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Funeral Home Celebration Of Life Ideas

Every individual in your family is special and unique in their own way. When one member passes away, you can contact funeral homes in Dallas, TX to plan their final services. While there’s nothing wrong with having a traditional funeral or a memorial service after cremation, you might want something different for your loved one—perhaps a celebration of life. Think about what made your loved one the happiest and form the celebration of life service around those things. Here are a few examples and ideas to help you out.

For The Sports Fan

Whether your loved one enjoyed all sports or had a certain team they cheered for, you can focus their whole celebration of life around a certain sport. Gather family for a round of golf if that was their favorite or watch a softball tournament together. You can even have family wear certain team colors or their favorite team shirts to take things a step further. Enjoying something your loved one adored together can keep their memory at the forefront of the event.

For The Gamer

Whenever you saw your loved one, they were always wanting to play cards, board games, or something else around the table. Set up games all around the venue you choose and encourage your family to plan games while they share memories of your loved one. Many of those memories might revolve around the games so sharing the games at the same time can bring things up.

For The Crafter

You never got a store-bought gift from this loved one. Instead, they handmade items for you and everyone else you know. They love crafts of all kinds from simple to complex. You don’t have to go deep with the crafts at their celebration of life, but having people gather, look at crafts they made, and maybe make a thing or two of their own can give them a keepsake to take home to remember your loved one by.

For The Food Enthusiast

Most people love food, but if your loved one really appreciated certain foods or had an intriguing taste that was always looking out for new things to try, organizing a dinner party around their favorites is a great idea. Eating what they loved helps you feel a close connection to them as well as to the family members who attend.

There are plenty of other types of people, but these examples from funeral homes in Dallas, TX give you a start on choosing the right elements to include in a celebration of life for the loved one in your life who passed on. Visit with the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center to get details on celebrations and what you might want to do for your deceased loved one. Call us at (214) 350-9951 and we can help you get started on your plans. You can also come in and visit with our funeral director in person at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd Dallas, TX 75220. The better we know your loved one, the better we can offer suggestions.