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Unwritten Rules of Celebrations Of Life

Have you ever heard someone say, “there are no rules”? That might be true in some instances. And sometimes, it might just be because there aren’t any written rules. There really are rules that people follow, though perhaps they aren’t written down or firm. When you think about celebrations of life with Dallas funeral homes, there aren’t really rules, per say. But there are perhaps some unwritten rules that you might want to follow in order to fit into the event, plan the event, or carry out the way you want your loved one honored. Here are a few to consider:

Go Along With It

If you are attending a celebration of life service for a friend, go along with what the family wants for them. That might mean they request that everyone wear a Hawaiian shirt or that you gather at a bowling alley and play a game. Whatever it is, go along with it out of respect for how they are trying to honor their loved one. You don’t want to stand out at any kind of final service and if you wear black when the family has requested bright colors, you will.

Demonstrated Support Still Works

While you may not send flowers to the celebration of life, because it might be held in a park, the family will still be grieving and it is still nice to send shows of your support, especially if you can’t make it to the service they are holding. You can send something to honor the person that passed on, like donate their favorite book to a library, give a gift to a charity in their name, and so on. You can also just send the family money and a card to use as they wish. If you are close by, you can take food to the family or send a gift basket with a variety of things. You can celebrate the person’s life and support the family all at once.

Stay Light-Hearted

Attending a celebration of life means you are going to share happy memories and stories of the person who passed away. Don’t share a story about how they got ill or when you heard that they had passed. It’s important to talk about their life and the good memories you have of them during that time. Celebrations of life are uplifting moments that celebrate a life well lived, they don’t dwell on the sadness of the person’s death.

Dallas funeral homes

There are plenty of other unwritten rules that you might want to know about celebrations of life and Dallas funeral home professionals, like those at Hughes Family Tribute Center, can help you navigate any kind of service you run across. You might not have attended a celebration of life before, but we’re specialists in the field and we know how to help you navigate any service you run across. Give us a call for advice on a service you plan to attend or call us when you need to set up a service for a loved one.