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What Gifts Work Well For Celebrations Of Life?

Many times, if you were going to attend a funeral, or if you wanted to send the family a bereavement gift of some kind, you might send flowers. But with a celebration of life service, you can do other things as well. After a Dallas cremation, some families like to celebrate their loved one’s life instead of focus on the sadness surrounding their death. You might want to send a different gift so they can use it to remember their loved one in an uplifting way. Here are a few ideas to help you make a decision:


If the person who passed away adored watching birds out their window or perhaps even got binoculars and went bird watching, getting a birdbath for their family members would be a wonderfully thoughtful gift. They can place the birdbath outside their window at home and as the birds gather and use it, they can think of their loved one. They might even take up their old hobby and start to get out the guide books and figure out which bird is which themselves.

A Charitable Gift

This works well for funerals, memorial services, and celebrations of life. You can make a donation to a charity to honor the person who passed away. Perhaps they passed on from cancer and you want to donate to the cause for a cure. Maybe they donated to a local soup kitchen themselves and you can take over what they gave in their name. Those types of gifts can be very uplifting and a nice gesture for the family.

Outdoor Lights

If you want to give the family something permanent to enjoy in honor of their loved one, consider something unique like an outdoor light. They can put the post in their yard and as it glows at night, they can think of how their loved one lives on in their memories and in their hearts. This outdoor light is a nice way to remember the light in their lives that will always glow on, even after a loved one is gone.

A Memorial Bench

If you know the family has a great garden, perhaps add a memorial bench or an engraved rock to that garden in honor of their loved one. You can place their name on it, a saying, or even a figure like an angel, to bring that person’s memory to light when they are outside in the garden.

Dallas cremation

When you are working on thinking about a gift for someone who is having a Dallas cremation and celebration of life for a loved one, these are great options. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center have other choices for you to consider as well. All you have to do is give us a call and we can help you work through the options and see what you might want to do for the family. We’re here to support you in reaching out to the family as they honor their relative.