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Running A Celebration Of Life With A Funeral Home

Most funeral homes in Irving, TX have put together a variety of different services for individuals who have passed away. Yes, the standard service is a traditional funeral, but many funeral homes do cremation services today as well. The alternative to the more somber-like services are celebrations of life. If you’d like to celebrate a loved one’s life well-lived instead of dwell on their death, use these tips to run a celebration of life service alongside the funeral home.

Tip 1: Make Your Intentions Clear

When you speak to the funeral home representatives after your loved one passes away, it’s important to voice what you want and make your intentions about the service as clear as possible. When they know your preferences, they can suggest certain things to enhance the services you want and avoid things they know won’t fit your plans. Plus, when you are upfront about your intentions to have a celebration of life, if the funeral home doesn’t provide such services, you find out right away and can move along to another provider.

Tip 2: Determine The Space

Funeral homes often have great locations that are convenient for services of any kind. When you are planning a celebration of life, you will especially want to check out the space available so you can accentuate what you want from the service within that space. Funeral home spaces are generally well lit and nicely decorated. But for your loved one’s services, maybe you want to bring in certain decorations, Christmas lights, or colorful paintings to make the space customized to your liking.

Tip 3: Get Ideas From The Experts

It can feel hard to put together a celebration of life if you’ve only ever planned memorial services and funerals before or, if you haven’t planned final services at all. When you work with a funeral home that has such services on a regular basis, go to them for ideas, inspiration, and even brainstorming sessions. They can tell you what other families have done in the past to personalize their celebrations and they can also get to know your family and offer customized ideas for your specific needs.

When you are working on a celebration of life for a loved one, you will need help from funeral homes in Irving, TX. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center can help you with any type of final service you want to have, but we specialize in celebrations of life. It’s a special type of service that can really highlight the unique joys of a person’s life, even after they are gone. You can visit us at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, TX 75220, take a tour of our facilities, and talk to us in person about what you’d like to have happen. You can also call us at (214) 350-9951 and ask questions or set up a time to speak with us further about your needs. Look into service details on our website at