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Healing After Cremation: Celebrate The Good Times

People deal with grief in a number of different ways and no two are alike. There are also no right or wrong ways to grieve. While you might think grieving includes crying and a sad funeral, it doesn’t always have to be that way. In fact, some families find solace after Irving, TX cremation by celebrating a life well-lived. Instead of crying over what they have lost, they laugh and smile over all the good times they had.  

If the person in your life who passed on led a good life and has a lot of happy memories behind them, it’s hard not to celebrate that. Funerals can go a long way to helping people gain closure on the situation, but celebrations of life can be good for the soul as well. If you’d rather celebrate the good times than dwell on the bad, creating a celebration of life for a loved one might be the better idea.  

During a celebration of life, the mood is a lot lighter than it would be during a typical funeral. People can wear colorful clothing and gather in a bright spot with plenty of sunlight. The music is often a lot brighter as well and includes upbeat tunes, perhaps that your loved one adored. The memories shared are uplifting and sometimes, even funny. Everyone that attends a celebration of life will likely have memories of your loved one, some of which you may not have heard. It’s a nice time to gather together, share instances of happy times in the past, and support one another.  

There are many things you can bring into a celebration of life service. You might set up a table of pictures and other mementos for guests to enjoy. You could have a slide show of pictures running throughout the event, as well. You could even share home videos of your loved one having a good time at birthday celebrations, weddings, and everyday events. These things will bring a smile to the faces around you and remind everyone just how good your loved one had it in their lifetime,  

It’s always possible for there to be tears at celebrations like this as well, but there are generally more good times than bad. Those closest to your loved one are going to miss them and there’s no getting around the fact that there’s a new normal in their life. However, celebrating the person’s life in a positive way is a great way to honor their memory.  

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