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Facts About Cremation Services

More people are going with cremation services in Dallas, TX today than ever before. In fact, cremation is used in about half of the cases. One of the reasons for that is the cost. Cremation is much less expensive than a traditional burial. But even though cremation is more popular and accepted today, there are still things people don’t realize about it. Here are a few that you might want to learn more about yourself.

Cremation Allows Any Service Option

Some people still think that once cremation is complete, that’s that. But it’s possible for you to have any kind of service you want for a loved one around the cremation service. Some people like their traditions and they choose to have a full funeral before the cremation process. Others have direct cremation done and then organize a memorial service for afterwards. One of the popular options now is a celebration of life. This service focuses on happy memories and a life well lived instead of the sadness that revolves around death.

Cremation Is Widely Accepted In The Religious World

Many might not feel they can choose cremation because of their faith, but the fact is, most world religions accept cremation today. There are only a few religions that discourage or prohibit it. You will want to check to be sure, but most faiths are okay with it and some even encourage it. It’s nice to know that your religious beliefs most likely won’t go against the idea of cremation, if you decide to go that direction.

Cremated Remains Aren’t ‘Ashes’

People often refer to cremated remains as ashes, because that’s what they look like. However, they are really bone fragments that are ground up into something that looks like coarse sand. Calling them ashes or cremated remains is perfectly find. But they are really ground up bones that look kind of like a sand substance.

Cremated Remains Remove Timelines

When someone in your family dies, the clock starts ticking. You need to take care of their needs and there is a timeline on certain decisions you make. If you decide on a funeral and burial, the clock continues to tick, and you have to get things done on a certain timeline so you can meet their needs. If you decide on cremation, once the cremation process is complete, there is no more timeline. You can plan the memorial service of celebration of life for whenever you want to have it.

cremation services in Dallas, TX

There might be lots of things you don’t know about cremation services in Dallas, TX, simple because you haven’t had a family member go through it before. If you’ve never made plans yourself, you might have an interest in learning more about the process in case you have to make decisions for a family member in the future. You also might want to consider the process for your own pre-plans. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center can help you with any questions you have, whether they feel simple, complicated, or something in between.

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What To Do With Dallas Cremation Remains After Celebrations

After your loved one passed away, it was easy enough for you to decide on a Dallas cremation for their final disposition method. Once that process was complete, you went forward with a celebration of life so you could go over the good memories and celebrate a life well-lived. Once that service passed by, you then had to decide what you wanted to do with the ashes your loved one’s remains left behind. Since you had a celebration of life and made the service special and unique, perhaps you want to do something special and unique with your loved one’s remains as well. Here are a few ideas.

Place Them In Cremation Jewelry

There are lots of options on the market for memorial jewelry. You can get a pendant, heart, cross, or something else that you can hang on a necklace. The piece is like a mini-urn compartment and you put a small bit of your loved one’s remains in the necklace. Then, you can wear it whenever you want to feel closest to them and keep them close to your heart. You can also have jewels, like diamonds, made from the ashes and then set that into a piece of jewelry. It can become a real family heirloom that gets passed down through the generations.

Take Them Around The World

If your loved one adored traveling, you might feel good about taking a trip to a variety of locations and scattering some of their ashes in each. You don’t have to really go around the world (though you could)! Taking a trip to their favorite places around the country, even if it takes time, can really honor their memory and their love for travel.

Create A Stuffed Animal

This idea is especially good if you have kids in your life who will miss the loved one. You can get a stuffed animal that has an internal urn or pouch that can hold the ashes. It’s a nice thing to have around the house and to hug when you want to think of the person who passed on.

Have A Portrait Painted

If your loved one enjoyed art, you could create a piece of art with their ashes. Have some of their ashes mixed into paint and then, an artist can paint their picture, a sunset picture, or whatever else you want using their remains. It’s a piece that could, again, be something that your family passes around through time.

Dallas cremation

When you have a loved one go through Dallas cremation, and then you have a celebration of life for them, those are great ways to care for their needs and honor their memory. But you will have to think about their remains as well and decide what you want to do with those. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center can help you decide by giving you details and information on the various options. There are certainly plenty of options to consider and you can take your time in deciding.

cremation services in Dallas, TX

What To Expect From A Celebratory Cremation Service

When you want to support a friend who has lost a loved one, one thing you can do is attend the cremation services in Dallas, TX they have arranged for their loved one. It’s a nice way to show you care and that you are there for them. You might expect the service to feel like a traditional funeral or memorial service, but perhaps in this case, you’ve heard they are having a celebration of life instead. What can you expect from that service? While the answer can vary quite a bit, here are some of the basics.

A Celebratory Atmosphere

If you’ve never attended a celebration of life event before, it might sound strange to you. What are they celebrating? The fact that someone has died? No, not at all. They are actually celebrating a life well-lived. They are gathering to talk about and go over fond memories and good times to honor their loved one instead of dwelling on their death. There will still be grieving, but this type of event can feel good and be a nice way to honor someone as well.

Different Clothing

When you attend normal cremation services, you might wear business attire in a muted or darker color. But celebration events are different. The family might specify what to wear, but if they don’t, you can ensure that something more light-hearted is in order. Let the type of event inform you as to what you should wear. If the event is outside, dress for the weather. You can wear brighter colors and not worry about somberness.


While many memorial services will have a reception after that allows people to gather for longer and enjoy refreshments, celebrations after cremation services often have food incorporated in the initial event. Part of the event might be a buffet, a picnic, a dessert bar, or some other kind of food. You don’t usually have to wait until after. Food is a part of most celebrations.

Happy Memories

At memorial services, people may be crying and grieving and that’s a good thing. At celebration events, you might see some of that, but more likely, you hear people sharing happy memories, laughing over good times, and smiling at what they remember about their loved one. The atmosphere feels different as everyone celebrates what a good life the person had.

cremation services Dallas, TX

If you have questions about attending cremation services in Dallas, TX that are to be more celebrations than somber, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help. We are experts at setting up celebrations of life, but we are also here to help friends that want to support family members that are planning the events. We will share our knowledge on these events with you so you are able to fit in and get into the celebratory spirit of the event they have set up to honor their loved one. You can ensure that it will be a unique experience for everyone.

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Reasons To Choose A Celebration Of Life After Cremation

When a loved one passes on, there are lots of ways you can honor their life after Dallas cremation is complete. You can have a memorial service that feels like a funeral and is more on the somber side. You can have a simple, intimate ash scattering. Or, you can have a celebration of life. Celebrations are more common today as people appreciate being about to lift up a life well-lived and not focus so much on the sadness of death. Here are a few reasons you might choose a celebration of life over other options.

Grief Has Already Progressed

Some people need the final services to grieve, get closure, and say a final goodbye. But let’s say your loved one dealt with a long illness and everyone in the family was able to say what they wanted to say, come to terms with the inevitability of their death, and even grieve a little over the fact that they were going to pass on. When they do die, grief might already be progressed a bit. People in your family might feel the need for a different outlet, like a celebration of life. Instead of mourning the death, they want to celebrate a life well-lived and remember the good times. It can feel good to go over happy memories instead of dwelling on an illness and sad time.

It’s What Your Loved One Wanted

Even if your loved one hadn’t yet mapped out exactly what they wanted for a final service, perhaps they told you that they’d prefer a celebration of life. Maybe they didn’t say as much out loud, but you know they appreciated a celebration for a friend that passed on. When you are in charge of the services, you have to do your best to guess as to what your loved one wanted. If you really feel a celebration is what they would have asked for, that’s a great reason to move in that direction.

It’s What Your Family Wants

Even if you are in charge of the decisions, you don’t necessarily have to make them all alone. Talk to your family and see what they feel is best in your situation. Perhaps there’s an agreement among family members that it’s best to celebrate your loved one’s life. In that case, move toward that event and get more ideas from family as you go along.

Dallas cremation

When you choose Dallas cremation for a loved one’s final disposition method, you open the door to so many other options. You can have a celebration of life, for example, and honor their memories in a unique and personal way. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center will help you with any kind of service you choose, but we are experts in the field regarding life celebrations. If you aren’t sure what direction you want to take on such an event, we can help you with ideas, options, suggestions, and even customized choices once we get to know your family.

Dallas cremation

Social Distancing During Dallas Cremation Services

Social distancing is one of those 2020 phrases that most people would rather never hear again. But since we live in these times, the phrase is prevalent, even surrounding Dallas cremation and memorial services. It can be hard to figure out how to honor a loved one when you want to keep everyone in your family safe. Funeral homes have gotten creative with today’s issues and there are options now that allow you to stay distant while you celebrate a loved one’s life. Here are a few options:

Virtual Services

You may not want to gather everyone you know for a celebration of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your loved one’s life online. Set up a zoom meeting and invite your close family members and friends. Everyone can share stories, memories, and even pictures over the meeting. Someday, when things clear up, you can do something in person, but for now, the virtual service is a nice way to honor someone while staying safe.

Scatter Remains With A Small Group

You may not want to get together with a small or large group inside, but you might feel okay about getting together with a few close relatives outside. Have an ash scattering and celebrate your loved one’s life by sharing stories and memories as you lay them to rest. It’s a simple service, but can mean a lot and you can keep your distance from others while honoring your loved one.

Put Services Off

One of the benefits of choosing cremation services is that you don’t have a timeline on any other services you want to have for your loved one. You can have services right away, if you wish, or you can have them months down the road when things clear up and you feel safe to be around more people again. The timeline is open, and you can plan ahead for whenever you are ready for the services.

Make Charitable Donations

If you don’t feel like you can have a service for your loved one right now, you can celebrate their life in other ways. Donate to charities on their behalf and try to carry on their legacy if there was something special they supported. You can also take funds that people send to you to the same charity, or another one to spread things out a bit.

Dallas cremation

It’s hard to go through Dallas cremation services at any time, but in today’s world, it can feel even harder. You want your loved one honored in a special way, but you need to keep the family left behind safe and healthy as well. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center can help you understand what the codes look like today so together, we can figure out how to honor your loved one and celebrate a life well-lived in a safe manner. We’re here for you now and we’ll still be here in the future if you decide to put the services off for a while until things look better in society.

cremation services in Dallas, TX

Do You Need Grief Counseling?

You know you’re sad when a loved one passes on and cremation services in Dallas, TX become necessary. You might appreciate the celebration of life services you had in their honor and even smile and laugh at some of the memories. But once those services are behind you, the grief settles in and you aren’t sure you can carry on. Do you need grief counseling? There are some signs that point to yes.

You Feel Physically Ill

If you are tired all of the time, have pain you didn’t have before, have lots of headaches, or other physical signs of illness, it’s a good idea to turn to a counselor to help you with your loss. Your emotions may be taking over your physical body and manifesting themselves in a variety of ways. Treat yourself well and eat in a healthy manner to help alongside the counseling.

You Are Withdrawing/Isolating

While there are going to be times in your grieving that you want to be alone (and that’s normal and perfectly fine), you don’t want to make it a habit. If you isolate yourself and you notice it, you may know you aren’t getting the support you need. You need to know you aren’t alone. Instead of continuing down that dangerous path, it might be the right time to reach out to a counselor.

If Things Are Getting Worse

At first, grief is fresh, and everything feels hard. That’s normal. If you are a few weeks or even months down the road and you feel like your grief is getting worse, not better, a counselor could help you with that. While grief has its own timeline, you need to feel things start to get better as time passed, not worse.

You Are Using Substances To Cope

Whether you reach to alcohol, food, drugs, or something else, if you are using a substance to help you get through the grief, that’s not a healthy thing to do for yourself. You need to find healthy ways to cope and not supplement your sadness with another problem that will be even harder to dig out of later. Contact a counselor to help you find ways to get through this, so you aren’t masking your pain with another issue.

cremation services in Dallas, TX

There are other things you can do around cremation services in Dallas, TX to get the help you need. If you are more comfortable in a group setting than talking to someone one on one, you might find relief from a support group. You will feel less alone when you hear others talking about going through things you went through as well. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here with grief resources whenever you need them. If you want references for counselors in the area, we have grief professionals who can meet you whoever you are in your grieving process and help you find ways to dig yourself out of the hold you might feel like you are in. We can also recommend websites to help you get started on finding help.

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Don’t Make These Obituary Mistakes Around Cremation Services

Whether you have cremation service in Dallas, TX or a full funeral for your loved one, you will want to write an obituary for them so everyone in the community will be notified of their death. It’s a nice way to punctuate their life and ensure that the community knows that they have passed on. While you may be emotional when you write the details, it’s important not to make certain mistakes. Here are a few to avoid:

Not Putting In Enough Service Details

While it’s not essential to list details about the services, if you decide you want the public to be able to attend and you listen the time and date, but you don’t list the fact that the service is going to be a celebration of life, that’s a mistake. Some people may show up thinking they are attending a formal event and they will be embarrassed at the casual attire others are wearing when they don’t fit in. Make sure any details attendees might need to know are in the obituary if you are inviting anyone to attend.

Misspelling Names

It’s okay if you have trouble spelling. A lot of people do! But missing one letter in a name can make it sound like a different person entirely. You will want to make sure you read and re-read what you wrote because that’s what will be printed. Have someone else go over and check important names and dates as well so you know that nothing is out of order. This obituary is going on the funeral home website and in newspapers. You or others might want to cut the obituary out and keep it as a memorial. You don’t want it to be a reminder of a mistake you made in spelling.

Writing Too Much

There’s no way to sum your loved one’s life up in a couple of paragraphs. But obituaries don’t have to sum everything up. They can’t. You will want to notify the public of their death and write in a few details about their life. That’s really all you’re meant to do. Leave the bigger details for the celebration of life when you can use their personality and unique details to their fullest in whatever way you please. By writing too much in an obituary, you can overwhelm the reader. Plus, the more you include, the more it will cost to place in the papers.

cremation service in Dallas, TX

There are plenty of mistakes to make around any cremation service in Dallas, TX and around any celebration of life you might plan. But when you work with the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center, you are much less likely to make those mistakes because we are here to guide you in the right directions. We want to help you through every detail of your plans, from the obituary to the celebration of life and beyond. We also have grief resources for you or your family members in case you need further help later.

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What Gifts Work Well For Celebrations Of Life?

Many times, if you were going to attend a funeral, or if you wanted to send the family a bereavement gift of some kind, you might send flowers. But with a celebration of life service, you can do other things as well. After a Dallas cremation, some families like to celebrate their loved one’s life instead of focus on the sadness surrounding their death. You might want to send a different gift so they can use it to remember their loved one in an uplifting way. Here are a few ideas to help you make a decision:


If the person who passed away adored watching birds out their window or perhaps even got binoculars and went bird watching, getting a birdbath for their family members would be a wonderfully thoughtful gift. They can place the birdbath outside their window at home and as the birds gather and use it, they can think of their loved one. They might even take up their old hobby and start to get out the guide books and figure out which bird is which themselves.

A Charitable Gift

This works well for funerals, memorial services, and celebrations of life. You can make a donation to a charity to honor the person who passed away. Perhaps they passed on from cancer and you want to donate to the cause for a cure. Maybe they donated to a local soup kitchen themselves and you can take over what they gave in their name. Those types of gifts can be very uplifting and a nice gesture for the family.

Outdoor Lights

If you want to give the family something permanent to enjoy in honor of their loved one, consider something unique like an outdoor light. They can put the post in their yard and as it glows at night, they can think of how their loved one lives on in their memories and in their hearts. This outdoor light is a nice way to remember the light in their lives that will always glow on, even after a loved one is gone.

A Memorial Bench

If you know the family has a great garden, perhaps add a memorial bench or an engraved rock to that garden in honor of their loved one. You can place their name on it, a saying, or even a figure like an angel, to bring that person’s memory to light when they are outside in the garden.

Dallas cremation

When you are working on thinking about a gift for someone who is having a Dallas cremation and celebration of life for a loved one, these are great options. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center have other choices for you to consider as well. All you have to do is give us a call and we can help you work through the options and see what you might want to do for the family. We’re here to support you in reaching out to the family as they honor their relative.

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Fond Memories To Bring Up At Celebration Of Life Events

When a loved one passes away, you can have a funeral or memorial service after their cremation service in Dallas, TX, or you can have a more light-hearted celebration of life. When you decide to go the celebration route, you are going over some of the best times in their life and you are celebrating their accomplishments and a life well-lived. It can be a joyous event that’s filled with smiles and laughter. Of course you are still going to be sad that your loved one passed on, but remembering the best parts of their life can help you honor them as well. Here are some events or memories you might bring up at a celebratory event.

Their Wedding

If the person you are honoring is married, bringing up the wedding is a nice way to honor them and the spouse they left behind. Perhaps you were a part of the wedding party and you want to talk about the humorous thing that happened behind the scenes that maybe not everyone knows about. Maybe your speech went horribly wrong, but your friend was comforting after. Wedding stories are always a hit and they can remind everyone of the love your friend shared with that special someone for however long they had together.

Childhood Stories

How long have you known the person who passed on? If you’ve known them since childhood, you might be one of the only ones that has stories from that time in their past. You can share stories about how the two of you used to rip around the neighborhood on your bikes or about the time when they woke you up with a feather tickling your nose and made you hit yourself in the face. Childhood stories with a little mischief action always bring a smile to faces.

Stories About Kids

If you know how proud your friend is of their own children, you can share stories about them and their kids. You might talk about what they said to you when they told you they were going to have a child or how they acted or talked about that child. It can remind everyone how important family was to your friend and it can make the kids left behind remember how special their parent was.

cremation service in Dallas, TX

These are just a few of the things you might think about sharing when you are celebrating someone’s life after their cremation service in Dallas, TX. Sometimes celebration of life events have an open mic where anyone who wants to share a memory, can. Other times, there won’t be any direct sharing with the group, but you might talk to people individually and swap stories. Whatever kind of event you want to plan for someone in your life who has passed away, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center can help. We specialize in these celebrations and we have all sorts of ideas and recommendations for plans of this nature.

Dallas cremation

Cremation Allows For Time To Plan Celebrations Of Life

There’s really no right or wrong reason to choose Dallas cremation over a standard funeral. Some people choose cremation because it costs less while other people choose it because of the versatile options it brings. Another good reason to go with cremation is if you want more time to plan a celebration of life. With a funeral, things happen quickly and you only have a few days between the death of your loved one and the services you want to hold. With cremation, once the cremation is complete, you can take as long as you’d like to get the celebration of life together. Here are some things to plan as you work towards that goal.

Book The Location

If you want a certain location for your loved one’s cremation celebration of life, it’s important to book that location enough in advance that you can get the spot you want. Perhaps you want a picnic shelter at a certain park or a private room at a restaurant. Whatever location you’d like, the farther ahead you can book it, the more likely you are to get the place you want. You can, of course, also have the celebration of life at the funeral home, if you’d like.

Plan The Details

Some celebrations of life are just simple gatherings of family members and friends so everyone can share memories. Others are more elaborate. If you want to plan something specific, like favorite foods, songs certain people will perform, decorations, picture albums, and more, you might need some time to bring those details together. Visit with your family members and delegate some of the tasks, if you can. Having more time on your hands will help you get everything lined up just right.

Choosing The Right Date

While it might feel hard to put off a service to celebrate your loved one, if not all of your family members can make it on short notice, everyone might feel better about waiting until the right chosen date. Choose a date that is just enough into the future that you have time to plan and everyone else has time to make arrangements to be there. They can mark their calendars, take time off work, travel, and do everything else necessary to be at the right place in that right timeframe.

Dallas cremation

Working on Dallas cremation doesn’t have to be stressful because the process is simple. Once your loved one has their needs met and has been cremated, you can then take your time in figuring out what you want to do for a celebration of life. There’s no time frame on the process at all. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help you figure out what you’d like to do, when, and how. We’re experts in the field and we have all sorts of ideas on celebration events to honor your loved one and remember the best parts of their life in a way everyone will appreciate.