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Marking Anniversaries With Celebrations Of Life

When someone special passes on, you go through the motions, plan their Garland, TX cremation, and have a final service for them. If you chose to go with a traditional memorial service, it was likely something you appreciated and needed to get closure and to say goodbye. When the anniversary of their death comes around the next year, you are in no way ‘over it.’ There’s no timeline on grief and some move on faster than others. When someone really close to you passes on, you want to keep their memory alive. The anniversary of their cremation is a good time to organize something special. Perhaps you’d like to celebrate their life in a special way. Here are a few ways to have celebrations of their life on the anniversary of their death.  

Visit Their Resting Place With Others 

If you buried the cremains or spread the ashes in a certain location, gather some loved ones and head to that location. You can talk about your loved one in a place that is near and dear to you all. Share memories of the good times and smile over their uniqueness. The resting place is a good location for you to celebrate a life well-lived.  

Listen To Old Favorites 

Everyone has a favorite song, band, or album. Gather some family and friends and listen to those favorites that remind you of your loved one. You can dance around to the fast songs and remember how they did the same at weddings. You can talk about them, bring up memories, and remind everyone about the best parts of their life so everyone is able to get through the tough anniversary with a smile on their face.  

Memorialize Them Online 

The online world is prevalent in most people’s lives and you want everyone around you to remember your loved one with earnest. Post a few things about them that made them special on the anniversary of their death. You could include pictures, memories, quotes, or whatever else you’d like. It’s a good way to celebrate their life in a public manner that can also help family members remember the day in a positive way.  

Collect Memories 

Whether you gather loved ones, or have a collection via email or snail mail, collecting memories of your loved one can be a great way to celebrate their life when family is spread out. Have everyone share a memory with you and then compile them and distribute them to those who participated. Everyone now has a happy way to celebrate their memory and a great way to think about them when they want to enjoy their personality all over again.  

If you are approaching the anniversary of a cremation in Garland, TX, and you want to have a celebration of life for your loved one, contact the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center for ideas and help. Give us a call at (214) 350-9951 or visit with our funeral director in person at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220.