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Urn Options After Dallas Cremation Services

If you decide to have a celebration of life service for your loved one after their Dallas cremation, that can be very special. You are doing something unique and customized to celebrate a life well lived and focus on the good times instead of dwelling on the sadness. A lot of people who organize a celebration of life for their loved one also want to think about the urn that person is being placed into after their cremation. Just as there are endless options for celebration of life events, there are endless options for urns. Here are a few examples to consider:

A Simple Container

When you get a cremation package for your loved one’s final services, it will come with a simple container. If you are going to scatter your loved one’s ashes, perhaps even as a part of the celebration of life, or if you aren’t going to have their container present at the event, a simple container is all you really have to have. It doesn’t work for every family, but if the budget is tight, it can certainly fill in the needs your loved one has for a resting place until you put them somewhere else.

Cremation Urns

These are the most popular urns to use after cremation services and they come in such a large variety that it can be hard to choose. Get advice from the funeral home as to what size you need and after that, you can get whatever you want and whatever you can afford. Consider the material, how you will use the urn, and any customizations you want to include before you move forward with the right option. The funeral home has lots of choices, but you can get an urn from any vendor and the funeral home can use it as well.

Urn Memorials

There are urns that are attached to other items that can act as a container, but also a memorial for your loved one. Since you are doing a celebration of life ceremony, which is customized and unique, you might feel good about a permanent memorial that is also unique. You could consider a bench, which has an urn attached to it. You can have your loved one in the urn, sit on the bench, and think about them. They could be placed inside a brick, which you incorporate into a path in your garden, and other such things. There are so many options, you just have to find something suitable.

Dallas cremation

Cremation Jewelry

These pieces are nice because they only fit a small amount of ashes so you can get many for other family members or do other things with the rest of the ashes. These jewelery items are a nice way to keep your loved one as close to your heart as possible while honoring them in a special way.

If you are working on a Dallas cremation with the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center, let us know what you are considering and we’ll help you with more suggestions and implementation.