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Life Celebrations After Cremation

When a loved one in your family passes on, you can go a variety of different directions with their final services. You will contact Dallas Funeral homes to work out the details and they will show you the options, which include a full funeral or a cremation service. When you want to do something unique and special for your loved one’s memorial service, cremation might be the best route. That way, you can take your time and plan whatever you want to have happened on whatever timeline you want it on. Consider a life celebration, which helps you to go over the good times in their life in a celebratory manner. Here are things to think through as you make your plans.

Decide Where To Hold The Celebration

Many people have funeral services at their family church or in the funeral home. While those are options for a celebration of life as well, there are plenty of other choices to consider. Look into a family home, a local park, or even a bowling alley, depending on what you want to do for the actual celebration. The venue you use can help you to determine the number of guests you will invite, the activities, and other such things.

Figure Out Activities

A celebration can include activities and you can do a variety of different things, depending on what you want and where you decide to hold the service. IF you are outside in a park, you could set up some frisbee golf rounds. At a family home, put out some board games and organize a tournament of cards at the kitchen table. You want to do things your loved one would appreciate and that will honor their memory at the same time.

Pick A Timeline For The Celebration

One of the benefits of cremation services is that your loved one’s needs are met through whatever cremation package you choose for them. After that, you can place their life celebration on whatever timeline you choose for it. You might want to do something right away to put a nice stamp on their life. Or, you might want to put things off for a week, a month, or more in order to give yourself time to plan and your family time to travel and plan ahead. Make whatever decisions you need to get things just right for your loved one.

Invite The GuestsDallas Funeral homes

After you have preliminary details, or once you have the celebration finalized, you will want to let family and friends know what you are doing, when, and where. For a funeral, you just let people know when and where, but for a life celebration, they need to know what kind of service they are walking into, what you plan to do, and if they need to wear anything specific. The professionals at Dallas funeral homes can help you with those details and offer ideas and suggestions to make the service something special for everyone included. Hughes Family Tribute Center can help with any part of the process you need from start to finish.