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Don’t Make These Obituary Mistakes Around Cremation Services

Whether you have cremation service in Dallas, TX or a full funeral for your loved one, you will want to write an obituary for them so everyone in the community will be notified of their death. It’s a nice way to punctuate their life and ensure that the community knows that they have passed on. While you may be emotional when you write the details, it’s important not to make certain mistakes. Here are a few to avoid:

Not Putting In Enough Service Details

While it’s not essential to list details about the services, if you decide you want the public to be able to attend and you listen the time and date, but you don’t list the fact that the service is going to be a celebration of life, that’s a mistake. Some people may show up thinking they are attending a formal event and they will be embarrassed at the casual attire others are wearing when they don’t fit in. Make sure any details attendees might need to know are in the obituary if you are inviting anyone to attend.

Misspelling Names

It’s okay if you have trouble spelling. A lot of people do! But missing one letter in a name can make it sound like a different person entirely. You will want to make sure you read and re-read what you wrote because that’s what will be printed. Have someone else go over and check important names and dates as well so you know that nothing is out of order. This obituary is going on the funeral home website and in newspapers. You or others might want to cut the obituary out and keep it as a memorial. You don’t want it to be a reminder of a mistake you made in spelling.

Writing Too Much

There’s no way to sum your loved one’s life up in a couple of paragraphs. But obituaries don’t have to sum everything up. They can’t. You will want to notify the public of their death and write in a few details about their life. That’s really all you’re meant to do. Leave the bigger details for the celebration of life when you can use their personality and unique details to their fullest in whatever way you please. By writing too much in an obituary, you can overwhelm the reader. Plus, the more you include, the more it will cost to place in the papers.

cremation service in Dallas, TX

There are plenty of mistakes to make around any cremation service in Dallas, TX and around any celebration of life you might plan. But when you work with the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center, you are much less likely to make those mistakes because we are here to guide you in the right directions. We want to help you through every detail of your plans, from the obituary to the celebration of life and beyond. We also have grief resources for you or your family members in case you need further help later.

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Speaking At A Celebration Of Life At A Funeral Home

There are many different places where celebrations of life can take place. When someone passes away, it’s nice to have a service of some kind. Some families have a funeral or memorial service while others have celebrations of life. These can also take place at Dallas funeral homes, but they are much more light-hearted and remember a person’s life instead of mourning their death. If you are asked to speak at a celebration of life service, here are some tips to help you figure out how to approach that process.

Remember Fun Stories

When you share stories about the person who passed away, make them fun, light-hearted things that might make people smile or even laugh. It’s good to remember the ways that they showed their personality. You don’t want anything that revolves around an illness that caused their death or something else sad. The celebration of life is supposed to be about their joy-filled life.

Keep Things Casual

Celebration of life events are a lot less formal and, instead, are more casual. You don’t have to have a speech written up that follows certain points. You don’t necessarily have to wear formal attire. You can dress in jeans at times or t-shirts, depending on what the family wants. Keeping things casual and more laid back is what these events are all about.

Practice Jokes

If you want to put a few funny things into what you are going to say, that’s totally appropriate at this kind of event. However, you should practice what you are going to say in front of someone else to make sure they come off the right way. It’s great to make people laugh, but you don’t want anything to come off as tacky or irreverent. Practicing anything you want to say in front of someone else can point those moments out to you, if they exist.

Ask For Advice

If you’ve spoken at final services before, but you have never spoken at a celebration of life event, you may need advice to get things lined up, so you feel comfortable with the way these events work. Talk to friends or family members who have attended a celebration of life before or you can even call the funeral home hosting the event and ask for tips, ideas, and recommendations.

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When you are getting ready to speak at a celebration of life story, Dallas funeral homes are here to help you. It’s easy enough to reach out if you have questions. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are experts at organizing celebrations of life. We love to help people honor their loved ones in a unique way. If you will be speaking at such a service, we can give you great ideas and options for things you might want to highlight about a person’s life to hit the right points for those in attendance. We’re here to help you in any way possible throughout the process. Whenever you need us, we’re here for you to call or ask things in person.

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Spreading Ashes After A Celebration Of Life

When you lose a loved one, the first thing you will do is contact funeral homes in Dallas, TX and get that person under good care. It’s important to take that step before you start thinking about other things. Once you have your loved one in good hands, you can start to consider what kind of services you want for them. If you determine that a celebration of life is best, the professionals at the funeral home can help you put together something unique and memorable. Cremation goes well with celebrations of life. After the celebration of life, you might want to continue the service with an ash scattering ceremony. Here are a few places you might do that.

Scatter Over Water

If your loved one adored fishing, or always wanted to be at the beach, spreading ashes over water is a nice way to distribute their ashes. You can keep the ashes in the simple container that the funeral home provides, or you can have them in an urn of your choice or even a scattering tube to make things easier. You can still make this a joyous occasion, like the celebration of life, and talk about fond memories your loved one left behind.

Use A Biodegradable Urn For A Water Burial

If you don’t want to scatter the ashes into the water, but you would like to give your loved one water burial, you can use a biodegradable urn. These urns will break down in the water and distribute the ashes in a way that won’t harm the water. You can cast the urn out into the water, and it will float a ways and then sink. There won’t be any chemicals or fumes seeping into the water with it.

Spread Ashes Over Land

You could hold the celebration of life in a park or on family property and, as a part of the celebration, spread your loved one over the ground. As long as you have the proper permission on public grounds or you own the property where you spread, this can be a nice way to punctuate, start, or finish a celebration of life service. Once you celebrate your loved one’s life, you can place them in a final resting spot.

Plant Urns

There are biodegradable urns that can be planted and will dissolve, but there are also plant urns that include seeds so your loved one’s ashes can actually foster new life in a garden or another area. IT’s a nice way to bring plant life from your loved one’s memory.

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If you want more advice on where to place ashes or how to celebrate a life after someone passed on, the professionals at funeral homes in Dallas, TX are here to help. Contact Hughes Family Tribute Center any time you want help with any part of the process. We’re here for you. Call us, email us, or stop by and we’ll help you with any questions you have about what you want to do for your loved one.

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What Gifts Work Well For Celebrations Of Life?

Many times, if you were going to attend a funeral, or if you wanted to send the family a bereavement gift of some kind, you might send flowers. But with a celebration of life service, you can do other things as well. After a Dallas cremation, some families like to celebrate their loved one’s life instead of focus on the sadness surrounding their death. You might want to send a different gift so they can use it to remember their loved one in an uplifting way. Here are a few ideas to help you make a decision:


If the person who passed away adored watching birds out their window or perhaps even got binoculars and went bird watching, getting a birdbath for their family members would be a wonderfully thoughtful gift. They can place the birdbath outside their window at home and as the birds gather and use it, they can think of their loved one. They might even take up their old hobby and start to get out the guide books and figure out which bird is which themselves.

A Charitable Gift

This works well for funerals, memorial services, and celebrations of life. You can make a donation to a charity to honor the person who passed away. Perhaps they passed on from cancer and you want to donate to the cause for a cure. Maybe they donated to a local soup kitchen themselves and you can take over what they gave in their name. Those types of gifts can be very uplifting and a nice gesture for the family.

Outdoor Lights

If you want to give the family something permanent to enjoy in honor of their loved one, consider something unique like an outdoor light. They can put the post in their yard and as it glows at night, they can think of how their loved one lives on in their memories and in their hearts. This outdoor light is a nice way to remember the light in their lives that will always glow on, even after a loved one is gone.

A Memorial Bench

If you know the family has a great garden, perhaps add a memorial bench or an engraved rock to that garden in honor of their loved one. You can place their name on it, a saying, or even a figure like an angel, to bring that person’s memory to light when they are outside in the garden.

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When you are working on thinking about a gift for someone who is having a Dallas cremation and celebration of life for a loved one, these are great options. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center have other choices for you to consider as well. All you have to do is give us a call and we can help you work through the options and see what you might want to do for the family. We’re here to support you in reaching out to the family as they honor their relative.

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Fond Memories To Bring Up At Celebration Of Life Events

When a loved one passes away, you can have a funeral or memorial service after their cremation service in Dallas, TX, or you can have a more light-hearted celebration of life. When you decide to go the celebration route, you are going over some of the best times in their life and you are celebrating their accomplishments and a life well-lived. It can be a joyous event that’s filled with smiles and laughter. Of course you are still going to be sad that your loved one passed on, but remembering the best parts of their life can help you honor them as well. Here are some events or memories you might bring up at a celebratory event.

Their Wedding

If the person you are honoring is married, bringing up the wedding is a nice way to honor them and the spouse they left behind. Perhaps you were a part of the wedding party and you want to talk about the humorous thing that happened behind the scenes that maybe not everyone knows about. Maybe your speech went horribly wrong, but your friend was comforting after. Wedding stories are always a hit and they can remind everyone of the love your friend shared with that special someone for however long they had together.

Childhood Stories

How long have you known the person who passed on? If you’ve known them since childhood, you might be one of the only ones that has stories from that time in their past. You can share stories about how the two of you used to rip around the neighborhood on your bikes or about the time when they woke you up with a feather tickling your nose and made you hit yourself in the face. Childhood stories with a little mischief action always bring a smile to faces.

Stories About Kids

If you know how proud your friend is of their own children, you can share stories about them and their kids. You might talk about what they said to you when they told you they were going to have a child or how they acted or talked about that child. It can remind everyone how important family was to your friend and it can make the kids left behind remember how special their parent was.

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These are just a few of the things you might think about sharing when you are celebrating someone’s life after their cremation service in Dallas, TX. Sometimes celebration of life events have an open mic where anyone who wants to share a memory, can. Other times, there won’t be any direct sharing with the group, but you might talk to people individually and swap stories. Whatever kind of event you want to plan for someone in your life who has passed away, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center can help. We specialize in these celebrations and we have all sorts of ideas and recommendations for plans of this nature.

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Cremation Allows For Time To Plan Celebrations Of Life

There’s really no right or wrong reason to choose Dallas cremation over a standard funeral. Some people choose cremation because it costs less while other people choose it because of the versatile options it brings. Another good reason to go with cremation is if you want more time to plan a celebration of life. With a funeral, things happen quickly and you only have a few days between the death of your loved one and the services you want to hold. With cremation, once the cremation is complete, you can take as long as you’d like to get the celebration of life together. Here are some things to plan as you work towards that goal.

Book The Location

If you want a certain location for your loved one’s cremation celebration of life, it’s important to book that location enough in advance that you can get the spot you want. Perhaps you want a picnic shelter at a certain park or a private room at a restaurant. Whatever location you’d like, the farther ahead you can book it, the more likely you are to get the place you want. You can, of course, also have the celebration of life at the funeral home, if you’d like.

Plan The Details

Some celebrations of life are just simple gatherings of family members and friends so everyone can share memories. Others are more elaborate. If you want to plan something specific, like favorite foods, songs certain people will perform, decorations, picture albums, and more, you might need some time to bring those details together. Visit with your family members and delegate some of the tasks, if you can. Having more time on your hands will help you get everything lined up just right.

Choosing The Right Date

While it might feel hard to put off a service to celebrate your loved one, if not all of your family members can make it on short notice, everyone might feel better about waiting until the right chosen date. Choose a date that is just enough into the future that you have time to plan and everyone else has time to make arrangements to be there. They can mark their calendars, take time off work, travel, and do everything else necessary to be at the right place in that right timeframe.

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Working on Dallas cremation doesn’t have to be stressful because the process is simple. Once your loved one has their needs met and has been cremated, you can then take your time in figuring out what you want to do for a celebration of life. There’s no time frame on the process at all. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help you figure out what you’d like to do, when, and how. We’re experts in the field and we have all sorts of ideas on celebration events to honor your loved one and remember the best parts of their life in a way everyone will appreciate.

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Having A Celebration Of Life At The Funeral Home

When you have a celebration of life with funeral homes in Dallas, TX for someone who passed on, you are focusing on the good memories in their life instead of the time of their death and the sadness that revolves around that. While many people move celebrations of life outside the funeral home walls and have them in parks, family homes, restaurants, and other locations, you are also welcome to have your event in the funeral home. Here are some reasons you might feel the funeral home is the best outlet for the celebration of life you are having.

The Right Space

Whether you are having something small and intimate or something larger and open to the public, the funeral home has space options for you. IF you find a room that fits what you need, it might be easier just to book it and use it for the celebration of life. You have that space available to you as you make plans and can even shift to a different room if you have a change in numbers.

The Extra Help

If you have a celebration of life in your home, it can be very nice for your family, but you will have to do all of the work along with other family members. That can be a great memory for everyone, but it can also be a lot of work. When you have a celebration of life in the funeral home’s facilities, you have professional help to set everything up for you, clean it all up later, and help you implement the services you want to have. That kind of help can really relieve burdens and help you get things ready smoothly.

Convenient Locations

Funeral homes pay attention to where they are located so they can situate themselves in convenient places. If you are working with a funeral home that has a good location in the center of your loved ones or near other amenities you want for the people coming in, it can be nice to have the services there to make it easier on everyone who might be attending.

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There are lots of other reasons why you might want to have a celebration of life at the funeral homes in Dallas, TX, but you also don’t have to. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center understand that you want certain things for this event and if that means using our facilities, great. If not, we will still encourage you, support you, and help you with your plans. We want you to be able to honor and celebrate your loved one in whatever way you see fit, at whatever time you want, and wherever you want to hold the event. We have lots of ideas for celebrations as we specialize in that area and we are anxious to share them with you and help you customize just the right event for your loved one’s memory. We will help you with compassion and support.

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Finding Celebration Of Life Ideas With Funeral Homes

When you think of final services with Dallas funeral homes, traditional funerals come to mind. While many people still utilize that type of service and find it very comforting, many families are looking to do something different today. While death is a sad thing and you want to grieve and think about the hole you now have in your life, there are many people who want to celebrate the person’s life and remember them for the good days and not the end of their life. If you are considering doing more of a celebration of life service for your loved one instead of a traditional funeral or memorial service, there are plenty of places to look for ideas.

Online Outlets

One of the first places people often go when they want ideas or need to do research is the online world. That can work very well as you should be able to find information about celebrations of life and plenty of things that people have done in the past. You will quickly recognize that there are endless options. You might find something that sounds good to you or you might be inspired by what someone else has done to do something totally different on your own.

Brainstorming With Family

Keep in mind that there are really no parameters for these services and you can do whatever you and your family want. It might be a good idea to gather key family members and brainstorm ideas. Everyone knew your loved one in a different way and had a different insight as to who they were and what they might appreciate. By voicing ideas and throwing things out there, you might just come up with the perfect plan for your loved one.

The Funeral Home

The funeral home you are using has been through a lot of different final services, including celebrations of life. They can give you ideas that other people have used or, once they get to know you and your loved one through you, they may also be able to offer customized recommendations for your situation. Getting unique ideas from there can help you form something special that no one else has done before. Even if you do something someone else did in the past, it’s still unique because it celebrates a different person than they celebrated before.

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Working with funeral homes gives you the opportunity to think through the options, look over packages, and customize anything you want to do for your loved one. There are lots of places to look for ideas on celebrations of life and the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center know a lot of those outlets and can make recommendations to you. We just want to honor your loved one in the best possible manner and we will support and implement whatever you want to do. Give us a call and we’ll set up a time to talk about your loved one and think through some options with you.

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Planning A Celebration Of Life With Dallas Funeral Homes Online

It can be very hard to drop everything and prepare for a final service when a loved one passes on. You want to make sure they are well cared for and that you are able to get them what they need in this difficult time. But you don’t always have to be at the Dallas funeral homes in person in order to plan the celebration of life service you want to have for them. There are other options today and planning at home is one of them. Here are a few things you will benefit from as you make celebration of life plans with the funeral home at your own home.

No Rushing Needed

If you have decided to have a cremation done for your loved one, you can carry forward with that plan and then, there is no rush at all on the celebration of life plans. You can have the event whenever you want and wherever you want. Even though that is also true when you plan in person with a funeral home, sometimes even just having someone else in the room with you might make you feel rushes to make decisions and plans to bring things together. When you work on plans at home, you are completely at your own pace.

Involve More Family

When you work with a funeral home in person, you might feel like they will take care of certain things—and they will. Working on celebration of life plans in your own home allows you the freedom to include your family more, if you’d like. You can ask certain people to take care of certain parts or even have some family coordinate some things. You may be more comfortable (and have more time) to reach out to family to get the support you want for the event.

Get Paperwork Out Of The Way

Dallas funeral homesThere, of course, is paperwork to fill out whenever you work with a funeral home on a final service of any kind. That paperwork can feel like quite a task, but you can do it in your own home, at your own pace to make the process as comfortable as possible. You can often download much of the initial paperwork, so you are able to get those things filled out before you have direct contact with the funeral home. It’s just one of those steps most people want to get out of the way.

Working with Dallas funeral homes on any kind of final service is hard, but when you truly want to celebrate your loved one’s life, it comes with a sense of joy, too. Working on as much of the process in the comfort of your own home as you’d like is perfectly fine. The professionals at

Hughes Family Tribute Center encourage you to do whatever feels best for you. We’re here to help implement whatever you need and support you along the way in every capacity possible for your loved one’s services.

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Etiquette Tips For Funeral Home Celebrations Of Life

Thankfully, you don’t have to take a trip to one of the funeral homes in Dallas, TX very often to honor someone who has passed away. But because that is usually the case, you may not know how to act or what to say in order to get through one of those services. Funeral services are all standard and those might make sense to you. You would act in a somber manner and dress conservatively. If you’ve been to one at any time, you remember basically what it was like. However, more people are going with cremation followed by a celebration of life. For those types of events, there could be a different need for every one of them. Here are a few things to consider as you approach the event:

Wearing The Proper Attire Differs

Going to a funeral or memorial service means wearing something conservative and nice. Going to a celebration of life can mean different things each time. If the family is having a beach party, you might wear a cover up or a Hawaiian shirt. If they’re having a celebration at a sporting event, you might wear something with a team logo on it. Every event is different, depending on what the family wants. You’ll have to judge based on the type of event and any instructions the family might have provided.

Leave Your Phone Behind

Even though the celebration is much less formal than a funeral or memorial service, you still don’t want to interrupt the time you are there to honor the person who passed on. Either leave your phone behind or turn it off or, at the very least, to silent. The festivities are a lot more light0-hearted, but you’re still there to pay your respects and it’s best not to make your phone a part of that.

Fit Into The Celebration

The family members have set up the celebration of life in this manner, whatever that might be, for a reason. Try to do your best to participate, fit in, and enjoy remembering the person who passed on in whatever way the family has set up. If you want to pay your respects in another way, you can do that on your on at another time. This day is set up as the family wanted to celebrate a life well-lived.

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These are a few tips to help you navigate a variety of different celebration of life styles. IF you have questions about a specific event you are to attend at funeral homes in Dallas, TX, call the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center and we’ll do our best to help you figure things out from whatever situation you might be in. We’re here to help arrange final services in whatever way the family sees fit to do so. But we also want to support and help those surrounding the family as they grieve and get through this hard time. We’re here for you and those around you whenever you need us.