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What To Do After Services With The Funeral Home Flowers

No matter what kind of service you decide to have with Dallas funeral homes for a loved one who passed on, you will likely have people sending you flower arrangements for those services. For a service that is more traditional, like a funeral, you will likely see a lot of roses and lilies. If you have a life celebration instead, you might see colorful flowers or even daisies and other ‘happy’ flowers. Either way, these arrangements can act as decoration for the day, but they will be special to you. You probably can’t keep every flower in every arrangement, but there are things you can do with certain flowers or arrangements to preserve them and remember the way you honored your loved one.

Press The Flowers Flat

If you want to keep an array of flowers that mean a lot to you and can help you to signify how special the day was, you can take a few from each arrangement and press them flat into a book. Once they are flattened, perhaps arrange them in a photo book next to pictures you took of the arrangements at the final service. You have something of each arrangement to remind you of what they looked like. You can write next to the pictures who gave you each arrangement to memorialize the flowers and your loved one even further.

Dry Out Flowers To Keep

There might be one flower arrangement that is really special or exceptionally beautiful and you might want to keep that arrangement for as long as possible. Hang the flowers upside down and let them dry out. Their colors will be maintained and once they are dry, you can place them in a vase and keep them as a memorial to the day you honored your loved one.

Frame Certain Special Flowers

You can dry or press certain flowers and then place them in a frame to remind you of your loved one’s celebration of life. If you have a pressed flower, you might place it in a frame with a photo of your loved one as a memorial to them in your house. If you have some dried flowers, you can get a shadow box, lay the flowers inside, and place a photo or other objects that remind you of your loved one alongside that flower.

Make Ornaments With Flower PetalsDallas funeral home

You could dry out some of the flowers and then pick the petals off, specifically from roses. Those dries petals can fit inside an ornament that you can then hang on your Christmas tree each year as a memorial of your loved one. The professionals at Dallas funeral homes are here to help you with everything you need to do for your loved one’s final services. Hughes Family Tribute Center knows that every aspect is important, even what you do with the flowers after the services are behind you. We are here with ideas, options, and advice so you have that support the whole way through.