Dallas funeral homes

Funeral Home Myths To Get Past

It doesn’t matter too much what you think about Dallas funeral homes on a day-to-day basis because you don’t have to use them regularly. But when you do have the need for a final service for someone you love, you will want to ensure that you aren’t buying into myths you might have heard. Here are several myths along with the real truths of the matter.

Myth 1: You Have To Buy Caskets/Urns From The Funeral Home

While the funeral home has employees available to help you with every need, including any products you will need to purchase, you don’t have to buy those items from them. It is a good idea to go over the options they have so you can see them in person and get advice as to what might work for your situation. But if you have something specific in mind that the funeral home doesn’t have, they can help you find a vendor that does have it. They will use the products you want, no matter where you bought them.

Myth 2: Embalming Is Required

That’s actually not true at all. While embalming is something that you will likely do if you are going to have a funeral, visitation, and burial service for your loved one, it’s not a required service. If you are having a closed casket, for example, you might not need to have it. It is definitely not needed for a cremation service. Check with your budget and see what you need and want for your loved one and remember that it’s not a requirement, like you may have thought.

Myth 3: The Funeral Home Only Does Memorial Services And Funerals

If you want to have a funeral, or a memorial service that feels like a funeral, you can certainly get the help you need from the funeral home. But funeral homes offer a variety of services to help every family get their individual needs met when a special person passes on. Most funeral homes will also organize and help with celebration of life services, which are a lot more light-hearted than a funeral or regular memorial service. If that’s what you want, make sure the funeral home you are considering specializes in that kind of service before you hire them.

Dallas funeral homes

Myth 4: Funeral Homes Are Out To Make Money

Funeral homes are businesses, yes, but if you talk to the funeral director, they may very well tell you that they felt called into the industry. They aren’t there to rip people off and make as much as they can, but rather to be there for people in some of the hardest times they will have to face. They exude compassion and they are good at what they do. They genuinely want to help.

If you are working on final services with Dallas funeral homes, it’s okay to ask them questions about myths you may have heard that just aren’t true. At Hughes Family Tribute Center, we’re happy to answer and help you with any service style you want for your loved one.