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Explaining Celebrations Of Life After Cremation Services

While cremation services in Dallas, TX have been around for thousands of years, the service has gained traction in recent decades. People are more open about the idea and it is being used much more frequently. Cremation is used in about half of the cases today and experts predict that it will rise to take over around 80% of the market in future years. Even if your family is comfortable with the idea and process of cremation, they may never have experienced a celebration of life before. If you want to have that kind of service, either for yourself in the future, or for a loved one who passed on, you may want to talk to the people in your family who don’t understand what these types of services are all about. Here are a few good ways to explain celebrations of life so they are more okay with the idea.

You Aren’t Celebrating Their Death

To some people, when they hear about a celebration after someone has passed away, they might feel that it’s disrespectful to celebrate a person’s death. Indeed, it would be. But that’s not what a celebration of life is about. Tell your loved one that you are still sad that the person has passed, but that rather than dwelling on that sadness in a service, you want to celebrate the life they had with happy memories and honoring a life well-lived. Once they understand no one is celebrating over the death itself, they are much more likely to understand what’s going on.

Lay Out The Plans

Tell your loved one what the plans are for the celebration. Perhaps you are gathering family in a park for a picnic because your loved one adored nothing more than a good potluck outside. If they loved to read, maybe you are having a gathering at the library where everyone is to bring a book to donate. The more they understand about how the celebration is meant to customize and honor your loved one, the more accepting they will be of it.

Visit The Funeral Home With Them

cremation services in Dallas, TXIt’s okay to admit that you are no professional on the matter of final services. If you aren’t sure how to talk to your loved one and describe the differences in the services, bring them to the funeral home or call to ask questions that your loved one has posed so you can get more guidance in talking them through what’s happening.

There are plenty of different types of cremation services in Dallas, TX that you can have to honor a loved one after the cremation process takes place. If you have settled on a celebration of life, but not everyone in your family understands that type of service, the professionals at Hughes Family Tribute Center are here to support you. We’ll help you explain things to them so they can get on board with the plans to give your loved one a service you know they would have appreciated.