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Help A Child Through A Celebration Of Life

When a loved one in your family passes on, you will work on final services with Dallas funeral homes to make sure their needs are met. But there are lots of other family members in your life that you have to think about, too. Your child, for example, might have known the person and will be grieving along with you. If your family is having a celebration of life service for your loved one, that’s different than traditional services. These services have a light-hearted, celebratory nature and remember good times and fond memories. Help your child get through that type of service in these ways.


Describe The Day

The first thing you will want to do, which is true for any kind of memorial service your family might have, is to tell your child as much about the day as you can. Tell them what the service is all about and why you are having it. Let them know that people will be smiling and happy, but that their loved one will still be missed. This is just a nice way to honor a life well-lived. The more they know about what to expect, the better they will be able to handle the day when it arrives.


Talk About Fond Memories

There are going to be people sharing memories about your loved one as you approach the celebration of life event. Practice that with your child by going over fond memories with them at home. They don’t have to speak at the event, but hearing some of your memories and sharing some of their own with you can prepare them for the fond things other people will say at the event. They might even enjoy hearing things they didn’t know about your loved one.


Assure Grief Is Okay

Remind your child that grieving is a process and that whatever emotions they are feeling are valid and okay. Everyone grieves in a different way and children aren’t emotionally developed enough to understand what’s going on inside of them. IF they’re angry, it’s okay. If they’re sad, that’s fine. If they are confused, that makes sense. Grieving is going to manifest itself in various ways and they need to know whatever they feel is normal.


Dallas funeral homes

Grieve/Laugh With Them

Before, during, and after the celebration event, make sure you lead your child by example. Let them know it’s okay to grieve by holding them and crying with them. Show them that it’s okay to smile and laugh by doing so yourself when you hear stories about your loved one that tickle you. They’re going to look to you as to what they should do so show them a range of emotions are all okay right now.


If you need more advice on getting a child through a celebration of life event for a loved one who passed on, contact Dallas funeral homes for more details. The professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center want to help you in any way possible.