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Turning Cremation Services Into A Positive Event

When someone you love passes away, it can feel like you will never smile again. But consider that special person. You know they wouldn’t want that for you. Instead, think about their cremation services in Dallas, TX and how you can mourn them in a positive light.

Many people arrange cremation services like memorials, which feel somber and more like a funeral. That can help with the grieving process if you need to get closure and say a final goodbye to your loved one. But there are some that feel their loved one would be better honored by something more light-hearted and positive.

Think about your loved one’s life. Did some bumps come in the road along the way? Sure. But they had a lot of happy, positive times. Their death is just the final stamp on that long road. They might want to be remembered for the life they lived instead of whatever happened to end their life.

Many people today die of illnesses. It’s a tragedy and something no one wants to go through. But also, no one wants to be remembered for that illness. They would likely want to be remembered for the good times they had in their life. Those meaningful conversations you had with them. The way they laughed at the worst jokes. And so on.

If you want to have a regular memorial for your loved one, go ahead. There’s nothing wrong with that way of honoring someone. However, a celebration of life is something you can do to bring the positive sides of their life to light. Some people choose one or the other, but you can also do both. Have a memorial and then, at the reception, make it a celebration of life event that brings all the benefits of their life forward for everyone to enjoy. You could also have two completely separate events if some of your family members want to mourn while others want to recognize your loved one’s impact through a celebratory event.

There are no right or wrong ways to honor someone special in your life after they pass on. Think about what they might have wanted, what your family needs, and what type of event would bring their spirit alive to those who need to say goodbye.

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