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Navigating Words At Dallas Funeral Homes

When you are invited to one of the Dallas funeral homes for a celebration of life, you might wonder what you are going to say to the family who lost the person they are having the event for. It can be hard to navigate as things won’t feel somber as they would at an average funeral or memorial service. Things will be more celebratory in nature and you don’t want to drag the celebration down by saying the wrong thing. Here are some things you might attempt instead of the normal words of comfort.

No Words At All

Sometimes, you don’t have to say anything at all to convey your condolences. Give the family members a tight hug and a pat on the back or a firm handshake and smile. You all know why you are there and the fact that they see you in front of them says a lot as it is. Your support can mean the world during such a service.

A Touching Story

If you are going to the service to support a friend who lost a loved one and you didn’t really know that person, this won’t work. But if you did know the person who died and have memories of them yourself, you might share a short story about them when you approach their family members. Make sure it’s light-hearted in nature and is something that could make them smile or even laugh. That’s the tone of this kind of event and you want them to know that the person they are celebrating meant something to you, too.

Offers That Are Followed Up

It can be hard for families to get through the aftermath of losing a loved one and when you see them during this event, perhaps you might want to make an offer to help them in some way. Tell them that you’ll bring a meal by for them next week or that you’re going to call and get their coffee order the next day so the whole family will have a hot beverage to enjoy from a local shop. Call and follow up on those offers later on as the family may not remember or follow up with you themselves.

Compliments On The Service

Letting the family know just how lovely you think the service they are having for their loved oneDallas funeral homes is can really touch them. Tell them that their loved one would appreciate it or that you could feel their spirit in everything they planned. Knowing they are doing something special for that unique person and that others are recognizing it can really give them peace of mind over the event.

When you visit Dallas funeral homes for a celebration of life, perhaps you have never gone to such a service before. Contact the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center, who specialize in life celebrations, with any questions you have about that kind of service. We want to support you through your attendance so you can be there for the family.