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Celebration Of Life Ideas For After Cremation Services

Once you go through losing a loved one, you know there’s nothing easy about planning final services. Cremation services in Dallas, TX, when done in a direct manner, can be simple and straightforward. You need your loved one’s needs and you are able to plan their memorial service and figure out their final resting place whenever you are ready in the future. While having a traditional memorial can feel like the right thing to do for some families, others want to have something that is more casual, light-hearted, and celebratory in nature. When you are ready to move forward, here are some ideas for life celebration services.

Release Something

You might want to showcase something beautiful at your loved one’s service and releasing something into the air can signify letting them go in a way that is quite lovely. You could order butterflies to release, you could release lanterns, balloons, or even doves. It can be cathartic to actually let things go and it can be a lovely way to celebrate your loved one, too.

Plant And Dedicate A Tree

You don’t have to do anything major for a service, but it can feel good to honor your loved one. Plant a tree in their honor, for example, and then use the service to dedicate it to them. You can share stories about them around the tree and then everyone can appreciate that tree as it grows. New life is coming from your loved one’s dedication and that can be a lovely symbolic thing.

Highlight Music

Music can bring up all sorts of emotions and memories and if you use the right style, it can feel quite celebratory in nature. Choose bright music, have someone sing, ask a guitarist in the family to play, and perhaps even dance a little as you remember your loved one. Choosing the right music for the background of the day can make all the difference in how the service feels.

Share Positive Stories

During the life celebration, one thing you can do to honor your loved one is to share memories about them. Keep the stories light-hearted, positive, and even funny. You can talk about how your loved one burned noodles and started a small kitchen fire, how they were afraid of geese, and other silly things that happened in their lifetime. Keep the stories positive and light and that will help to keep the celebration going.

Plan An Activitycremation services in dallas, TX

Some life celebrations revolve around some kind of activity. If your loved one adored golf, you might arrange a golf tournament with family members. If they were dog lovers, have everyone volunteer at the local shelter, walking dogs and playing with other pets. You could even just meet at a family home and play yard games for the afternoon.

If you are planning cremation services in Dallas, TX for a loved one, concentrate on their needs first and then, you can plan the life celebration memorial service for them. The professionals can help with ideas and options.