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Choosing An Urn For A Life Celebration

Cremation services in Dallas, TX are honorable and respectful and if that is what you choose for your loved one, that is a nice way to go. Cremation is used in about half of today’s cases and experts expect that number will only rise in the future. Another popular thing to do around cremation is to have a life celebration event. This kind of memorial service celebrates the good things of your loved one’s life well-lived instead of concentrating on the sadness of their death. While any cremation service is going to have a simple container included in the package, you might want to add an urn. If a life celebration memorial is what you are angling for, you may want an urn that fits that type of event. Here are some things to consider.

Something That Suits The Budget

When you have a cremation done for your loved one, you know what the cremation package costs upfront. That will include everything you have to have for the process and it’s nice to know the needs are met. However, if you are going to have a life celebration, there might be costs involved with that and the urn will cost extra as well. How much can you afford to spend on the urn? Figure out what your budget is, let the funeral home know, and stick to it so you don’t have to cut back on another area that is important to you. There are enough urns on the market that anyone can find what they like at a price they can afford.

Something Bright And Cheerful

Since the urn is something that will show at the life celebration, you want it to be bright and cheerful so you can celebrate your loved one’s life while you look at the urn. Consider a bright color or something with a picture or painting on it. You might want the urn to look cheerful to show everyone that your loved one’s life was a great thing.

Something That Shows Your Loved One’s Personality

Life celebration services are highly customized and unique. You want it to suit your loved one’s personality, and so should their urn. If you are having a certain theme for the celebration, for example, you might want to carry that theme out through the urn. You can get an urn that looks like a large painted baseball, or whatever else you have in mind to show your loved one’s style.

Something That Suits Other Functions

The urn’s appearance is important, but you are going to want to look into its functions as well. If you want to bury it, will that work? If you are keeping it at home, how will it look there? If you are scattering ashes, is it conducive to that? Those details are important as well.

When you plan out cremation services in Dallas, TX, and life celebrations, the professionals can also help you to get a fitting urn for your loved one.

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Online Grief Resources For After Life Celebrations

Life celebrations can be very uplifting. They are a great way to celebrate someone’s life and remind everyone that they had a great life with your family. However, while you are concentrating on the good times instead of mourning their death, you are still going to be sad and you still need to grieve your loved one’s passing. Once you take care of their needs with Dallas cremation, you might arrange a life celebration for them. It could be what they requested or it could be what feels right for this situation. After all that is behind you, you are still going to want to grieve and move forward however you feel comfortable doing so. Some people turn to the online world, and there are plenty of resources there.

Grief Group Rooms And Meetings

Grief support groups often meet in person, but with today’s online world, there are plenty of virtual groups that don’t require you to go anywhere at any certain time. There are some grief support chat rooms where you can go and talk about and process your grief at any time. But there are also grief support groups that meet at certain times. You can meet through a chat and type out your emotions or you can do video meetings to see people. You can even leave yoru camera off and just listen in. It can help you to feel less alone and it’s nice to have these avenues available to you any time of the day or night.

Online Counseling

Mental health is becoming more and more important and something more people are willing to talk about and get help with. While you might not want to go in and see an actual counselor, there are online counseling sessions that can help you get what you need as well. You can find online counselors that off you the support you need with your emotions at set times. And there are also options for meeting with grief counselors at random times.

Reading About Grief

Some people feel that the more they know about something, the better they can cope with it. If you learn more about grief, like the five stages of grief, it might help you to understand where you are and what you might need to do in order to move forward with your grieving process. You might find articles from professionals in the field or you might find blogs from people who have been through it and have advice for you to consider. Anything can help as long as it’s a reputable source and something you need to hear. Try to stay away from negativity in anything you read online. That won’t help anything.

Talking With Family

Most people don’t have all of their family members and friends lined up in one city. They can be spread out throughout the state or even the whole country. It can help to talk with family and keep in contact, but that can be hard when you are spread out. There are lots of online ways to keep in touch with family and that can help you to get the support you need after Dallas cremation.

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Funeral Directors Play Important Roles

There are many different options for funeral homes in Dallas, TX, and you will want to carefully research the choices before you make a decision as to which company you will use. Not only do you want to make sure the funeral home charges fair, affordable prices, but you also want to see what their funeral director is like so you can ensure they will do a good job with your loved one. If you want a funeral director with experience in life celebrations, for example, that is something important to look for. Here are some of the things you want in your funeral director as they fill in that important role.


Funeral directors work with the deceased, but they also work closely with families that are mourning. They should be friendly, outgoing, and approachable. They should make you feel comfortable from the very first phone conversation you have with them. When you meet them, you feel at ease and welcomed. It can be hard to deal with a loved one’s passing and the friendly atmosphere the funeral director puts out can help things to feel a big easier.

Unwavering Support

Yor family members and friends are going to be your first line of defense when you need support, but it’s important to have support in your funeral direct as well. That person is going to be in charge of your loved one’s final services and they need to support anything and everything you want to do for them. If you decide on a celebration of life, for example, the funeral director should show their support by offering ideas and options that can help you move in that direction.

Immediate Compassion

Not everyone knows how to treat someone who is going through the grieving process. Funeral directors are often naturally compassionate people and they get a lot of practice at that compassion at the same time. You will get the treatment you need every time you meet with them and speak to them.

Professional Knowledge

Any funeral director you work with should make you feel as if they know what they are doing. They know the industry well and they can tell you about the processes they carry out, how, and any other details you want to know. You shouldn’t feel like they lack knowledge in any area that you ask about. You need that information to feel comfortable moving forward and they should have it.

Ideas That Might Fitfuneral homes in Dallas, TX

You never have to take a funeral director’s ideas, but it can help you to have them in place so you have the options available to you. When they get to know you and your family members, they understand what types of services you want and they offer ideas that might fit your purposes. IF you want a life celebration with funeral homes in Dallas, TX, for example, they are going to give you options that they think might suit your situation and budget. You can take them or leave them, but having them is always nice.

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Check Out These Facts About Cremation

Cremation in Dallas, TX has been a custom that has been around for thousands of years, and it’s a tradition that is thought to be for cultural beliefs. However, we’ve compiled a list of cremation facts you were willing to bet that you didn’t know. Stick with us, and you can learn them for yourself!

You Can Spread The Ashes Anywhere

You can spread ashes anywhere you’d like if you have sought permission to do this legally. For instance, you need permission if it is somewhere like a national park. However, if it’s something like your backyard, the laws vary depending on your area.

Ashes Aren’t Your Typical Ashes

The cremation process is often referred to as turning your body into ashes, but that’s not exactly the case. The remains only resemble ashes which is where the name comes from. If you look deeper, you’ll see that it takes more than you think to have your loved one’s remains stay with you.

It’s A More Popular Option Than You Think

This method of honoring your loved one is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. In fact, it may beat out burial entirely in just a few years. However, there are still some religions that will not allow cremation.

Let’s Look At Japan

Japan has the most cremations in the world. They have an over ninety-nine percent rate for cremation. No other area in the entire world has a rate this high. The reason? Japan doesn’t have enough space to bury all of the people’s bodies that pass away, so instead, they hold a cremation.

Ashes Have Been In Space

That may surprise you, but it’s true. Some laws say that you can’t do this, but it can be done in certain circumstances. One of the original actors of a well-loved space program on television was able to have his ashes in space. Through a rocket, his remains were taken up and carried the remains of an astronaut and hundreds of others with them.

You Choose The Urn

You can get creative in the method of how you want your ashes to look these days. The urn, for example, can be your favorite game or hobby. For example, if you like sports bikes, you can have your urn shaped like a motorcycle. In other cases, you can have it in the shape of an instrument or flower. Whatever you like, there is an option for making the urn look the way that you want.

Is Cremation The Right Option For Your Family?Cremation in Dallas, TX

Through this list, we’ve shown you why cremation in Dallas, TX is both innovative and unique. Whatever option is best for your family, you can have the urn look how it needs to, as well as honor your family the way they would like. These options are also a way to get your family the desired ceremony. Remember, everyone has a different religion and belief system, and because of that, the cremation process needs to be taken seriously.