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How To Socially Distance At A Funeral Home Life Celebration

When your family has a final service for a loved one at Dallas funeral homes, there are certain things you can do to distance yourself from others and remains as safe as you can. Some of these things are items you are going to want to suggest to your family while other things are things you can do yourself. Here are a few precautions you can take in order to distance yourself from others while getting what you need from the celebration of life service.

Space The Seating Arrangement

One thing you might recommend to your family is to space the seating arrangement out at the funeral home if that is where you are holding the service. You can put seats in small groups so families that came to the service together can sit together. Put spaces between those groups so other families can be a little more distant from those they didn’t arrive with. It can give people closeness and distance at the same time.

Offer Masks At The Door

You might want everyone to wear a mask to keep the event as safe as possible as well. Ask people to wear masks and for those that forget, you can offer masks at the door. You can’t really force anyone to wear a mask, but asking and recommending will make most people feel like they should fit in with the group and honor the family’s wishes. You can keep everyone as safe as possible in that way.

Wave Instead Of Hug

People often hug and offer condolences at these types of events, but during this weird time, they will also take cues from you. You can simply stay back and wave to people, as hard as that might feel to do. You need those hugs, but you want to protect people, too. Offering that wave can give everyone the cue that you aren’t comfortable getting close at this time and would prefer to be more distanced.

Offer Directions

You can have the celebrant offer directions to the guests so everyone understands what the family wants. For example, have them say that the family isn’t going to have a receiving line to keep everyone safe or that instead of offering handshakes, elbow bumps are best for now. Their directions can tell the guests how you want to celebrate your loved one’s life in the safest possible manner.

Have A Virtual OptionDallas funeral homes

While you might have an in-person life celebration, there are other things you can do to keep people distanced. You can have a virtual option for the celebration, for example, live streaming, or a recording of the event. That can help those who feel vulnerable to celebrate life without actually being there in person.

When you work with Dallas funeral homes, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are there to help you celebrate your loved one’s life in a way that feels honoring to them and special to your family.