cremation services in Dallas, TX

Do You Need Grief Counseling?

You know you’re sad when a loved one passes on and cremation services in Dallas, TX become necessary. You might appreciate the celebration of life services you had in their honor and even smile and laugh at some of the memories. But once those services are behind you, the grief settles in and you aren’t sure you can carry on. Do you need grief counseling? There are some signs that point to yes.

You Feel Physically Ill

If you are tired all of the time, have pain you didn’t have before, have lots of headaches, or other physical signs of illness, it’s a good idea to turn to a counselor to help you with your loss. Your emotions may be taking over your physical body and manifesting themselves in a variety of ways. Treat yourself well and eat in a healthy manner to help alongside the counseling.

You Are Withdrawing/Isolating

While there are going to be times in your grieving that you want to be alone (and that’s normal and perfectly fine), you don’t want to make it a habit. If you isolate yourself and you notice it, you may know you aren’t getting the support you need. You need to know you aren’t alone. Instead of continuing down that dangerous path, it might be the right time to reach out to a counselor.

If Things Are Getting Worse

At first, grief is fresh, and everything feels hard. That’s normal. If you are a few weeks or even months down the road and you feel like your grief is getting worse, not better, a counselor could help you with that. While grief has its own timeline, you need to feel things start to get better as time passed, not worse.

You Are Using Substances To Cope

Whether you reach to alcohol, food, drugs, or something else, if you are using a substance to help you get through the grief, that’s not a healthy thing to do for yourself. You need to find healthy ways to cope and not supplement your sadness with another problem that will be even harder to dig out of later. Contact a counselor to help you find ways to get through this, so you aren’t masking your pain with another issue.

cremation services in Dallas, TX

There are other things you can do around cremation services in Dallas, TX to get the help you need. If you are more comfortable in a group setting than talking to someone one on one, you might find relief from a support group. You will feel less alone when you hear others talking about going through things you went through as well. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here with grief resources whenever you need them. If you want references for counselors in the area, we have grief professionals who can meet you whoever you are in your grieving process and help you find ways to dig yourself out of the hold you might feel like you are in. We can also recommend websites to help you get started on finding help.