cremation services in Irving, TX

Making Cremation Services Interactive

When you go to cremation services in Irving, TX, you usually have a reason for going. Perhaps you want to honor the person who passed away or maybe you want to show your respect to the family. Maybe you need to say a final goodbye and get closure over the death. Whatever your reason for visiting, it’s always nice to see that the family has set something personal up to honor their loved one. When you are in charge of such a service, you want to do the same for your family member in a special way. There are even interactive ideas to put into action, if you feel so led. These interactive options can make people feel welcome and include while honoring your loved one as you celebrate their life. Here are a few options:

Stone Memorial Station

Put together a table with small stones and permanent markers. Instead of a guest book, visitors can write their names and a note on the rock. They can write something to the family or even directly to the person who passed on. The rocks can then be scattered somewhere meaningful, like a family garden, or even kept in a jar in the home. These stones are a great (and unique) way to honor a loved one.

Create A Puzzle

It’s okay to insert humor and fun into a celebration of life, as long as the loss wasn’t a tragic one. Consider creating a crossword puzzle surrounding things that represent your loved one. You could even do a mad lib or a word search that includes things they loved and their sense of humor. As long as you make it unique and revolving around them, it’s a nice way to include those who might not feel comfortable in the situation otherwise.

Play Their Favorite Game

Did your love done spend hours playing Monopoly? Did they love Gin Rummy or another game? Why not host a game night with their honor at the center of the table? Set a place at the table for them and have their picture nearby. A game they loved is a great way to draw the family together, keep things interactive, and create new memories in their honor.

State A Memory Tree

Get a lovely tree, perhaps made of wire, that can sit on a table and allow guests to write down memories they appreciated with your loved one. You can decorate the tree with those memories and then the family has that to keep. They can read through the memories and honor their loved one whenever they want.

When you are working on cremation services in Irving, TX, you don’t have to stick with the standards. Instead, you can make the celebration of life interactive to include everyone in attendance. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center have plenty of ideas to share with you. Call us at (214) 350-9951 and we can go over some options by phone or set up a meeting with us at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220 to get into details.