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The Order Of Service At A Celebration Of Life

If a loved one in your family has chosen cremation in Lewisville, TXthere are a lot of options in terms of services you could have for them once the cremation is complete. While some people leave instructions behind for their cremation as well as for their service, others simply state they want to be cremated and leave the rest up to family. If you feel a celebration of life would be the most appropriate for your loved one, but you’ve never planned one before, how should the order of the service go? Here are some tips to help you get started on your plans:  

What Do You Want? 

There are no tried and true right or wrong answers in terms of the order of a celebration of life service. You can do whatever you’d like and include whatever you’d like. Some people stick with some traditional things, like music, readings, and other such items. Many like to have a bit of an open mic time where anyone can share a memory, a saying, a story, or anything else they want regarding the person who passed on. This is a good way for people to come together and get to know their loved one even better as not everyone has the same memories of them. Others will want to designate speakers that they know can keep things light and celebratory. But aside from traditions, you can do any number of other things. You might play the person’s favorite music so people can dance. You could release doves, watch their favorite sports team play a game, or whatever else you’d like. The order of events is up in the air and completely up to you.  

Talk To The Funeral Home 

One way to get an idea for what you’d like to do is by looking at what others have done. Your funeral home will be able to give you examples of celebrations of life they have run in the past and what other families have found to be special and meaningful. From those examples and options, you can pick and choose what might work for your situation.  

Ask Family Members 

It might also be a good idea to talk to close family members for ideas and inspiration. There might be certain elements that they would find really special that you could include or they might offer memories, ideas, or other items that are important to them. You want everyone who loved the person who passed to enjoy the service.  

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