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7 Types of Funeral Services You Need to Know

There are many different types of funeral services and ceremonies. It can be really challenging to differentiate and keep all of them including their terms in minds. Yet, we wanted to help you by defining them one by one here in this blog. In Dallas, TX, funeral services, they offer almost all types of them. So, carefully read them in order for you to easily distinguish them services.

1. Traditional Funeral Service

When most of us think of funerals, we immediately think of funeral services. Individuals gather for this kind of service to honor the deceased. A funeral home, a venue of worship, or even a person’s house may host this.

2. Memorial Service

One of the most popular styles of funeral ceremonies is the memorial service. It is quite similar to the traditional funeral service the only difference is that the body in a casket is absent. Also, there may or may not be cremated remains in an urn.

3. Graveside Service

Family and friends can pay their final respects at the cemetery during a graveside service before the body is placed into the ground for burial. A graveside service frequently follows a traditional funeral; however, it is occasionally the only one a family selects.

4. Wake

Although you can hold a wake without any other services, wakes often occur prior to funeral ceremonies. The viewing, during which attendees can bid the deceased their final farewells, and the visitation, during which attendees can spend time with the deceased’s close friends and relatives, are the two main components of the wake. Before burial or cremation, the wake is held.

5. Direct Burial

There is no viewing, funeral, or even graveside service with direct burial. The casket is simply buried by the funeral home. Direct burial is thought to be more straightforward, though the immediate family is often present and may speak a few words.

6. Direct Cremation

No formal funeral is held in conjunction with a direct cremation. It is typically unattended however, in the case of funerals organized by the family, may have a crowd of mourners.

7. Celebration of Life

Celebration of life is one of the types of funeral services that has becoming more popular. This type of service is less formal and less traditional. The life celebration typically takes place a few days, weeks, or even years after the funeral. This merely indicates that the remains are often absent. However, depending on the family’s preferences, this may vary.Dallas TX funeral services

You see that there are different types of funeral services. You have a lot of options, to be exact. When you lose a loved one there are specific decisions that you have to make, one of these is what type of service. So, choose according to you and your family wants for the departed loved one.

If you’re still thinking and haven’t been decided to what ceremony to be held, you can contact or email us and ask for assistance. We will always be ready to guide you and answer all your queries.