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Reasons To Choose A Celebration Of Life After Cremation

When a loved one passes on, there are lots of ways you can honor their life after Dallas cremation is complete. You can have a memorial service that feels like a funeral and is more on the somber side. You can have a simple, intimate ash scattering. Or, you can have a celebration of life. Celebrations are more common today as people appreciate being about to lift up a life well-lived and not focus so much on the sadness of death. Here are a few reasons you might choose a celebration of life over other options.

Grief Has Already Progressed

Some people need the final services to grieve, get closure, and say a final goodbye. But let’s say your loved one dealt with a long illness and everyone in the family was able to say what they wanted to say, come to terms with the inevitability of their death, and even grieve a little over the fact that they were going to pass on. When they do die, grief might already be progressed a bit. People in your family might feel the need for a different outlet, like a celebration of life. Instead of mourning the death, they want to celebrate a life well-lived and remember the good times. It can feel good to go over happy memories instead of dwelling on an illness and sad time.

It’s What Your Loved One Wanted

Even if your loved one hadn’t yet mapped out exactly what they wanted for a final service, perhaps they told you that they’d prefer a celebration of life. Maybe they didn’t say as much out loud, but you know they appreciated a celebration for a friend that passed on. When you are in charge of the services, you have to do your best to guess as to what your loved one wanted. If you really feel a celebration is what they would have asked for, that’s a great reason to move in that direction.

It’s What Your Family Wants

Even if you are in charge of the decisions, you don’t necessarily have to make them all alone. Talk to your family and see what they feel is best in your situation. Perhaps there’s an agreement among family members that it’s best to celebrate your loved one’s life. In that case, move toward that event and get more ideas from family as you go along.

Dallas cremation

When you choose Dallas cremation for a loved one’s final disposition method, you open the door to so many other options. You can have a celebration of life, for example, and honor their memories in a unique and personal way. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center will help you with any kind of service you choose, but we are experts in the field regarding life celebrations. If you aren’t sure what direction you want to take on such an event, we can help you with ideas, options, suggestions, and even customized choices once we get to know your family.