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Celebration of Life Service

The death of someone you love is probably one of the most traumatic and saddest part of your life. In fact, people feel so lost after losing a loved one. That is why Dallas, TX cremations was built to help you out in everything you need, especially in giving you the best way to honor your loved one. Our company can also provide you the most healing service through focusing on the life of your loved one. We will assist you in arranging a special life celebration that promotes healing while remembering and sharing the story of your loved one.

What Is A Celebration Of Life Service?

A gathering of family and friends to honor the life of a deceased loved one is described to as a celebration of life. It is a ceremony that achieves the same purpose as the traditional funeral ceremony. The ceremony accomplishes the same goal as a traditional funeral service. A life celebration, on the other hand, has a more uplifting atmosphere that highlights the on inspiring stories, memorable experiences that involved the departed, including your loved one’s unique life.

What Takes Place At A Life Celebration Service?

In a celebration of life, the activities are personalized to your deceased loved one. As a result, it is not necessary to add a formal arrangements or traditional procedures. During the celebration, memories and stories will almost likely be shared among family and friends. There may be singing or joyful worship, or a playlist of the deceased’s favorite songs may be playing. Actually, whole event is entirely up to you or the people who is in charge in planning the life celebration service. But, you have every right and decision what will happen in the celebration of life ceremony.

How To Plan A Celebration Of Life Service?

Since a life celebration is different from a traditional funeral service, specifically in its structure and program of the event, below are the few things you should consider in planning it and to make the ceremony goes smoothly.

  • Choose a venue – Typically, the celebration of life takes place somewhere other than the church or crematorium where the burial or cremation took place. It can be held at your own home, at a local community center, or at a celebration of life center, etc. Even at the favorite or special place of your deceased loved one.
  • Choose a time and date – In setting a date and time, you have to consider the attendees or guests that you will be invited. Some needs ample time to make travel arrangements. Make sure to ask for dates that are convenient for them. Then, once you have decided, let them know as soon as possible, so they can also prepare.
  • Choose an emcee – It is good to assign someone who will lead the event. You may ask someone who is confident in speaking to many people. So, the event will go smoothly as well as organize.
  • Select photos and videos – Photos and videos can indeed spark many memories. To make the event more interesting, you find photos and videos to make a slideshow and display them. Or you can also ask anyone that is invited to share some of their memories with the departed, to add more pictures and films that are indeed unforgettable.Cremation Services in Dallas, TX

These are just some of the many plans you can make for the celebration of life. These are actually the most important things you need to prepare.

In Dallas, TX cremations, we are more than willing to help you in the life celebration of your loved one. Our life celebration services are made for both burials and cremations, and our utmost priority is your loved one’s life story.

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Planning a Celebration of Life Service

Cremation is indeed becoming popular, however there are a lot of misconceptions circulating about it. One of the most prevalent myths is that when you choose cremation, there will be no memorial or funeral service anymore. But, that is absolutely incorrect. As a matter of fact, having a funeral service can help the bereaved family in the healing process. And these days, celebration of life is the most famous event which is an alternative to a traditional memorial service. Our company at Dallas, TX cremation service, desired to provide intimate and memorable moments that celebrate the special life of your loved one.

Now, if you’re preparing to have your loved one cremated, think about planning a funeral service or life celebration event to bring everyone together in one place and relieve the mourning procedure. To organize an appropriate event, use this planning guide as a preliminary step and foundation in planning before and after cremation.

Set a Date For The Celebration

A celebration of life can be done at any moment after death. You can choose and make plans right away, but it’s also acceptable to put off for a few days, weeks or even months. Also because it is not easy to plan something immediately after losing a loved one, particularly if it is a major loss. Whenever you feel it right and you’re ready, you can set the date and time. As a result, you may also invite other individuals who would like to pay their respect.

Choose A Venue

Choosing a venue is one of the important things you need to consider in planning a life celebration of your lost loved one. In order to select a perfect place to hold the event, make sure that the location can accommodate your invited guests, the service event itself, socializing, and more. Yet, you can also pick a venue that holds a meaning for your loved one or do it at your own home.

Decide Who Will Be Invited

Determining the attendees for the celebration of life service is also necessary, because it’s also important to take into account any venue limitations. Another thing is that, the availability of these guests must also be considered. Therefore, before finalizing plans, it is better to ask your family and friends for a couple dates that work well for them.

Pick A Song

Just like any other events, life celebration also needs a music or song to make it more memorable and meaningful experience. Making a special song selection for a loved one is incredibly soothing and uplifting. If there is someone who wants to offer a song for the departed or is a musician, allow them to perform.

Select Remembrance Photos or Videos

Last but not the least, a set of pictures or videos display is a wonderful way to recall memories and celebrate the life of a loved one. You may ask your family and friends, of they have anyDallas, TX cremation service photo or video to share, so you can collect them for the display. In light of this, you can be sure that it will make the life celebration service meaningful and memorable.

When you want to have your loved one cremated, and hold a celebration of life service event afterwards, our company offers and provide these things. Our aim is to guide you through creating a one-of-a-kind experiences that honors and celebrates the life of your loved one in a deeply personal way. We’re very pleased to serve you, don’t hesitate to call or come at Dallas, TX cremation services, so we can fully assist you in everything that you need.

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Best Ideas for Celebration of Life

People nowadays prefer celebrating life instead of doing the traditional one for their loved ones. Several countries have been doing this kind of event to change the formal and traditional way, which is having a funeral that is orderly and often spiritually-defined service. A life celebration is a less formal and more relaxed event for everyone. With that being said, a funeral home near Dallas, TX, also offers a service that allows you to hold a celebration of life and will assist you in the plans you have for the event. For the time being, if you don’t know how or what to do in this type of service, here are some ideas you can consider for you to decide.

Pick A Meaningful Place

Choosing a place to celebrate the life of your loved one is indeed essential. If you do not know where is the best venue to hold the service, you can look for a nearby site or one that is significant and holds a unique meaning for your loved one. The experience may become even more special due to the additional depth of connection because you are in the right place in the celebration of life.

Gather People to Share Memories Together

Coming together in small, large, or any size to share stories about a lost loved one can make the celebration of life meaningful and remarkable. You can share memories by speaking and telling moments with and about your loved one. Another thing is to collect photos, make a slideshow, select a song, and finally, watch it with everybody. With these, everyone can recall the memories they shared with the deceased loved one. Or you can ask the guests to write a quick story, read it aloud, and share it with everyone.

Play Favorite Songs to Celebrate

Music has a profound calming effect on us. It is one of the most powerful tools that can help you bring back memories and capture your heart even in difficult times. During the event, you can ask every guest to sing or present that is somehow special to them and the deceased. Music that brings back feelings and moments and even a song that the lost loved one enjoyed can also be played to share with everybody.

Record the Celebration of Life

When you have recorded the whole event or celebration during your lonely times, you can rewatch and replay them, which can also help you calm down and be comforted. The recording can also be sent to those unable to attend the service and streamed them. Recording theFuneral Homes in Dallas, TX celebration can help a lot, not just you but everyone that is present and not in the event. You can record the whole celebration or clips and save them.

All in all, these are just some of the many ideas we offer to you, which you can also try, especially if you want to hold a celebration of life for the departed. The most interesting part is that our company at Dallas funeral homes also provides a dignified service to honor the death of your loved one. We will also let you personalize the celebration because your satisfaction and needs are more important to us. So, whenever you need assistance and seeking advice to plan a life celebration, don’t hesitate to message or call us.

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Fall In Love with Celebration of Life

There is no absolute or wrong method to say goodbye, but there are some choices you’ll need to make about the arrangement and atmosphere of the memorial ceremony for your loved one. Ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations around death are significantly influenced by culture, religion, geography, and time. For example, “funeral” has a highly specific connotation for several religions. Today’s society offers a variety of possibilities for this kind of gathering, some of which may be spiritual, non-religious, or even religious. If you’re near to Dallas funeral home, there is a company that offers a high and exclusive experience for your loved ones to celebrate their life.

Talking with loved ones about a “cheerful funeral” and celebration of life that incorporates those times of laughter and rainbows can be comforting for many individuals nearing the end of their lives. In any way, the celebration of their life can be how they contemplate their own life or personality. You can make it grand or private as long as you give people the chance to be involved in the life of their dear family or friend.

What do you mean by a celebration of life?

Friends and family can pay tribute and celebrate their loved ones casually and authentically during a celebration of life service. As its name implies, it will focus more on embracing and honoring the individual’s passions, personality, accomplishments, and intellectual pursuits than the somber grief common to funerals. The atmosphere will be more cozy, personalized, and uplifting rather than structured, deep, and proper. Songs may be played in the background, or storytelling may occur instead of prayers. The focus of this event is the story of the person who died, and you have to inform the ones who are going to this kind of event to be ready. You can see the things you need to consider when hosting this kind of celebration; see the planning a celebration of life.

Where will the celebration of life take place?

When you decide to do this kind of funeral, you can take advantage of a location provided by the “funeral home,” or choose another venue. For instance, you have arranged cremation services that cater to a meaningful experience for this kind of celebration. They pay tribute to your loved ones by sharing their remarkable journey. You can also do this celebration in the comfort of your home, just like a social gathering.

How to organize the ceremony?

Even though a celebration of life is a less formal type of funeral, you still must consider someone to lead the ceremony. A celebrant will be required to direct the ceremony and introduce the other attendees. Dallas funeral home can provide a hand if you are unsure howDallas Funeral Homes to handle this event. Its mission is to create a meaningful experience for your loved ones to be remembered. On the other hand, your relatives or other civilians can assist you in creating an order of service that honors the life and interests of your loved one for nonreligious celebrations of life. The aspects you choose to add during the celebration of life will not impact the sequence of service. You can choose to incorporate speeches and singing, just as at a typical funeral, and for a celebration of life, you can allow attendees to dance or play their favorite music.