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What To Do With Dallas Cremation Remains After Celebrations

After your loved one passed away, it was easy enough for you to decide on a Dallas cremation for their final disposition method. Once that process was complete, you went forward with a celebration of life so you could go over the good memories and celebrate a life well-lived. Once that service passed by, you then had to decide what you wanted to do with the ashes your loved one’s remains left behind. Since you had a celebration of life and made the service special and unique, perhaps you want to do something special and unique with your loved one’s remains as well. Here are a few ideas.

Place Them In Cremation Jewelry

There are lots of options on the market for memorial jewelry. You can get a pendant, heart, cross, or something else that you can hang on a necklace. The piece is like a mini-urn compartment and you put a small bit of your loved one’s remains in the necklace. Then, you can wear it whenever you want to feel closest to them and keep them close to your heart. You can also have jewels, like diamonds, made from the ashes and then set that into a piece of jewelry. It can become a real family heirloom that gets passed down through the generations.

Take Them Around The World

If your loved one adored traveling, you might feel good about taking a trip to a variety of locations and scattering some of their ashes in each. You don’t have to really go around the world (though you could)! Taking a trip to their favorite places around the country, even if it takes time, can really honor their memory and their love for travel.

Create A Stuffed Animal

This idea is especially good if you have kids in your life who will miss the loved one. You can get a stuffed animal that has an internal urn or pouch that can hold the ashes. It’s a nice thing to have around the house and to hug when you want to think of the person who passed on.

Have A Portrait Painted

If your loved one enjoyed art, you could create a piece of art with their ashes. Have some of their ashes mixed into paint and then, an artist can paint their picture, a sunset picture, or whatever else you want using their remains. It’s a piece that could, again, be something that your family passes around through time.

Dallas cremation

When you have a loved one go through Dallas cremation, and then you have a celebration of life for them, those are great ways to care for their needs and honor their memory. But you will have to think about their remains as well and decide what you want to do with those. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center can help you decide by giving you details and information on the various options. There are certainly plenty of options to consider and you can take your time in deciding.