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Speaking At A Celebration Of Life At A Funeral Home

There are many different places where celebrations of life can take place. When someone passes away, it’s nice to have a service of some kind. Some families have a funeral or memorial service while others have celebrations of life. These can also take place at Dallas funeral homes, but they are much more light-hearted and remember a person’s life instead of mourning their death. If you are asked to speak at a celebration of life service, here are some tips to help you figure out how to approach that process.

Remember Fun Stories

When you share stories about the person who passed away, make them fun, light-hearted things that might make people smile or even laugh. It’s good to remember the ways that they showed their personality. You don’t want anything that revolves around an illness that caused their death or something else sad. The celebration of life is supposed to be about their joy-filled life.

Keep Things Casual

Celebration of life events are a lot less formal and, instead, are more casual. You don’t have to have a speech written up that follows certain points. You don’t necessarily have to wear formal attire. You can dress in jeans at times or t-shirts, depending on what the family wants. Keeping things casual and more laid back is what these events are all about.

Practice Jokes

If you want to put a few funny things into what you are going to say, that’s totally appropriate at this kind of event. However, you should practice what you are going to say in front of someone else to make sure they come off the right way. It’s great to make people laugh, but you don’t want anything to come off as tacky or irreverent. Practicing anything you want to say in front of someone else can point those moments out to you, if they exist.

Ask For Advice

If you’ve spoken at final services before, but you have never spoken at a celebration of life event, you may need advice to get things lined up, so you feel comfortable with the way these events work. Talk to friends or family members who have attended a celebration of life before or you can even call the funeral home hosting the event and ask for tips, ideas, and recommendations.

Dallas funeral homes

When you are getting ready to speak at a celebration of life story, Dallas funeral homes are here to help you. It’s easy enough to reach out if you have questions. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are experts at organizing celebrations of life. We love to help people honor their loved ones in a unique way. If you will be speaking at such a service, we can give you great ideas and options for things you might want to highlight about a person’s life to hit the right points for those in attendance. We’re here to help you in any way possible throughout the process. Whenever you need us, we’re here for you to call or ask things in person.