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Reasons To Go With A Life Celebration Cremation Memorial

There are a variety of different services you can have for a loved one after their Dallas cremation. One of the reasons many people go with cremation in the first place is because of the memorial options that are available. You can have a memorial that feels like a funeral, or something that is more like a life celebration, as well as anything in between. Here are a few reasons to consider a life celebration for your loved one’s memorial service.

To Celebrate A Life Well Lived Instead of Mourning Death

Of course you are going to be sad about your loved one’s death, but you might feel like celebrating their life instead of mourning their death is the right path for your family. Not everyone wants to gather together in mourning. Some families like the idea of celebrating the life their loved one had, going over the good memories, smiling, laughing, and remembering the person for everything they were. If that feels like the right path for you and your family, move in that direction.

To Remember The Good Times

You can go over memories at a somber cremation service, but when you want to smile and laugh and remember all of the good times, it’s important to consider a life celebration so those memories feel appropriate to share. You can play lively music, eat good food, look at pictures, and have a good time in your loved one’s honor.

To Do As Your Loved One Would Have Wanted

Even if your loved one didn’t leave final service plans behind, you might have an idea as to what they would have wanted. You know their personality and you don’t feel like they would be the type who would want people to be sad and crying in relation to their death. Instead, you feel like they would want you to be happy over the memories of them and that could lead you to wanting to have a life celebration instead of something somber.

To Smile And Laugh Again

When you lose a loved one, there’s going to be a sense of sadness and you are going to cry and grieve that loss. You might be doing enough of that, perhaps, that when it comes to planning their memorial service, you want to smile and laugh again and move forward in a new way with your family. That could mean taking on a life celebration instead of another service style.

To Honor Them

There are endless ways to honor your loved one and if you want to bring their life as a whole honor, a life celebration can be a good way to go. You can review all of the things about them that you loved and do something unique and special that feels as if it would suit them nicely.

When you go through Dallas cremation services for a loved one, you can then take all the time you want and need to have a memorial service of some kind, like a life celebration.

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Catering Options For Cremation Service Receptions

When you consider what you want for your loved one’s cremation service in Dallas, TX, perhaps a life celebration feels like the best option. These celebrations can be whatever you want them to be, but they often include food. You can either have food as part of the event or, you can have a reception after the celebration to continue the time with your family and friends. Here are some tips on getting the catering set up for your loved one’s celebration service, or for the reception afterwards.

Decide On The Foods You Want

Before you hire any caterers or figure out what you want to do, you are going to want to think about what kinds of foods you want to have available. Do you want a sit-down meal with Italian fare or something simple and easy to grab? Your budget matters and so does the food you want, which can lend to honoring your loved one and bringing up memories as well.

Think About Drop Off Or Full-Service

When you have a meal prepared through caterers, you can either have them drop off the meal and then you take care of things from there, or you can go with a full-service meal in which they come in, set things up, and even serve it. It can be a buffet style meal, or you can have the caterers bring the meals right to the table and serve them. It depends on what style you want, what the meal is, and how much you want to spend.

Consider The Venue

You perhaps booked a venue for the celebration or the reception after the event. What do they allow? What would work best? If there’s plenty of room for tables, you can consider any option. If there’s not as much room, a meal people can grab with ease can work better. They might have certain caterers they allow or you might have a time frame that you are dealing with for the rental of that space. Keep all of those things in mind as you move forward.

Keep Numbers In Mind

How many people are you inviting to the celebration and to the reception? That will make a difference in the catering as well. You might be able to do a fancier, more involved meal if you have smaller numbers. For larger amounts, something simple can be easier and more cost-effective.

Prices Are Importantcremation service in Dallas, TX

You are going to want to have a budget in mind and the prices of the caterers and their options are going to matter as you move forward with the options. You don’t want to overspend when there are affordable options out there for your family to have a meal and enjoy more time together.

When you are working on a cremation service in Dallas, TX for your loved one, you might want to have a meal as part of that celebration, or for a reception afterwards. There are plenty of food options, including catering. The funeral professionals can give you advice.

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Healing With Funeral Home Help

When you lose a loved one, it can be hard to move forward with your life into a new sense of normal. You are never going to ‘get over’ that grief, but rather you have to get through it. The professionals at funeral homes in Dallas, TX are there to help you give your loved one what they need for final services, but they are also there to help you to heal. Here are some of the things you might need to heal after the funeral home services.

Have A Life Celebration

There are many different ways you can honor your loved one after their death. Some people have funerals, memorial services, or even life celebrations. You can also have a combination of those events in any way you’d like. The life celebration can help you to heal in a different way as you will be celebrating your loved one’s life well lived instead of mourning their death. It can help to smile and laugh over the good times you had with them. You will always have those memories as you move ahead.

Lean On Funeral Home Compassion

Funeral home professionals are going to support you through the planning process, and beyond. If you work on the services with your family, you need support from professionals as well. But you will need their support with the grieving process as a whole. The staff members in the funeral home are naturally compassionate and they can help you to get what you need through the hard days. They will be there while you plan, while you implement services, and well after the services are behind you.

Get Grief Support Services

Funeral homes are specialists in the field of final services and grief. They have resources you might need to move forward with your life. You can get details on counselors in the area that specialize in helping people with grief. There are also grief support groups that meet at certain times and would gladly include you in their conversations. The funeral home can even guide you to websites that might help or blogs that talk about life celebrations to give you ideas for your loved one. There are endless options and you only need to find what works for you.

Plan Permanent Memorialsfuneral homes in Dallas, TX

While the life celebration will help you to heal and honor your loved one, you might want to honor them in a permanent manner with another memorial. Plant a tree, for example, or put a plaque on a bench. There are lots of permanent memorials you can appreciate over the years as you remember your loved one.

Working with funeral homes in Dallas, TX is never easy, but there are ways they can help you to heal as you care for your loved one’s needs and then, grieve in whatever way you see fit. Healing is important and there are many ways to move forward in a way that works well for you, whatever that might look like for you.

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Writing Up A Celebration Service Program

When you decide to have a celebration of life service for your loved one at Dallas funeral homes, there are a variety of different things you can do for that service. But one thing you might consider is writing up a service program. You can let guests know what to expect and give them something to hold onto from the memorial service moving forward. The funeral home is going to be there to help you with this process, and anything else that goes along with the funeral services you want to plan. Here are some tips to help you with that process.

Gather Info About The Deceased

You might want to place information of your loved one in the service program, like an obituary, only perhaps expanded. You can add details to the obituary and let people know just who they were and what they were like during their life. You can include quotes from them, further details on their life, things you want everyone to know, or even just basic facts. That snippet can make the program important to those who attend the service.

Include Service Details

If you have an order of events, or any specific service details, you can include that in the program as well. You might want people to know what’s going to happen, or that you are going to be serving lunch after a time of sharing. There are plenty of detail options and you can include them in the program to direct people. It also gives people something to read and hold onto as they wait for things to start.

Consider A Picture

You might want to include a picture of your loved one on the cover of the program. That will also help it to be special and something people will want to hold onto. The picture should be somewhat recent and perhaps only of your loved one so they are able to remember that person how they were.

Mention Memorial Charity Details

If you would like people to donate memorial funds to a certain charity, you might list that in the program as well. Perhaps inform guests that any funds donated are going to a certain non-profit and give the address of that location in case anyone wants to send something further.

Choose Nice Paper/FontsDallas Funeral Homes

The program might be something guests hold onto in the future and you will want to choose nice paper and fonts that can easily be read. You can do something on a color, but if you have pictures, a white or off white is probably best for those photos.

When you work with Dallas funeral homes, those professionals are going to be there for you every step of the way, even through creating a program for your loved one’s life celebration service. They can show you examples and help you come up with something completely unique that can help you to create something your loved one would have appreciated. This small detail can mean a lot.