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Distinct Celebratory Ideas From Funeral Homes

When a loved one in your family passes on, you might not know everything about what they would have wanted for final services, but you do feel relatively sure that they wouldn’t want a somber, sad service. Instead, you can ask funeral homes in Dallas, TX to help you come up with ideas and options that might suit your loved one. Here are a few distinct ideas that can help you find something that will work well for your family members.

Attend A Rodeo

If your loved one was a cowboy or cowgirl themselves and was always heavily involved in the rodeo, or if they had a ranch they adored and loved the various sports involved with it, you might gather your family for a local rodeo in their honor. Have a meal before or after and appreciate the rodeo as something your loved one adored and something they would have attended right along with you if they were still there.

Go Bowling

It might sound like a strange thing to do, but if your loved one never missed a Friday night bowling session or was on a team, you know it was something they had a lot of fun doing. Have your family reserve their favorite lane and have a fun bowling session in their honor. Tease each other about the gutter balls and talk about how much better your loved one was at the game than all of you. IT could be a time of bonding and sharing stories, too.

Have A Fancy Reception

Perhaps your loved one adored going to weddings because they could enjoy the reception after. Have a reception for your loved ones as a celebration to them. Include a nice meal, either buffet style or served. Have a dance and let loose with your family, doing something you knew your loved one enjoyed. You can even serve the cake. Instead of speeches, like there might be at a wedding, share an open mic time during which anyone can share a story or memory of your loved one.

funeral homes in Dallas, TX

Walk In A Relay

There are often relay races around the area that are raising money for certain causes. If your loved one had a certain illness that a relay is going to focus on, or if they often participated in such races, walking in the race as a family can be a nice way to honor them, do a good deed, and spend some time outside.

There are endless things you can do for life celebrations with funeral homes in Dallas, TX and while some families know just what they want to do, others are at a loss to grab onto the right concept. Either way, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help. Give us a call and let us know some details about your loved one and your family. We can offer you ideas and suggestions based on what we learn and together, we can hit just the right options for your loved one’s celebration.