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Writing Up A Celebration Service Program

When you decide to have a celebration of life service for your loved one at Dallas funeral homes, there are a variety of different things you can do for that service. But one thing you might consider is writing up a service program. You can let guests know what to expect and give them something to hold onto from the memorial service moving forward. The funeral home is going to be there to help you with this process, and anything else that goes along with the funeral services you want to plan. Here are some tips to help you with that process.

Gather Info About The Deceased

You might want to place information of your loved one in the service program, like an obituary, only perhaps expanded. You can add details to the obituary and let people know just who they were and what they were like during their life. You can include quotes from them, further details on their life, things you want everyone to know, or even just basic facts. That snippet can make the program important to those who attend the service.

Include Service Details

If you have an order of events, or any specific service details, you can include that in the program as well. You might want people to know what’s going to happen, or that you are going to be serving lunch after a time of sharing. There are plenty of detail options and you can include them in the program to direct people. It also gives people something to read and hold onto as they wait for things to start.

Consider A Picture

You might want to include a picture of your loved one on the cover of the program. That will also help it to be special and something people will want to hold onto. The picture should be somewhat recent and perhaps only of your loved one so they are able to remember that person how they were.

Mention Memorial Charity Details

If you would like people to donate memorial funds to a certain charity, you might list that in the program as well. Perhaps inform guests that any funds donated are going to a certain non-profit and give the address of that location in case anyone wants to send something further.

Choose Nice Paper/FontsDallas Funeral Homes

The program might be something guests hold onto in the future and you will want to choose nice paper and fonts that can easily be read. You can do something on a color, but if you have pictures, a white or off white is probably best for those photos.

When you work with Dallas funeral homes, those professionals are going to be there for you every step of the way, even through creating a program for your loved one’s life celebration service. They can show you examples and help you come up with something completely unique that can help you to create something your loved one would have appreciated. This small detail can mean a lot.