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Spreading Ashes After A Celebration Of Life

When you lose a loved one, the first thing you will do is contact funeral homes in Dallas, TX and get that person under good care. It’s important to take that step before you start thinking about other things. Once you have your loved one in good hands, you can start to consider what kind of services you want for them. If you determine that a celebration of life is best, the professionals at the funeral home can help you put together something unique and memorable. Cremation goes well with celebrations of life. After the celebration of life, you might want to continue the service with an ash scattering ceremony. Here are a few places you might do that.

Scatter Over Water

If your loved one adored fishing, or always wanted to be at the beach, spreading ashes over water is a nice way to distribute their ashes. You can keep the ashes in the simple container that the funeral home provides, or you can have them in an urn of your choice or even a scattering tube to make things easier. You can still make this a joyous occasion, like the celebration of life, and talk about fond memories your loved one left behind.

Use A Biodegradable Urn For A Water Burial

If you don’t want to scatter the ashes into the water, but you would like to give your loved one water burial, you can use a biodegradable urn. These urns will break down in the water and distribute the ashes in a way that won’t harm the water. You can cast the urn out into the water, and it will float a ways and then sink. There won’t be any chemicals or fumes seeping into the water with it.

Spread Ashes Over Land

You could hold the celebration of life in a park or on family property and, as a part of the celebration, spread your loved one over the ground. As long as you have the proper permission on public grounds or you own the property where you spread, this can be a nice way to punctuate, start, or finish a celebration of life service. Once you celebrate your loved one’s life, you can place them in a final resting spot.

Plant Urns

There are biodegradable urns that can be planted and will dissolve, but there are also plant urns that include seeds so your loved one’s ashes can actually foster new life in a garden or another area. IT’s a nice way to bring plant life from your loved one’s memory.

funeral homes in Dallas, TX

If you want more advice on where to place ashes or how to celebrate a life after someone passed on, the professionals at funeral homes in Dallas, TX are here to help. Contact Hughes Family Tribute Center any time you want help with any part of the process. We’re here for you. Call us, email us, or stop by and we’ll help you with any questions you have about what you want to do for your loved one.