Cremation in Dallas, TX

Check Out These Facts About Cremation

Cremation in Dallas, TX has been a custom that has been around for thousands of years, and it’s a tradition that is thought to be for cultural beliefs. However, we’ve compiled a list of cremation facts you were willing to bet that you didn’t know. Stick with us, and you can learn them for yourself!

You Can Spread The Ashes Anywhere

You can spread ashes anywhere you’d like if you have sought permission to do this legally. For instance, you need permission if it is somewhere like a national park. However, if it’s something like your backyard, the laws vary depending on your area.

Ashes Aren’t Your Typical Ashes

The cremation process is often referred to as turning your body into ashes, but that’s not exactly the case. The remains only resemble ashes which is where the name comes from. If you look deeper, you’ll see that it takes more than you think to have your loved one’s remains stay with you.

It’s A More Popular Option Than You Think

This method of honoring your loved one is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. In fact, it may beat out burial entirely in just a few years. However, there are still some religions that will not allow cremation.

Let’s Look At Japan

Japan has the most cremations in the world. They have an over ninety-nine percent rate for cremation. No other area in the entire world has a rate this high. The reason? Japan doesn’t have enough space to bury all of the people’s bodies that pass away, so instead, they hold a cremation.

Ashes Have Been In Space

That may surprise you, but it’s true. Some laws say that you can’t do this, but it can be done in certain circumstances. One of the original actors of a well-loved space program on television was able to have his ashes in space. Through a rocket, his remains were taken up and carried the remains of an astronaut and hundreds of others with them.

You Choose The Urn

You can get creative in the method of how you want your ashes to look these days. The urn, for example, can be your favorite game or hobby. For example, if you like sports bikes, you can have your urn shaped like a motorcycle. In other cases, you can have it in the shape of an instrument or flower. Whatever you like, there is an option for making the urn look the way that you want.

Is Cremation The Right Option For Your Family?Cremation in Dallas, TX

Through this list, we’ve shown you why cremation in Dallas, TX is both innovative and unique. Whatever option is best for your family, you can have the urn look how it needs to, as well as honor your family the way they would like. These options are also a way to get your family the desired ceremony. Remember, everyone has a different religion and belief system, and because of that, the cremation process needs to be taken seriously.