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Keepsakes For Life Celebrations

When you have cremation services in Dallas, TX for a loved one, the options for what kind of service you are going to have after that is completely open. You are going to want to honor your loved one in some way, most likely, and some people appreciate life celebrations. They can look over their loved one’s life and celebrate it for the good times and what they meant to the family. Once that service is behind you, you might want some kind of keepsake to help your memorial continue. Here are some things you might consider getting.

Remembrance Jewelry

There are a variety of jewelry items that can help you remember your loved one in a special way. You can get cremation jewelry, for example, that allows you to place a piece of your loved one’s ashes inside the small urn that you can wear like a jewelry item. You could also get something like a locket where you can place your loved one’s picture. Or, get a charm for the charm bracelet you already have that is an angel with your loved one’s birthstone in it. You can decide what you like and what would honor your loved one and keep their memory alive in your heart.

Personalized Clothing

There are a number of clothing items that you can personalize and those things can help you to remember your loved one as well. You can get something in their favorite color and have their name or birthdate embroidered onto it. You can get a jacket for every family member with something embroidered as well. Personalizing clothing items gives you something you can wear and remember your loved one by at the same time.

Engraved Picture Frames

You will likely want to have your loved one’s photo in a frame somewhere in your house. Whether you hang it somewhere, place it by your bedside, or situate it near their urn if you keep their ashes, you could do so within an engraved picture frame. The frame could say their name, it could say ‘in loving memory,’ or something else of that sort.

Memorial Garden Stones

If you have a garden or landscaping area that you love, you may get a memorial stone for your loved one. You can get a nice stone that has a saying on it, has a butterfly on it, or even something customized that shares your loved one’s name and a poem your family member wrote for the life celebration. The possibilities are endless and every time you see the stone, you will think of your loved one.

Cremation Services Dallas, TX

Dried Flower Arrangements

If there are flowers at the life celebration after cremation services in Dallas, TX, you might want to keep some of those arrangements, dry them out, and display them in your home. It can help you to remember your loved one, but also the way you honored them in such a lovely, celebratory way. It can be a nice way to give your family something nice to look at in their memory.