people can also see some of the exhibits as they remember your loved one’s favorites at the same time.

An Area Park

It’s often nice to be outside during the decent times of the year and you could have a lovely event in an area park. Have a potluck, set up some outdoor games, and share memories of your family member as you start new traditions as a unit together.

The Movie Theater

You can rent out movie theaters today and have special events. Have a private screening of one of your loved one’s favorite movies, or watch something new you know they would have liked. Provide the popcorn and snacks, all of their favorites, and it will be a nice time for your family to celebrate a life well lived.

A Family HomeDallas cremation

If you want something that makes everyone in the family comfortable, a family home can be a good idea. You can lay out snacks and let people chat and play some board games while seeing some of the places that perhaps your loved one enjoyed the most when they were with you.

There are lots of other places you can have life celebration events after your loved one’s Dallas cremation and the professionals helping you with the cremation can also offer ideas and suggestions as to where you might hole a life celebration for that special person. They work on events of this nature all of the time and have lots of ideas to offer.

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Choosing An Urn For A Life Celebration

Cremation services in Dallas, TX are honorable and respectful and if that is what you choose for your loved one, that is a nice way to go. Cremation is used in about half of today’s cases and experts expect that number will only rise in the future. Another popular thing to do around cremation is to have a life celebration event. This kind of memorial service celebrates the good things of your loved one’s life well-lived instead of concentrating on the sadness of their death. While any cremation service is going to have a simple container included in the package, you might want to add an urn. If a life celebration memorial is what you are angling for, you may want an urn that fits that type of event. Here are some things to consider.

Something That Suits The Budget

When you have a cremation done for your loved one, you know what the cremation package costs upfront. That will include everything you have to have for the process and it’s nice to know the needs are met. However, if you are going to have a life celebration, there might be costs involved with that and the urn will cost extra as well. How much can you afford to spend on the urn? Figure out what your budget is, let the funeral home know, and stick to it so you don’t have to cut back on another area that is important to you. There are enough urns on the market that anyone can find what they like at a price they can afford.

Something Bright And Cheerful

Since the urn is something that will show at the life celebration, you want it to be bright and cheerful so you can celebrate your loved one’s life while you look at the urn. Consider a bright color or something with a picture or painting on it. You might want the urn to look cheerful to show everyone that your loved one’s life was a great thing.

Something That Shows Your Loved One’s Personality

Life celebration services are highly customized and unique. You want it to suit your loved one’s personality, and so should their urn. If you are having a certain theme for the celebration, for example, you might want to carry that theme out through the urn. You can get an urn that looks like a large painted baseball, or whatever else you have in mind to show your loved one’s style.

Something That Suits Other Functions

The urn’s appearance is important, but you are going to want to look into its functions as well. If you want to bury it, will that work? If you are keeping it at home, how will it look there? If you are scattering ashes, is it conducive to that? Those details are important as well.

When you plan out cremation services in Dallas, TX, and life celebrations, the professionals can also help you to get a fitting urn for your loved one.

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Online Grief Resources For After Life Celebrations

Life celebrations can be very uplifting. They are a great way to celebrate someone’s life and remind everyone that they had a great life with your family. However, while you are concentrating on the good times instead of mourning their death, you are still going to be sad and you still need to grieve your loved one’s passing. Once you take care of their needs with Dallas cremation, you might arrange a life celebration for them. It could be what they requested or it could be what feels right for this situation. After all that is behind you, you are still going to want to grieve and move forward however you feel comfortable doing so. Some people turn to the online world, and there are plenty of resources there.

Grief Group Rooms And Meetings

Grief support groups often meet in person, but with today’s online world, there are plenty of virtual groups that don’t require you to go anywhere at any certain time. There are some grief support chat rooms where you can go and talk about and process your grief at any time. But there are also grief support groups that meet at certain times. You can meet through a chat and type out your emotions or you can do video meetings to see people. You can even leave yoru camera off and just listen in. It can help you to feel less alone and it’s nice to have these avenues available to you any time of the day or night.

Online Counseling

Mental health is becoming more and more important and something more people are willing to talk about and get help with. While you might not want to go in and see an actual counselor, there are online counseling sessions that can help you get what you need as well. You can find online counselors that off you the support you need with your emotions at set times. And there are also options for meeting with grief counselors at random times.

Reading About Grief

Some people feel that the more they know about something, the better they can cope with it. If you learn more about grief, like the five stages of grief, it might help you to understand where you are and what you might need to do in order to move forward with your grieving process. You might find articles from professionals in the field or you might find blogs from people who have been through it and have advice for you to consider. Anything can help as long as it’s a reputable source and something you need to hear. Try to stay away from negativity in anything you read online. That won’t help anything.

Talking With Family

Most people don’t have all of their family members and friends lined up in one city. They can be spread out throughout the state or even the whole country. It can help to talk with family and keep in contact, but that can be hard when you are spread out. There are lots of online ways to keep in touch with family and that can help you to get the support you need after Dallas cremation.

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Check Out These Facts About Cremation

Cremation in Dallas, TX has been a custom that has been around for thousands of years, and it’s a tradition that is thought to be for cultural beliefs. However, we’ve compiled a list of cremation facts you were willing to bet that you didn’t know. Stick with us, and you can learn them for yourself!

You Can Spread The Ashes Anywhere

You can spread ashes anywhere you’d like if you have sought permission to do this legally. For instance, you need permission if it is somewhere like a national park. However, if it’s something like your backyard, the laws vary depending on your area.

Ashes Aren’t Your Typical Ashes

The cremation process is often referred to as turning your body into ashes, but that’s not exactly the case. The remains only resemble ashes which is where the name comes from. If you look deeper, you’ll see that it takes more than you think to have your loved one’s remains stay with you.

It’s A More Popular Option Than You Think

This method of honoring your loved one is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. In fact, it may beat out burial entirely in just a few years. However, there are still some religions that will not allow cremation.

Let’s Look At Japan

Japan has the most cremations in the world. They have an over ninety-nine percent rate for cremation. No other area in the entire world has a rate this high. The reason? Japan doesn’t have enough space to bury all of the people’s bodies that pass away, so instead, they hold a cremation.

Ashes Have Been In Space

That may surprise you, but it’s true. Some laws say that you can’t do this, but it can be done in certain circumstances. One of the original actors of a well-loved space program on television was able to have his ashes in space. Through a rocket, his remains were taken up and carried the remains of an astronaut and hundreds of others with them.

You Choose The Urn

You can get creative in the method of how you want your ashes to look these days. The urn, for example, can be your favorite game or hobby. For example, if you like sports bikes, you can have your urn shaped like a motorcycle. In other cases, you can have it in the shape of an instrument or flower. Whatever you like, there is an option for making the urn look the way that you want.

Is Cremation The Right Option For Your Family?Cremation in Dallas, TX

Through this list, we’ve shown you why cremation in Dallas, TX is both innovative and unique. Whatever option is best for your family, you can have the urn look how it needs to, as well as honor your family the way they would like. These options are also a way to get your family the desired ceremony. Remember, everyone has a different religion and belief system, and because of that, the cremation process needs to be taken seriously.

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Celebration Of Life Ideas For After Cremation Services

Once you go through losing a loved one, you know there’s nothing easy about planning final services. Cremation services in Dallas, TX, when done in a direct manner, can be simple and straightforward. You need your loved one’s needs and you are able to plan their memorial service and figure out their final resting place whenever you are ready in the future. While having a traditional memorial can feel like the right thing to do for some families, others want to have something that is more casual, light-hearted, and celebratory in nature. When you are ready to move forward, here are some ideas for life celebration services.

Release Something

You might want to showcase something beautiful at your loved one’s service and releasing something into the air can signify letting them go in a way that is quite lovely. You could order butterflies to release, you could release lanterns, balloons, or even doves. It can be cathartic to actually let things go and it can be a lovely way to celebrate your loved one, too.

Plant And Dedicate A Tree

You don’t have to do anything major for a service, but it can feel good to honor your loved one. Plant a tree in their honor, for example, and then use the service to dedicate it to them. You can share stories about them around the tree and then everyone can appreciate that tree as it grows. New life is coming from your loved one’s dedication and that can be a lovely symbolic thing.

Highlight Music

Music can bring up all sorts of emotions and memories and if you use the right style, it can feel quite celebratory in nature. Choose bright music, have someone sing, ask a guitarist in the family to play, and perhaps even dance a little as you remember your loved one. Choosing the right music for the background of the day can make all the difference in how the service feels.

Share Positive Stories

During the life celebration, one thing you can do to honor your loved one is to share memories about them. Keep the stories light-hearted, positive, and even funny. You can talk about how your loved one burned noodles and started a small kitchen fire, how they were afraid of geese, and other silly things that happened in their lifetime. Keep the stories positive and light and that will help to keep the celebration going.

Plan An Activitycremation services in dallas, TX

Some life celebrations revolve around some kind of activity. If your loved one adored golf, you might arrange a golf tournament with family members. If they were dog lovers, have everyone volunteer at the local shelter, walking dogs and playing with other pets. You could even just meet at a family home and play yard games for the afternoon.

If you are planning cremation services in Dallas, TX for a loved one, concentrate on their needs first and then, you can plan the life celebration memorial service for them. The professionals can help with ideas and options.

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Celebratory Containers Remains After Cremation Services

Life celebrations are a nice way to honor someone’s life well lived after they have Dallas cremation services. It’s a form of memorial service that allows you to celebrate their life instead of mourn the sadness of their death. You will still mourn, but the purpose of the service is to celebrate what a good life they had. In order to go through that type of service, you might want to choose a container for their remains that is more celebratory in appearance. Here are some things to consider for that option.

A Brightly Colored Urn

Urns can be anything you want them to be and they are always very nice. However, at a life celebration, you might want to have something nice and bright for guests to see and enjoy. If your loved one liked the color red, get a bright red urn to showcase that part of their personality. If they adored animals, get an urn that has the picture of their favorite animal on it. There are lots of bright colors you can get in urn materials and that can highlight the happiness you are trying to convey at the celebration of life.

Cookie Jars

There are just as many options of cookie jars as there are urns. If your loved one liked a certain character, like Mickey Mouse, you can find a cookie jar that features that character. You can place their remains inside the cookie jar and use it as their container. It can be a celebratory item to have at the life celebration for people to focus on and remember that special thing that your loved one adored.

Tackle Boxes

If your loved one was an avid fisherman, it just makes sense to keep them in the tackle box they used all those years. Remove the bait and save those for family, but use the tackle box as a resting place as you know your loved one would appreciate.

A Decorative Simple Container

The cremation provider will give you a simple container for your loved one’s remains with any package you get with them, but you can upgrade to a decorative simple container, if you want. The simple containers are little more than a cardboard box, but you could get a box with an angel on it, a cross, or something else. You can also have family members write messages on the box to make it that much more special.

Their Favorite BookDallas cremation services

If your loved one was a bookworm, you might feel they would be the most comfortable inside their favorite book. You can have a book hollowed out and their ashes placed inside. Display that book at their life celebration and it can showcase that part of their life and something they loved at the same time.

Working on Dallas cremation services when you want to have a celebration of life can take some thought to make things special. Even the container you use for their service can be light-hearted and celebratory in nature, if you so choose.

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Reasons To Go With A Life Celebration Cremation Memorial

There are a variety of different services you can have for a loved one after their Dallas cremation. One of the reasons many people go with cremation in the first place is because of the memorial options that are available. You can have a memorial that feels like a funeral, or something that is more like a life celebration, as well as anything in between. Here are a few reasons to consider a life celebration for your loved one’s memorial service.

To Celebrate A Life Well Lived Instead of Mourning Death

Of course you are going to be sad about your loved one’s death, but you might feel like celebrating their life instead of mourning their death is the right path for your family. Not everyone wants to gather together in mourning. Some families like the idea of celebrating the life their loved one had, going over the good memories, smiling, laughing, and remembering the person for everything they were. If that feels like the right path for you and your family, move in that direction.

To Remember The Good Times

You can go over memories at a somber cremation service, but when you want to smile and laugh and remember all of the good times, it’s important to consider a life celebration so those memories feel appropriate to share. You can play lively music, eat good food, look at pictures, and have a good time in your loved one’s honor.

To Do As Your Loved One Would Have Wanted

Even if your loved one didn’t leave final service plans behind, you might have an idea as to what they would have wanted. You know their personality and you don’t feel like they would be the type who would want people to be sad and crying in relation to their death. Instead, you feel like they would want you to be happy over the memories of them and that could lead you to wanting to have a life celebration instead of something somber.

To Smile And Laugh Again

When you lose a loved one, there’s going to be a sense of sadness and you are going to cry and grieve that loss. You might be doing enough of that, perhaps, that when it comes to planning their memorial service, you want to smile and laugh again and move forward in a new way with your family. That could mean taking on a life celebration instead of another service style.

To Honor Them

There are endless ways to honor your loved one and if you want to bring their life as a whole honor, a life celebration can be a good way to go. You can review all of the things about them that you loved and do something unique and special that feels as if it would suit them nicely.

When you go through Dallas cremation services for a loved one, you can then take all the time you want and need to have a memorial service of some kind, like a life celebration.

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Catering Options For Cremation Service Receptions

When you consider what you want for your loved one’s cremation service in Dallas, TX, perhaps a life celebration feels like the best option. These celebrations can be whatever you want them to be, but they often include food. You can either have food as part of the event or, you can have a reception after the celebration to continue the time with your family and friends. Here are some tips on getting the catering set up for your loved one’s celebration service, or for the reception afterwards.

Decide On The Foods You Want

Before you hire any caterers or figure out what you want to do, you are going to want to think about what kinds of foods you want to have available. Do you want a sit-down meal with Italian fare or something simple and easy to grab? Your budget matters and so does the food you want, which can lend to honoring your loved one and bringing up memories as well.

Think About Drop Off Or Full-Service

When you have a meal prepared through caterers, you can either have them drop off the meal and then you take care of things from there, or you can go with a full-service meal in which they come in, set things up, and even serve it. It can be a buffet style meal, or you can have the caterers bring the meals right to the table and serve them. It depends on what style you want, what the meal is, and how much you want to spend.

Consider The Venue

You perhaps booked a venue for the celebration or the reception after the event. What do they allow? What would work best? If there’s plenty of room for tables, you can consider any option. If there’s not as much room, a meal people can grab with ease can work better. They might have certain caterers they allow or you might have a time frame that you are dealing with for the rental of that space. Keep all of those things in mind as you move forward.

Keep Numbers In Mind

How many people are you inviting to the celebration and to the reception? That will make a difference in the catering as well. You might be able to do a fancier, more involved meal if you have smaller numbers. For larger amounts, something simple can be easier and more cost-effective.

Prices Are Importantcremation service in Dallas, TX

You are going to want to have a budget in mind and the prices of the caterers and their options are going to matter as you move forward with the options. You don’t want to overspend when there are affordable options out there for your family to have a meal and enjoy more time together.

When you are working on a cremation service in Dallas, TX for your loved one, you might want to have a meal as part of that celebration, or for a reception afterwards. There are plenty of food options, including catering. The funeral professionals can give you advice.

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Saving Money With Cremation Services

If you have to arrange final services for a loved one, you are going to want to figure out how much you can afford to spend. Any service you choose with the funeral home is going to have a price attached to it. You might choose Dallas cremation, though, to help you to satisfy a small budget or to save money so you have some left for a memorial service. Here are some other ways that cremation can help you to save money.

Choose Fewer Products And Services

Cremation is going to cost less overall because it has far fewer products and services involved over a funeral home service. You don’t have to have a casket, a burial plot, a headstone, embalming, or many other things. The service is simpler and easier, and it costs less. Keep in mind, however, that it is perfectly honorable and respectful the whole way through. Costing less doesn’t mean it is going to mean less or be of less quality.

Consider Direct Cremation

While cremation itself is going to cost less, even if you go with full cremation, direct cremation is the most cost-effective option on the market. When you go with direct cremation, there are no services before the cremation itself. You only do the cremation and the packages are efficient and effective. The package you get will include everything your loved one has to have, even if you choose something basic.

Use The Simple Container Provided

Cremation packages are going to include everything your loved one has to have, like a simple container for your loved one’s remains. You might want to get an urn for your loved one’s remains to customize things further, but you can save money by just getting the simple container from the provider and using it instead. It’s simple, but it can certainly suffice as a container for your loved one’s remains. It works just fine.

Utilize Free Life Celebration Options

You can do a number of different things for your loved one after their cremation service is complete. Some families like to have a celebration of life to go over the good times instead ofDallas cremation remembering their death and the sadness around it. There are things you can do to celebrate life that are free, in fact. You can have a celebration in a local park, have everyone bring food, and simply enjoy telling stories about your loved one. You don’t have to rack up the costs in order to do something nice for the person who passed on.

When you are ready for a loved one’s Dallas cremation, there are lots of things you are going to want to consider. The first concern is that your loved one’s needs are met. You can take care of those needs with any cremation package, even if it is basic, and that can help you to stay on budget. It can also help you to save money that you might want to spend on a celebration of life or even on a permanent memorial.

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What To Do When An Employee Passes On

It’s hard to deal with a loved one’s passing, but you might understand you have to address the situation, arrange for their cremation service in Dallas, TX, and grieve with your family. The situation will be different when you are dealing with the passing of an employee you work with. Here are a few things you will want to do when you hear that a person you worked with has died.

Communicate With Staff

You may be the person that the family contacted to let the company know about the staff member’s passing. Or you might be the first one to hear the news in other ways. Either way, you are going to have to communicate the news to the rest of the staff. You might gather people together for a meeting, spread the news one person at a time, or send out a group email, depending on what the person meant to those on staff. Everyone will want to know the news and for some things, like work, they will need to know.

Attend The Memorial

Not everyone at the company will likely want to attend the memorial, but it’s nice for someone to go and you might be that representative. Attending the memorial yourself and possibly with a small group of other staff members can mean a lot to the family. Their loved one spent a lot of time at work with you and that makes the people in the office a big part of their life.

Offer Gift Ideas

You should never force anyone to donate to someone’s passing, but you might want to take an office pool of money and buy flowers from everyone, offer a memorial donation, or do something for the family to honor their loved one and support the loss and grief. You can gather money yourself or just offer people some ideas in case anyone wants to go out on their own and do something for that family.

Show Grief Resources

There might be some people in the office that take the news harder than others. Some co-workers become close and are good friends in addition to people who work together. There might be some in the office who feel the grief in a heavy manner. Offer grief resources to your employees so they can take advantage of extra help if they need it.

Transition Things WellCremation services in Dallas, TX

Whether the person who passed on was part-time in the front office, a full-time salesperson, or something in between, their job is now vacant and their duties need to be covered. You might want to break up their jobs among others to cover things for now instead of trying to replace them too quickly. Transition the staff in an easy manner so they can get used to the idea that the person is, indeed, gone.

If you are working with someone who passes on, there are things you might want to do around their cremation service in Dallas, TX for their family and your staff members.