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Making A Plan For A Celebration Of Life With Funeral Homes

When you are getting ready for a loved one’s final services with Dallas funeral homes, you might have decided that you want to have a celebration of life for them. While traditional funerals offer people peace of mind since they know what to expect, you might feel better about celebrating a life well lived. There are plenty of things to consider and you can create something personalized and unique for that special person. Here are a few things you are going to want to think about as you move forward with the celebration plans.

Consider The Location Options

As you think about what you want to do, some of what you decide will depend on the location. You aren’t going to release balloons within an indoor venue, right? And you may not want to have an outdoor service in the dead of summer when the temperatures are sweltering. Consider the location options and that can help you decide on a direction to take with the celebration.

Look At Musical Choices

Many celebrations have music and you will want to do something special for your loved one’s tunes. Consider the songs that they enjoyed the most and the type of music that spoke to them. You might even be able to find a playlist on their phone or computer that they ran a lot. Use those songs as a background for the celebration as long as they are uplifting and upbeat to help the celebration be everything you want it to be.

Decorate The Venue

Depending on where you are having the event, you can consider decorating the venue to match your loved one’s style and the type of celebration you are having. Perhaps you are going to have a birthday theme to celebrate your loved one’s life and you can have a cake, decorate with streamers and balloons, and even have a pinata. You can use their favorite colors, decorate with art or crafts they made, or other such things.

Plan Out The Food

Most celebrations are going to include food, whether you have them as a part of the event or something you have after the main celebration. Consider finger foods, perhaps, so people can eat it here and there are they enjoy the other festivities. You could also have favorites that your loved one enjoyed to remind everyone about them, even if that’s just pizza or sandwiches, for example. Drinks are also a good idea, even if they are basic like coffee, water, tea, and lemonade.

Have ActivitiesDallas funeral homes

Most celebrations are going to be filled with activities. You might just have a dance or you might have games and other things going on. It’s a nice way to celebrate, keep things uplifting, and just move the celebration along.

When your loved one passed on and you feel good about having a celebration of life for them, Dallas funeral homes can help. Contact Hughes Family Tribute Center for ideas and options.