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How Should You Dress for a Celebration of Life?

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Nowadays, people are opting to choose holding a celebration of life for their loved ones than the traditional funeral. A celebration of life is a type of ceremony that is frequently held in lieu of a funeral, although it may also be held as a separate event in addition to a funeral. Now let’s discuss what to wear to the actual celebration of life ceremony. Depending on the type of occasion, this may not differ significantly from funeral attire. However, many of these events are extremely casual. It is essential to maintain a balance between being respectful and remaining casual. With that, we listed down some outfit ideas that adult and kids should try on at a celebration of life event.

What Adults Should Wear

Since most celebrations of life avoid the color black, it is essential to dress in a cheerful manner. If the family specifies a clothing code (such as black tie, casual attire, etc.), adhere to it. If not, it is recommended to stick to the side of caution by wearing conservative, respectful attire.

When it comes to colors, choose something bright, like blue, pink, red, green, or yellow. If you weren’t specifically instructed to wear black, please don’t. Dressing casually, including in jeans, is often accepted. But make sure they’re a good pair. One helpful guideline is to think about what you would wear on a less formal day at the office. If it can be worn on a casual workday, it can be worn to a life celebration event.

What Children Should Wear

Clothing restrictions for children are less strict than those for adults. Unlike other occasions, funerals don’t require as much effort in finding appropriate attire, as most people realize that children don’t enjoy wearing stuffy, formal clothes. You should dress them in bright, vibrant colors, just like you would an adult. When dressing children, it is preferable to follow the same advice given for dressing adults: use lots of bright colors. The majority of children’s clothes already meets these criteria, but you should still check that it is clean and of high quality to be safe.Plano, TX funeral homes

Are you going or hosting a celebration of life for a loved one? Remember that the celebration of life ceremony is about more than just the deceased. It also involves respecting the deceased’s family. To ensure that the family feels your support, you must dress appropriately. And, in order to wear the proper attire on this ceremony, you may try the recommended clothing mentioned above.

Now, if you want to have more attire ideas for this type of occasion or want more additional information about the celebration of life ceremony, you may contact us or reach us at Plano, TX funeral homes. The staffs are ready to assist you in everything that you need.