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Unique Locations For Celebration Of Life Services

If you’d like to have a celebration of life for a loved one after their Dallas cremation, it’s nice to know there’s no timeline on that type of event. You can do something right away after the cremation or you can do something in a week, a month, or even a year. You have plenty of time on your hands to plan whatever you feel is best for this event. If you want a unique location, it might take time to find a date that works. Here are some of the places you might consider having a life celebration event.

A Favorite Restaurant

If your loved one had a favorite restaurant, see if they have private rooms that you can book. Or, if you are having a really large event, you may be able to rent out the whole place for a special celebration. It can be fun to celebrate life somewhere you know your loved one appreciated.

On A Boat

Some people love the water and if that sounds like your loved one, take a sunset cruise on a boat your family owns, or charter one. You will have to limit the passengers, but something small and intimate can be very special and meaningful.

The Local Zoo

Did your loved one adore animals? Did they take their grandkids to the zoo every year? It might be a good place to have a special event. There are lots of different locations around the zoo that can accommodate picnics and people can also see some of the exhibits as they remember your loved one’s favorites at the same time.

An Area Park

It’s often nice to be outside during the decent times of the year and you could have a lovely event in an area park. Have a potluck, set up some outdoor games, and share memories of your family member as you start new traditions as a unit together.

The Movie Theater

You can rent out movie theaters today and have special events. Have a private screening of one of your loved one’s favorite movies, or watch something new you know they would have liked. Provide the popcorn and snacks, all of their favorites, and it will be a nice time for your family to celebrate a life well lived.

A Family HomeDallas cremation

If you want something that makes everyone in the family comfortable, a family home can be a good idea. You can lay out snacks and let people chat and play some board games while seeing some of the places that perhaps your loved one enjoyed the most when they were with you.

There are lots of other places you can have life celebration events after your loved one’s Dallas cremation and the professionals helping you with the cremation can also offer ideas and suggestions as to where you might hole a life celebration for that special person. They work on events of this nature all of the time and have lots of ideas to offer.