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Fun Things To Remember About A Loved One

When a loved one passes on, you want to take care of their needs first and foremost so you call a Dallas funeral home to have them transported to their facilities. Then, you have time to figure out what you want to do for their final services to honor their memory. Many people have traditional funerals and memorial services and there’s nothing wrong with that. But to some families, they would rather celebrate their loved one’s life over mourning their death. There are lots of ways to celebrate a life, but no matter what you do, you will likely talk about good memories you have of them. Here are some of the things you might remember or even bring up.

School Antics

If you went to school with the person who passed on, or at least have heard stories about their school days, you might bring up some of those memories. Perhaps they got sent to the principal for being a class clown or maybe they were a track star. Talking about some of the things that made them into who they were as an adult can bring smiles, laughs, and fond memories.

Their Well Known Skill

Did your loved one make the best home baked goods in the area? Did everyone go to them when they needed a treat for an event? Were they the best at fixing things and known as the go-to person in the neighborhood for handiwork? Whatever your loved one was known for is something you should talk about at the celebration. If there are examples of those skills, like recipes you could hand out of pictures of them fixing things, have those items present, too.

Words Of Wisdom

Some people come across as very wise and others are just wisecrackers. Whatever your loved one was like, they may have given you advice over the years, good or bad. You can share a story about how the person told you just what you needed to hear, when you needed to hear it. Or perhaps they steered you wrong, gave you bad advice, and it led to a debacle. Tell stories about the person’s advice and, either way, others will be able to relate and will get a kick out of hearing from you.

Dallas funeral homesThere are plenty of things you might like to share about your loved one at their life celebration. Whether it’s a casual event where you can just talk to whomever you please or something more organized where there’s an open mic to share stories, it’s nice to think through the things you loved the most about your loved one and share those items with others.

When you start to figure out what you want to do for your loved one outside of the Dallas funeral home you have organized, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help. Give us a call and we can offer ideas for life celebrations and beyond.