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Memorial Options To Dedicate At Life Celebrations

When you lose a loved one and enlist the help of funeral homes in Dallas, TX to help with final services, the professionals are there to help you with every detail. If you cremate your loved one and then have a celebration of life, they can help you plan those elements. They can even help you come up with ideas for memorials you might want to put together for your loved one, which you can then dedicate to them at the celebration. Here are some options:

A Newly Planted Tree

One of the popular ways to memorialize someone is to grow new life in their honor. You might get a certain kind of tree to grow in your yard and plant it in their memory. At the life celebration, gather your family and friends in your home for a meal and a time to talk about the good times you had with your loved one. You can also gather around the tree, share some fun stories, and dedicate it to their memory so everyone will always remember why it’s there.

The Memorial Money

As people you know hear about your loved one’s death, they are likely going to send you cards and possibly also monetary gifts. You can use those gifts toward the final services, if you need the funds in that way. Whatever is left or if you don’t need any of it, you can donate to a certain charity that you know your loved one would appreciate. Take all of the money, write out one check, and dedicate it at the celebration. You might even make a part of the celebration delivering the money to the charity of your choice.

A Park Bench

If you loved walking in the park with your loved one, perhaps you would like to buy a park bench and have a plaque put on it for your loved one. You can have their name on it and a saying about them or whatever else you want. Gather your family at the park and take turns sitting on the bench and sharing a story about your loved one, that park, or anything else that comes to mind regarding their life.

A Scholarship In Their Name

funeral homes in Dallas, TXYour loved one might have had a special talent, like music, dance, or even math. You could create a scholarship in their name for a certain talent and dedicate it to them. Perhaps choose the first year’s recipient and dedicate the scholarship to that person during the celebration. Everyone will appreciate how that person’s talent will live on in others and be supported by the family in their honor.

There are lots of other memorial things you can do and dedicate during a life celebration and you can ask for ideas from funeral homes in Dallas, TX if you have yet to come up with the perfect fit. Contact the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center whenever you have questions. We’re here to help with the options.