Dallas cremation

Support Through Cremation Services

While you are making arrangements for Dallas cremation, this particular time is harder than ever with the virus running rampant across the country and even the world. Final services have been created for people all throughout history, thousands of years back. But the processes today have changed, and the change was very sudden and jarring. There’s never a good time to lose a loved one, but right now, when you can’t honor them in the same way that you would have liked, it can feel even harder. Here are a few ways to find support in new ways during this difficult time.

In the past, you could gather as many people as you wanted for a final service. While that’s not a possibility right now, you can still find ways to celebrate that person’s life at a safe distance. You could, for example, have a zoom meeting with your family and talk about memories of that person. It can be enlightening to hear the special things your loved ones and friends remember about the person. You might even learn a few things. It’s never as good as being in person when you can exchange hugs, but at least it’s something. It can give you the support you need to get by.

Another thing you could consider is a drive thru celebration. This is a unique thing that people are starting to do to celebrate their loved one’s life after they pass on. Set up a time and a place, perhaps in a parking lot, at the funeral home, or near a church. Well-wishers can drive by, talk to you out their car window, drop off a card or flowers, and perhaps even offer good. While you can’t hug or shake hands, it can be fun to see people, even from a distance.

You can also celebrate life online in a completely virtual way. Either set up a celebratory memorial Facebook page or a website and have people post memories and comments that everyone can see, and you can keep forever. When the anniversary of the death comes around, you can remember the memories from others by reading through these comments and posts again.

Dallas cremation

Things are hard right now when all you want to do is be around your family members, but the funeral home professionals are here for you to figure out how to celebrate your loved one and honor their memory in a way that works for today’s situation and for your needs.

IF you are ready to start planning for a Dallas cremation, contact the experts at Hughes Family Tribute Center for more information. We can let you know what’s possible and brainstorm ideas that might work well for your family. You can have whatever kind of service in the future, with any luck, but for now, if you want to celebrate life sooner, we can help you with that as well. You’ll get the support you need from us, no matter how you decide you want to honor your loved one.