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Questions To Ask Dallas Cremation Providers

If you have decided you want to plan your own final services, and a Dallas cremation is what you want, you can take your time with the process of setting things up. The beauty of pre-planning is that you have time on your side. You can ask the cremation providers as many questions as you’d like to ensure that you get the right company for the job. As you are comparing the providers to one another, it’s a good idea to ask similar questions so you can compare their answers to one another. Here are a few questions you might place on your list:

How Long Have You Done Cremations?

It’s always nice to know the provider you are considering is able to do cremation—and has been doing them for a number of years. Cremation rates have skyrocketed in recent decades and many funeral homes are jumping on board. That means that some funeral homes have a lot of experience while others have much smaller numbers in that area. You may feel more comfortable with a reputable funeral home that has a lot of cremation experience.

What Cremation Service Options Do You Have?

While most cremation providers have direct cremation as an option—that is the service that happens soon after death without any services before the cremation—not all of them have other options. You might not be able to get a full cremation from some providers (a funeral first, then cremation). If that is what you want, you will have to look around more. You need to make sure whatever option you want, the funeral home has it. Or, that they have a variety of options in case you aren’t sure what to do yet.

What Personalization Ideas Do You Have?

Cremation providers want you to be able to get the respect you deserve with a personalized service. If you want to have a celebration of life, tell them that and then ask for ideas to customize the service to suit your personality. The ideas they come up with could help you figure out what direction to go. The funeral home with the best ideas that feel the most suitable to you could be the winner.

What Prices Do You Charge?

You will want to make sure any provider you work with charges fair prices. They shouldn’t be too high or too low, but well within the industry standards so you can ensure that you are getting quality and fairness at the same time.

Planning your Dallas cremation ahead of time relieves huge burdens from your family members. It’s nice for them to know what you wanted to have happen. You can also plan a celebration of life for yourself, if you want, with the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center. While we offer a variety of services, we specialize in celebrations of life and have plenty of unique ideas to present. Once we get to know you, we can work on something highly customized for your future.

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Caring For Yourself Around A Cremation Service

When a loved one passes away, whether you were expecting it or not, it can be hard to get through the grief that hits you. Your family may have a cremation service in Dallas, TX and then possibly a memorial service, or even a more light-hearted celebration of life. Then, you have to be able to move on with the mourning process. By taking care of yourself, you are doing something good for the process overall. Here are a few ways you might participate in self-care.

Stick To An Eating Schedule

Sometimes, when you are grieving, you might not feel very hungry. Or you might be hungry all of the time and try to feed your emotions with food. Instead of falling into either pit, try to stick to a regular eating schedule. Eat each meal about when you normally do and choose foods that are nutritious and don’t have too many empty calories. You will want to give your body everything it needs to go through this difficult time.

Rest Often

Something as natural as sleeping can often take a nosedive when you have lost someone special in your life. You might not be able to fall asleep or, stay asleep all night once you’ve drifted off. TO combat that tired feeling, rest during the day whenever you feel like you could. That might mean a cat nap, a longer sleep, or even just sitting on the couch with a good book to ease the tension from your mind for a bit. Having that rest is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you are mourning.

Get Some Exercise

You may not feel up for a full workout every day, as your energy is drained from the lack of sleep, the mourning process, and everything else you have to do already. But you can surely take a walk around the block, do a little stretching, work in a few sit-ups and other such things. That little movement and exercise can make you feel slightly better, at least for a little while. And the accomplishment of doing something of that nature can cheer you a bit as well.

cremation service in Dallas, TXSeek Support When Needed

You know yourself better than anyone else and you know what you are feeling, even if you can’t completely come to terms with everything going on inside you. Use the support of others when you feel you need it in order to take care of yourself. That might mean calling a friend to chat, attending a grief support group, or even going to a counselor.

After attending a cremation service in Dallas, TX, you need to take care of yourself more now than ever. You might have enjoyed the celebration of life and you appreciate the life your loved one lived with all you have in you. But you will likely still feel a heavy grief around the event and it’s important to care for yourself in all the right ways. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help you in any way you need.

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Explaining Celebrations Of Life After Cremation Services

While cremation services in Dallas, TX have been around for thousands of years, the service has gained traction in recent decades. People are more open about the idea and it is being used much more frequently. Cremation is used in about half of the cases today and experts predict that it will rise to take over around 80% of the market in future years. Even if your family is comfortable with the idea and process of cremation, they may never have experienced a celebration of life before. If you want to have that kind of service, either for yourself in the future, or for a loved one who passed on, you may want to talk to the people in your family who don’t understand what these types of services are all about. Here are a few good ways to explain celebrations of life so they are more okay with the idea.

You Aren’t Celebrating Their Death

To some people, when they hear about a celebration after someone has passed away, they might feel that it’s disrespectful to celebrate a person’s death. Indeed, it would be. But that’s not what a celebration of life is about. Tell your loved one that you are still sad that the person has passed, but that rather than dwelling on that sadness in a service, you want to celebrate the life they had with happy memories and honoring a life well-lived. Once they understand no one is celebrating over the death itself, they are much more likely to understand what’s going on.

Lay Out The Plans

Tell your loved one what the plans are for the celebration. Perhaps you are gathering family in a park for a picnic because your loved one adored nothing more than a good potluck outside. If they loved to read, maybe you are having a gathering at the library where everyone is to bring a book to donate. The more they understand about how the celebration is meant to customize and honor your loved one, the more accepting they will be of it.

Visit The Funeral Home With Them

cremation services in Dallas, TXIt’s okay to admit that you are no professional on the matter of final services. If you aren’t sure how to talk to your loved one and describe the differences in the services, bring them to the funeral home or call to ask questions that your loved one has posed so you can get more guidance in talking them through what’s happening.

There are plenty of different types of cremation services in Dallas, TX that you can have to honor a loved one after the cremation process takes place. If you have settled on a celebration of life, but not everyone in your family understands that type of service, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to support you. We’ll help you explain things to them so they can get on board with the plans to give your loved one a service you know they would have appreciated.

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Pairing A Memorial With A Celebration Of Life

Your loved one was a unique individual and while you might automatically know that they would be the most comfortable with Dallas cremation after they pass on, you may get a little more stuck on what kind of service to have after the cremation takes place. With cremation, there is certainly no shortage of options. The biggest options are something somber, like a regular memorial service, or something more light-hearted, like a celebration of life. If you just can’t decide between the two, there’s no reason you can’t pair them together and have the best of both worlds.

Having a memorial service gives people a chance to grieve. Your family can gather, go through some traditions, cry, and support one another. Memorial services are a good chance for people to get closure over what has happened and they allow family members to say a final goodbye in their own way.

But you might not want the members of your family to have those last memories of your loved one be so sad and somber. Instead, you’d like to have a celebration of life so that your family can take note of the good times your loved one had while they were alive. That celebration can take many different forms.

If you want to pair a memorial with a celebration of life, one thing you could do is have a memorial service and then have a reception after that and have the reception be a celebration. You can play lively music, allow everyone to share stories and memories, and have a nice meal filled with family favorites. Sometimes, those two events together is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Another pairing would be to have the memorial service and then have the family head out to an event, like a baseball game, that your loved one would have enjoyed. That celebration is a good way to come out of the sadness and remember the good times.

Dallas cremationYou can also separate the events and have a memorial at one time and a celebration at another. Family members can be invited to both, but may choose to participate in one or the other, if they wish. Some people may only want to mourn while others may only want to remember the good times. There are also some that might appreciate both ways of honoring your loved one.

These are just a few ways to get the most out of the services for your loved one that could follow their Dallas cremation. If you have ideas, talk to the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center about them. If you aren’t sure what direction you want to take yet, we’re here to help you brainstorm based on your family needs and your loved one’s personality. We’re here to help and we want you to know the many options so you can land on just the right combination. Cremation allows you to pick and choose what feels the best.

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Celebrating Life With A Dallas Funeral Home

When you first recognize that you need to work with Dallas funeral homes in order to organize final services for a loved one, you might assume that any service you have in the funeral home is going to feel somber and like a traditional funeral. While there is nothing wrong with those types of funerals and final services, that might not have the right feel for your loved one. Instead of a final service that feels sad and somber, you can have more of a celebration of life—even within the funeral home facilities. Here are a few ways you can celebrate life with the funeral home of your choice.

Choose The Room And Decorate

If you decide to have the event at the funeral home, you can choose whish space is best for your family. There are many different spaces available and you can look at them all and judge based on the space available as well as the atmosphere. Funeral home rooms, unlike what you might think, are bright with natural light as well as open and welcoming. You can also bring in decorations to make the services even more special. If your loved one was a huge Cowboys fan, for example, there’s nothing wrong with hanging pendants and posters to indicate that fanhood.

Pick Uplifting Music

When funerals occur, they often have classical music or hymns involved. But you don’t have to use that type of music for a celebration of life, even if you are using the funeral home for the event. You can play the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, oldies, or whatever else your loved one adored. You can play the music in the background as people gather and share memories or you can play them behind a music picture video you have put together. The music can help the mood of the day all that much more.

Celebratory Attire

Dallas funeral homesTypically, when people attend funerals, they dress in conservative attire and sometimes even darker colors. With a celebration of life, even if you have the celebration at the funeral home, things can have a much more casual feel to them. You can ask people to wear your loved one’s favorite color, even if that’s bright red, or you can just tell people to come as they are. This celebration is more about life and less about honoring a death. You can celebrate the good times and wear different types of clothing.

When you work with Dallas funeral homes on a celebration of life for your loved one, even if you are going to have that service in their facilities, you can still do a variety of things with it to make it feel like a true celebration and less of a somber event that mourns a death. You are still going to grieve your loved one, but celebrating a life well-lived is a nice way to honor them as well. Contact the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center for help with every part of the process.

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Ways Funeral Homes Can Help Arrange Celebrations Of Life

There are many different kinds of events you can have as final services at funeral homes in Dallas, TX. While traditional funerals and memorial services are very popular, another idea that has come on strong lately is a celebration of life. If you feel that celebrating your loved one’s life instead of focusing on their death is the way you want to go, but you haven’t organized that type of service before, the professionals in the funeral home can help. Here are a few things they can do.

Help You Understand A Celebration Of Life Event

If you are intrigued by the idea of a celebration instead of a somber event, but you aren’t completely sure what a celebration of life is, the first thing the funeral professionals can do is help you to understand just what such an event entails. While celebrations of life can be a variety of things, in general, they are more casual and they focus on the good parts of your loved one’s life and celebrating them instead of focusing on death and the somber sadness that comes along with it.

Event Ideas

The funeral home has organized a variety of different celebrations in the past and when you decide that’s what you want to do for your loved one, you might have something specific in mind. If not, you can tell the funeral home about your loved one and what your family enjoys and they can offer some ideas as to what might work well for you. They can also simply go over options and things people have done in the past that might spark something in you that feels right. These ideas and brainstorming sessions can help you land on just the right feel for your loved one’s event.

Implement The Event

funeral homes in Dallas, TXOnce you decide what kind of event you want to have to celebrate your loved one’s life, the funeral home is supportive of your decisions. They will also implement the decisions you make so you have burdens removed from your shoulders. Planning any type of final service, even a celebration of life, can be very taxing. Once you make the important decisions, you are able to allow the funeral home to take over the plans and you can simply show up on cue and enjoy the event.

There are many other ways in which funeral homes in Dallas, TX can help you organize and carry out a celebration of life. If you are interested in that kind of event for your loved one, contact the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center for ideas and suggestions. We want you to be able to honor your loved one in the way you see fit and if that means a celebration of life, we’re here to help you figure out just which idea is the best option for your family. We’d be happy to sit down with you and brainstorm options as we learn more about your loved one.

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Talking About The Celebration Of Life After Funeral Home Visits

When a loved one passes away, you work with Dallas funeral homes to organize final services. You choose cremation or a traditional burial and then, you organize the services you want in place for that person. Many people go with somber, traditional services, but there are also celebration of life options today. These choices allow you to celebrate a life well-lived and go over happy memories of the person who passed on. They also give you something to talk about later after everything is complete. Here are a few things to talk about regarding celebrations of life.

The People In Attendance

Once the final services are behind you, you might want to review who was at the celebration of life. IF you did any video recording, that makes it easier to remember. You might have had a smaller crowd with a more intimate gathering, which also makes it easy to remember who was there. You could even have a guest book available, if you want. Remembering who was at the celebration of lifer can help you remind yourself the kind of support system you have in place for yourself.

The Outfits Worn

For funerals and somber memorials, people usually wear darker colors or their Sunday best. But for celebrations of life, you might request that they wear something else or, at the very least, colors are brighter and less formal. You might think about who wore what and have a good time over the way your loved one was celebrated through clothing. Perhaps people wore that person’s favorite color or maybe they wore sports shirts to celebrate their love of a certain sport. Thinking about the clothing worn is another way to look back on the service and appreciate what you pulled together.

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The Memories Shared

The biggest thing you will want to think about in regard to the celebration of life is the memories that other people shared. Again, it’s nice to video some of the service so you can remember what people said later on. There might be memories out there that are shared that you’ve never heard before and it can be fun to review them later. Even if you don’t have a video, you will likely be able to recall some of the laughs you had, smiles you gave, and memories you shared yourself.

Celebrations of life are a nice way to honor someone’s life after they get final services with Dallas funeral homes. It can help you to remember how happy they were in their lifetime and how much support you have around you. Instead of dealing on their passing and on death, you can look over the happy memories and the good times you had together and be thankful for those. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help you organize any kind of service you want to have for your loved one and your family members. We want to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit.

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Working With Experienced Cremation Service Providers

One of the hardest parts of planning your own cremation service in Dallas, TX and celebration of life is finding the funeral home you want to work with. There are lots of difference between the funeral homes on the market and you will need to find and compare those differences. You want to think about location, costs, services, and many other things. One of the most important things to examine is the funeral home’s experience. You not only want them to have experience with cremation, but also with celebrations of life, if that’s the direction you want to take. The idea of planning ahead is to put your family in a good position, so they don’t have to plan. So while you are thinking of what you want, you’re also thinking of what your family will need in the future. Here are a few things that come with experienced providers:


Even if your family is preparing to celebrate your life with happy memories, they will still have times when they are sad, and the experienced cremation provider should treat everyone involved with compassion and support the whole way through the process and during the services.

Range Of Services

You want the funeral home you choose to have the services you need, but it’s also nice to know they have a wide range of services. While you might put your plans into place soon, you can always go back and revise them in the future, if you’d like. That’s a lot more possible if there are other services from which to choose.

Creative Ideas

Newer cremation providers might be stuck for ideas because they haven’t been around long enough to see much or come up with much. But experienced providers will have a lot of creative ideas that can help you set up your celebration of life in just the right way. This isn’t something you may have spent a lot of time thinking about, but they work on such things daily. They have all kinds of creative, unique ideas that can help you. They will brainstorm with you, get to know you, and then offer recommendations that might suit you well.

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Above And Beyond

Most providers will do what needs to be done, but you want a provider that plans to go above and beyond the services you need and truly take care of you and, by extension, your family. Everyone needs to be happy with the services and you can figure out what provider will help you reach that goal.

There are lots of things that are hard about planning your own services, but once you find the right provider of cremation services in Dallas, TX, you will feel much better about the planning process as a whole. Contact the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center and we’d be happy to tell you about our cremation experience as well as the many different types of celebrations of life we have organized and carried out over our years in the industry.

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Support Through Cremation Services

While you are making arrangements for Dallas cremation, this particular time is harder than ever with the virus running rampant across the country and even the world. Final services have been created for people all throughout history, thousands of years back. But the processes today have changed, and the change was very sudden and jarring. There’s never a good time to lose a loved one, but right now, when you can’t honor them in the same way that you would have liked, it can feel even harder. Here are a few ways to find support in new ways during this difficult time.

In the past, you could gather as many people as you wanted for a final service. While that’s not a possibility right now, you can still find ways to celebrate that person’s life at a safe distance. You could, for example, have a zoom meeting with your family and talk about memories of that person. It can be enlightening to hear the special things your loved ones and friends remember about the person. You might even learn a few things. It’s never as good as being in person when you can exchange hugs, but at least it’s something. It can give you the support you need to get by.

Another thing you could consider is a drive thru celebration. This is a unique thing that people are starting to do to celebrate their loved one’s life after they pass on. Set up a time and a place, perhaps in a parking lot, at the funeral home, or near a church. Well-wishers can drive by, talk to you out their car window, drop off a card or flowers, and perhaps even offer good. While you can’t hug or shake hands, it can be fun to see people, even from a distance.

You can also celebrate life online in a completely virtual way. Either set up a celebratory memorial Facebook page or a website and have people post memories and comments that everyone can see, and you can keep forever. When the anniversary of the death comes around, you can remember the memories from others by reading through these comments and posts again.

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Things are hard right now when all you want to do is be around your family members, but the funeral home professionals are here for you to figure out how to celebrate your loved one and honor their memory in a way that works for today’s situation and for your needs.

IF you are ready to start planning for a Dallas cremation, contact the experts at Hughes Family Tribute Center for more information. We can let you know what’s possible and brainstorm ideas that might work well for your family. You can have whatever kind of service in the future, with any luck, but for now, if you want to celebrate life sooner, we can help you with that as well. You’ll get the support you need from us, no matter how you decide you want to honor your loved one.

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Working With A Funeral Home On A Budget

If there’s one thing you can say about funeral homes in Dallas, TX, it’s that they understand. They will approach the final service you need to plan for a loved one with compassion, support, and understanding every time. They know that not every family has planned ahead and not everyone has the funds they want for final services when someone passes away. And they will help you work on the budget you have available. Here are a few tips for you to work around the smaller-sized budget when you need to figure out a way to have services for a loved one.

Be Upfront With The Constraints

When you first start calling and talking to funeral homes, you will want to be upfront about the budget constraints you have. Tell them the range you need to stay within, and they should be honest as well. IF they don’t have services in that range, they will tell you and you can move on. if they can help you, knowing what you have to spend right away will help them to point you in the right direction so you don’t dwell on things you can’t have for your loved one. It’s in everyone’s best interest to break out the budget right away, early in the planning service.

Consider Cremation

Depending on what your budget looks like, the funeral home might recommend cremation. It’s always going to be the cheaper final disposition method. There are much fewer products and services included in this method and you have a lot more variables involved as well. If your family is okay with cremation, there’s no reason not to go that direction, even if price is the largest deciding factor in the decision.

Go With Inexpensive Or Free Celebrations Of Life

There are a variety of final services you could have for your family member, but more people are gravitating towards celebrations of life today. Instead of a somber memorial, you could celebrate a life well-lived and remember the good times through a celebration of life. There are endless possibilities of doing that and you can choose something inexpensive or even free. Gathering family in your home, for example, or in a park can cut back on expenses while still giving your loved one the service and honor they deserve.

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There are plenty of other ways to keep costs down and the professionals at funeral homes in Dallas, TX can help you with those details. The experts at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help with every shred of detail, including fitting things into your budget. We’re here to help you with everything from start to finish, It is our goal to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit. We’re also here to care for you with compassion and support every step of the way. We know this is a hard time and you will get nothing but the utmost understanding from us the whole way through.