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Reason To Celebrate Life With A Funeral Home

After someone passes away, you contact one of the funeral homes in Dallas, TX for final services of some sort. You have many different options, most of which revolve around traditional burial or cremation services. However, not every funeral or memorial service has to be a somber occasion. There are going to be tears and grieving when someone special passes away. There’s no way around that. But some families choose to celebrate life when they lose a loved one instead of having a funeral or memorial service. Here are some reasons you might want to celebrate life during that time.

Reason 1: Remember The Good Things

It’s hard to think of someone who has passed on and the end of a life can be very sad. Maybe they battled cancer and had a rough last few years. Instead of thinking about those sad times, it can be much more encouraging to remember the good times of their life. Think about the holidays when they brightened the room, the vacations they enjoyed, and the family pictures they were in. Remembering them for those good times can lighten the burden of their death.

Reason 2: Keep Their Memory Alive

When someone passes on, it feels like an end. They won’t be present within the family any longer to make new memories. However, as long as your family is around, you can keep their memory alive by sharing stories with one another. Celebrating their life in a positive way is a great way to keep their memory alive. Talk about the good times and those stories are bound to come up over and over again as the years pass.

Reason 3: Smile Through The Tears

Not everyone wants to think of their loved ones, gathered together and crying through losing them. In fact, some people might tell their loved ones they don’t want a bunch of tears over them at a funeral. People are going to be sad, but they might be able to smile through the tears and enjoy the memories during a celebration of life. Isn’t it a nice idea to celebrate someone for a life well-lived? You can even do both, if you choose. Have a funeral, but also have a celebration of life so your loved one gets the send off they’ve always wanted.

If you have someone in your life who deserves to be celebrated after they’ve gone, contact funeral homes in Dallas, TX that can help you organize a celebration of life. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to help in any way we can. Give us a call at (214) 350-9951 and tell us about the loved one you want to celebrate. We’ll help you come up with ideas that will be just right for your family and the loved one who passed on. Visit with our funeral director at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, TX 75220 and together, we’ll honor your loved one in the way you see fit with just the right celebration.